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>is more powerful than a normal pony (can crack stone with bare hooves)
>has other weird abilities, like being able to track down random ponies (the Manehattan guy who bought the crystal bag)
>or not feeling any sort of pain from being devoured by a lava eel who for some reason can't swallow her
>possesses vast knowledge not yet fully revealed (knowing how to take over Equestria)
>considers one of the most powerful creatures in Equestria to be 'the most basic of jokes'
>shows a very limited range of emotion but tries to be nice to her close ones
>is devoted to the studies of a thing she respects
Is Maud truly Doctor Manhattan of MLP?
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Apple Bloom thread

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Continued appreciation of the red-headed Apple
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How could Starlight connect with her so well?

Or at least, well enough. Was this the first friend Maud had really made without Pinkie being there? Weren't Rocks off putting to Starlight like they seemed to have been to everypony else?
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Bimbo Thread

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Making the Grade edition

Ah spring, such a beautiful time of year. It's when a young airhead's thoughts turn to "OMIGOD HOW AM I GOING TO PASS THIS CLASS?", at least until she sees something else that catches her interest.

Take it easy, post often, love bimbos.
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Pony Horror Thread #4, welcome back Nurse Redheart Edition.

By Waxworks:
Red or blue hearts:
In Machina Exspiravit:
Celestial Hulk:
If a Tree Falls:

By Mshakezilla:
Madness of the Old Gods [Complete for now]:

By LukeDaDuke:
Ocean of Sand [WIP]:

Short stories by Pone:
I like Trees:
Mutant Pie:

Anonymous stories:
Hotline Ponyville:
Twilight in Apocrypha:

Soundtrack by Radiarc:
Forgotten [EP]:
Mistaken (Album):
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The episode was good and felt just like one from Season 1
Only brony memesters who want epik memes and edgy fight scenes could disagree
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I want to cum inside Rainbow Dash.

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She literally did nothing wrong this episode.
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Nurse Redheart thread

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The best giver of pony healthcare needs more love. Post your love for Nurse Redheart that she truly deserves.
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