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My Little Progress: Technology Isn't Magic - Thread 49

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Twilight: I can't really believe your story Anon, buildings with over 100 levels? Flying boats bigger than Ponyville? And yet there's no magic in your world? Please.
>Growing tired of Twilight's berating, you go out into the world to prove her wrong.

That's the prompt that started it all. So what's this thread about? It's about Anon bringing human science and inventions to Equestria and a disbelieving Twilight. Although, that's not necessarily the prompt you need to follow if writing is what you desire.

Thread Story List.

Obsolete Thread: >>31305942
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My Little Persona: Social Links Are Magic Gaiden #3

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Grogar or Bust Edition

Previous Thread: >>31632837

The continuation of the Reunion/CYOA inspired by Igor. Persona and MLP-related discussion is welcomed and encouraged.

We only ask that you remember these times fondly, and keep them close to your heart.

Original Adventure by Igor: https://pastebin.com/u/mojochan

Chronicles of Long Times Spent with Loved Ones: https://pastebin.com/u/WF-Igor

Epilogues and Other Contrivances: https://pastebin.com/u/DisgruntledAnon

Current Adventure: https://pastebin.com/S7YKFtJX

Current Persona Roster: https://pastebin.com/2RqMNQDR
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Queen Umbra Thread

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The Beginning and The End Edition

Previous Thread

Twisted Desires Pastebin (Be warned they are long)
Part 1: The Start http://pastebin.com/shurgbZ9
Part 9: The Finale https://pastebin.com/ETB69rER

>What is this? Another Rule 63 thread?
No, not really. This is a thread about Queen Umbra and her adventures with everyone's favorite human Anon!

>So a story thread then?
Yes! This is a story that takes place after the Reflections comic arc You know the one where Celestia loves that Sombra from the mirror universe where everyone good is evil and everyone evil is good. Before the last thread died, Thing seems to be looking good for our heroes. Umbra and Anon are expecting their first child, Anon getting somewhat of a grip on his magic, and life is nice and peaceful. Or so they think...

>So it's just a thread for your story?
No of course not! Like always if you want to write something go ahead
If not sit back and enjoy or talk about vidya games of your choice
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Rule 63
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Post ponies with guns.
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Remember when the show used to be good?
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Does Ashleigh Ball regrets voicing horses?

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She seems as that she was never really into it. I guess we should be thankful her musical carieer never took off.

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Would you a couch?
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What is the worst episode in the whole series, and why is it the "Power Ponies"?
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I think it's time to update this map. The last one I saved comes from July 2016.
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