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Comfy/Hugbox thread

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I've noticed a lot of cynicism on this board for the longest time, and I'm sure that's not making a lot of Anons truly happy. This is a thread where we just let our true love and tolerance shine, bringing us closer together through cute ponies. If you don't want to post here and continue feeding your anger, that's fine. This is for only the happiest Anons.
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Semantic Error

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Semantic Error is about a low life hacker trying to scrape by in a futuristic Equestria.
Recently Cold File has finished a Job for a mysterious client only going by the Name Wintermute, who had File steal information on an experimental medical procedure.
Then File picked up a Griffin at a bar and went on a date with his Landlord, before Buying an android taking on a couple of jobs and watching an earthpony jump off a roof.
>Bits: 7169

>GoodGuy -Hacker needed to crack construction printer software.
(You have accepted this job and received 500 bits in advance to sabotage a printer. You plan on setting it up to make a massive skyscraper sized dildo)
JSI construction contracted under Orange Construction
Site location: Petticoat lane and Arvada Near Equestrian Furniture warehouse
Printer Model: Haddenfield PX4200-T48 GTS

>Judgment -Hacker needed for breaking into personal E-mails.
(It sounds like they plan on preforming some kind of political assassination with the information you recover if you take this one. Pays 3,800 Bits) Meeting at Noon.

This is where our story continues.

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Magicless anon :another fucked op edition

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>"It's ok if you can't do magic, Anon."
>"You are just a human after all."
>"Nobody expects anything out of you."
>"Just leave the hero work to us. We'll bring you back a souvenir."
Previous Thread: >>30462297 → # → #

This thread is about Anon living in Equestria, with a particular emphasis on lacking any magic, and the ways in which Anon deals with it.

"Obsession" - Sea Urchin:
"Anon's horn problem" - Anonymous:

"Thaumaturgy With Anon" - HK-47:
"Cheap Tricks & Class Acts" - Houdini Anon:

"Magicless Anon's Adventures" - Bits:
"Magic Battery" - TemporaryName:
"Magic Dick" - Silly Story Anon:
"Magicless Anon" - MSG:
"ArtifactAnon" - Anonymous:
"Anon's Bizarre Adventures" - Ritefrend:
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Fluttershy Friday

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Except it's on Saturday because you didn't bump it edition
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/MLP/ Plays

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ITT: People contribute music stuffs and we combine everyone's efforts into music. Everyone is welcome to participate. Discuss show/fandom music, ask for/give critique of yours or other's music, share tips and tricks, etc.

Previous thread:

2nd Album info:

>What is this, though?
The 2nd /MLP/ Plays album, that’s what! Following the success of the first one, we decided that the world needs another. Like before, it will be a compilation album from the musicians of /mlp/. There is no specific genre that has to be adhered to, but there will be more guidelines to follow this time.

>What are the guidelines?
This time around, it’s been decided that the music for this album has to be pony related. “But what what does that mean!?” you may be wondering. Well, here is what we mean:
Songs need to be original or redone covers based off of the below conditions. It may be but is not limited to:
•Cover/remix of the music from the show.
•An original that is based off of a riff/motif/recognizable theme from the show
•Original piece that uses samples from the show (probably more than just one gasp at the end. Should really be part of the song)
•Original songs with pony related lyrics, like "Waifu Blues" or "All Ponies Must Be Perfect" from the last album.
•Redoing the music and lyrics to be pony related. Mr. Bones's Wild Ride (Hotel California Parody) from the last album is a good example.
•Includes /mlp/ related maymays/jokes/culture.
•No singing over instrumentals of other artists’ songs. "I Am Awesome" is an example. It would, however, be OK if the instrumental was redone.

>Are there any other guidelines?
For everything else, READ THE GOOGLE DOC BELOW

>Google Doc (READ IT):

Email: [email protected]
Youtube Channel:

Darkest Hour CYOA 2.0

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Long story short, this is a reboot of an old CYOA about misadventures of a group of Night guardsponies during the confrontation between NMM and Celestia that lead to a civil war.

I am going to start from the same point in time where the old story died.
An important note: for now Arcane will pose as MC.

Link to the

Here goes nothing!
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Abuse Thread

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Because if you hit a mare once, you just want to keep going.
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Roseluck thread. No pony could be cuter.
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Lesbo Thread: Steamy Edition

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Previous thread: >>30500619

Thread for all your yuri needs. Ignore the bait, no shipping war faggotary.

Spiraling Inward (Trixie x Glim)


Crackship Chronicles I (Mayor Mare x Cheerilee)

Trixie x Twidoll
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So /mlp/, which of the mane 6 would be the best mom and why?
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