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No seriously, I'm upset about this and I'm not even an Applefag. You can't defend this change in G5.
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Nightly Scilight Thread #152

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"Enhance!" Edition
Previous thread: >>31559079
Archive of /nst/ greentext stories:

Tips for potential writefags:

Updated Wiki: http://nst.wikia.com/wiki/NST_Wikia

All Human Twilight Sparkle content, such as greentext stories, art and discussion go here.

The original prompt:
>"Uhhh, mmm... Anon? W-what are you doing after school?"

Writefagging, drawfagging, discussion, and other SciTwi-related content are highly encouraged during "down time". New green, drawings, etc. are highly encouraged during these times
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Sunset Shimmer Thread

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Previous Thread: >>31717251

Post pics, and love Sunset.

Sunset Sunday Pastebin- http://pastebin.com/EG5MyMqE
GreentextSavant’s Pastebin- http://pastebin.com/u/AlexanderGrey
BG9's Pastebin- http://pastebin.com/u/BG9
Gritsaw’s Pastebin- http://pastebin.com/u/Gritsaw
Zharkaer's Pastebin- https://pastebin.com/u/Zharkaer

Sunset Greentexts-
Sunset x Anon by XMRWRITEFAGX- http://pastebin.com/8D0At0aP
Burning Sensation (NSFW, Mutant Sunset x Anon) by SUPERKEATON https://pastebin.com/uFRYAqki
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golden days/nostalgia thread
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"Another year of hope and eventual disappointment" edition!

In /bug/, we talk about changelings and ree at the nulings.

Pastebin: https://pastebin.com/PjB4LKgd
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Archive https://www.anonpone.com/11-54/

A filly's quest to escape an abandoned genetic engineering and lab and android manufacturing facility in the middle of the Tabuck deserts in Saddle Arabia. Along with your older clone, a mysterious reporter, and another genetically engineered pony you have made your way to the roof of the 26 floor facility where you are planning on escaping from the facility automated security which aims to contain you for the rest of your unnatural life. Can you escape? Can you find something to expose the company who built this facility?
The reporter is waiting for you to bring your friends to a top floor hanger on the other side of the facility, All you have to do is meet her in the hanger now that you've rescued your friends. But there still may be a few obstacles in your way as you try to finish this.
We continue here.

Discord Link for this quest: https://discord.gg/a5KQwaw
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>That time Fosgitt went on a rant about how unappreciative and "mean" fans are for pointing out his theft and claimed it was "good enough for Hasbro so should be good enough for you"
>Hasn't drawn a comic for MLP in nearly a year (knock on wood)
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when will it end?

My Little Sims

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>Live with cute sister
>Adored by her
>Finally decide to make a move
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Are ponies dumb?
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