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Kik sexting

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i just turned 19, need new friends mostly guys~ Kik me @katie000017
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Bat Pony Thread #276

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Bat filly sleepover edition! No bat colts allowed!

Previous bat stalking you on the internet: >>30193366

>Bat Wiki:
>Writers pastebin:
>Story Archive (Cloud):
>Image Archive (Cloud): (nsfw)
>Thread Archive
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Magicless Anon #15 - No More Runes Edition

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>"It's ok if you can't do magic, Anon."
>"You are just a human after all."
>"Nobody expects anything out of you."
>"Just leave the hero work to us. We'll bring you back a souvenir."
Previous Thread: >>30237811

This thread is about Anon living in Equestria, with a particular emphasis on lacking any magic, and the ways in which Anon deals with it.

"Obsession" - Sea Urchin:
"Anon's horn problem" - Anonymous:

"Thaumaturgy With Anon" - HK-47:
"Cheap Tricks & Class Acts" - Houdini Anon:

"Magicless Anon's Adventures" - Bits:
"Magic Battery" - TemporaryName:
"Magic Dick" - Silly Story Anon:
"Magicless Anon" - MSG:
"ArtifactAnon" - Anonymous:
"Anon's Bizarre Adventures" - Ritefrend:
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Incestuous Relationships Thread

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Previous thread: >>30343112

"Russian Cousin Trixie" edition

Pastebin link:
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Alright, I'm gonna cut to the chase, is there any green with ponut eating?
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> "Pardon my french, Anon will you please stop trying to kickstart a communist revolution in every place you travel for crying out loud?"
> "Beside the fact that it wouldn't work because everypony is uniquely different and their cutie marks clearly indicate so; they would never even think of doing such a thing."
> "I've been around for 1000 years so ponies are fond of me, kind of like a grandma or for some of the more fanatical, like a goddess"
> "Hell, I thought you would have noticed that since you've been gaining literally zero support for your actions."
> "This is getting so damn annoying."
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Now that's what I call T H I C C
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Bully Thread

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[Writefriend searched edition]

>Rarity's family moves town, and has to leave her friends behind and start anew
>It can't be that bad? A beautiful girl like her should do just fine!
>Absolutely not.
>Girls are jealous of her looks, calling her a slut
>Guys take advantage and pull down her skirt whenever they can
>Teachers don't care
>One day at lunch it's too much
>She runs crying from the cafeteria and hides in the nearest room
>She cries in the janitor closet, her make up ruined
>After a good solid five minutes she looks around and spots someone through her teary eyes.
>It's you Anon reading a book.
>Or you were but were, but too akward to say anything until now
>'',,, Sup?''
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Money, Success, Fame, Glimmer