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Equestrian Family general #6

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Story's about anything family related!
So it can be about anon finding a family or starting one.
The setting and world do not matter

Current writers
All writers and story's.


Previous thread.
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Tails of Equestria

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Tails of Equestria: Scans are coming edition

You ARE going to draw your own pony, right? You aren't going to just use one of the sample bases to draw around, right?
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Gloriosa Daisy Thread

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Last Thread: >>29500893

Show Gloriosa/Gaea Everfree some love.

camp writer Pastebin:
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So where do you think EG is going?
Are they turning it into a TV show?
Are they gonna try and advertise it like an anime and try to appeal to everyone or are they gonna keep trying to target little girls?
Will it be more slice of life stuff or more Power Rangers type stuff?
Will it be single episode plots like FiM or season long plots like DC and Marvel TV shows?
There are a lot of paths it can take. Thoughts?

Heart of War: Thread 13- By Land, Air, and Sea

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Old Thread: >>29376353

Original prompt:
>"Captain Anon. Would you like to accompany me to the war room?"
258,000 words later:

Act I:
Act II:
Act III:
Act IV:
Act V:
Act VI:
Act VII:
Act IX:\
Act X:
Act XI (current):

Heart of War spinoffs by LukeDaDuke:
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Pony Horror Thread #2

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I like ponies and I like horror. Let's continue mixing the two.
Previous Thread- >>29607617

Soundtrack by Radiarc:

Previous stories
By Waxworks:
Vile Tipple

Phantom of Octavia

Mirror Mirror

By Anonymous:
Twilight in Apocrypha
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How long have you been on the ride for?
When did you get on?
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Apple Bloom thread

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More love for Bloom
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Scootaloo Thread

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I've heard you guys like her. Is it true?
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Waifu kindness thread

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We had a couple of these a while ago, and they were fun.

ITT: post your waifu, and respond to the person above you (or more than one if you're feeling adventurous) complimenting their waifu in some way.