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Is pony a dead meme?

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Has your parents/friends/family ever found any MLP Porn that you've looked at? What happened?
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Homo Horse Hangout #42

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Faggy Fashion Edition

Welcome to /hhh/, your international supplier of horsecock!

Previous thread: >>30517583

Discord: (18+ only)
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>2:27 "I think i'm going to piss myself!"
What did she mean by this?
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Post your result, and tell my what option your pic, and tell me your reason.
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Do you think Spike ever has wet dreams about the mares in his family, like Twilight, Twilight Velvet, or Cadance?
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In order to make that last episode, staff had to:

>Get upset enough at fan comments to decide to make a parody of them
>Write several drafts of a script
>Write and perform a song
>Spend months animating and revising the actual animation
>Pay dozens of people for their work

And WE are the ones who are the saltiest? This is amazing.
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Anon's Pie Adventures

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So i just finished this, don't even remember who the hell told me about it, it was just in my "to read" list.
First chapters where damn hilarious, has a reason to make every pony crotch orbit around Anon and the addition of one of my favourite greek gods to the mix is always a plus (More plus given the insane amounts of greek mythology references in this show)
I also like how it emulates the IDW comic style seemlessly and also adds a high-res-saitama-anon in a comedic way.

Overall, i enjoyed it way more than i expected by the premise.

Tell me, /mlp/, with the fandom decaying (Dying sounds a little harsh), do we still find place for funny fanworks that don't take themselves that seriously?
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