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Snek pony wants to cuddle. Would you?
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Anon In Equestria

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Do I ever think about the world I left behind? Well, if I'm bein' honest, there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of that place. All the friends I had. My family that I left. The life that I just gave up. I think of all that and more every day. And then I think of how god damned lucky I am. To have left all that behind and start again here. Back then I was a nobody going nowhere, but here I have a chance to be a better person. I think of my past life in that past world and I think of how I'd leave it again in a heart beat. I'd never want to go back to a place where I was nothing. Here, in Equestria, I can be a somebody. I am Anon, and this is my story.

Fighting is Magic

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Hello guys, I know this is very old game, but we still can have fun playing and(or) discussing.
For those of you who unfamiliar and(or) wants to check out info and links for downloading:
Also we can play together, guys. I h-hope so...
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poni poni

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Dear anons,

How do you poni poni if you poni?
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So I heard you liek Glim Glams
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I want Celestia to cum inside me.
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Oh boy, I can't wait for the season 7!
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Cirquesque CYOA

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Previous thread: >>29485852

You hammer the metalic fence Herb got from someone, Sea taking any plants in your way before the fence harms them. Each might be the sole member of its species in this place, after all.
"Hm?" Herb asks, probably thinking you said something. You just shake your head.
The waves make your turf shift ever so slightly.
"What's with you." Asks Sea after a moment.
"You haven't made a joke all day or told your bird to shut up yet." She leaves another herb fall on the pile at her side.
"You HAVE been quiet." Herb shifts ever so slightly on the fence.
You sigh, "You ever met someone and realize they are not how you thought they were?"
"Every time I meet someone, yes." Sea takes another herb from the ground.
"Who's to say you can't find out you were wrong about them a second time?" Asks Herb. "A story that reaches conclusion too soon is almost as bad as one that lasts too long."
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It's Sun-day: let us, once again, bask in Princess Celestia's gentle radiance.

Now that spring is here, do you think Celestia sleeps outside all day in the sun? What are her spring activities?

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Post your waifu and the song you dedicate to her thread and we judge each other