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How do you do it?

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You know I'm kind of honestly surprised you guys keep this board going after this many years? Why haven't you burnt out yet?
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>When you have the best episodes in the show now and it legitimately makes some people upset

Why does this happen? I thought he was /ourguy/ now.
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Drawfag Improvement Thread

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"We're All Gonna Make It" Edition

Would you like help drawing ponies? This is the thread for you! Please do look at the tutorials below as they are essential to gitting gud

Previous thread: >>29635183
Request thread: >>29654045

>What is this?
This is the Drawfag improvement thread
Here you can share and discuss art, while also helping and receiving feedback from other aspiring drawfags!

>Copied from draw thread
>Pony -
>Human -
>Drawing Books & Videos -!2RARFaLA!VTiQb6eRXfV4V6mYQ6FJTA
>Inking and Coloring in Photoshop -
>/ic/ Drawing Guide -
>/ic/ Resources -

>GIMP (open source Photoshop or Sai alternative) -
>FireAlpaca (Paint Tool SAI alternative) -
>Krita (Multi platform open source alternative) -
Windows/ Mac/ iPad/ iPhone/ Android
Draw or make comics on practically any device!!
ArtRage gives you real world painting tools on your computer in a stylish, easy to use environment.
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Anonfilly Thread: Punishment Edition

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>Spoonfeed me. What's this thread about?
This thread typically consists of Anon gone Filly, Now he must venture into his new world of being a cute little filly... for the most part.

>What's to be expected?
Fillies, Cuteness, Anon-Tier shenanigans, Bitchy Twilight, desires to be the little filly, some >rape..

>Any Archive of Photos or Stories?
Dropbox (Photos):

>I'm a contributor.
Great! For writers, just let Fauvra or President Clop know, so they add it to the doc. For Artist, Animators, and any other, Store them in the Dropbox for future viewing pleasure.

>I don't like this thread because of reasons.
You'll never know how it is unless you try a dose of filly.

Old mare thread: >>29688343
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How differently do you think the first season would have played out of twilight was an earth pony?
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Equestrian Wrestling Entertainment CYOA Thread #4 - Need a Ride to PPV Edition

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Last Thread >>29522710

The Pro Wrestling lifestyle, one that involves a lot of chaos and change up and down. You have decided to partake in it, for reasons unmentioned to anypony else.

Maybe you just want all the bits? Maybe you just want the fame? Maybe you just want to be noticed? Maybe some combination of all three?

The Equestrian Wrestling Entertainment is the top company in all of Equestria, though who doesn't know that? It's got so many known ponies involved in it already. The Princesses, The Elements of Harmony, for some reason Sombra is a part of it. You question why that is, but wrestling logic is wrestling logic.

Anyways, you're there for one reason, you've been called in for the opportunity to sign a contract. Undoubtedly, you're going to have to work your way up from the bottom to the top. It's going to be quite the mountain for you to climb. The friends and enemies you form will be key to how your trip goes. You can be the biggest hero in EWE, or the biggest villain. The choice is up to you.

But, wait a second, something here in the info box of the contract sent to you is missing. You'd better fill that in before you get to the Chairman. You don't want to be fired before you even start working now, do you? The Chairman of the EWE is like that.

Last Time on EWE:
>Celly and Chryssi blew up the Promo Room in their fight.

>You furthered friendships with Best Scout.

>Also, you watched Starlight beat up Derpy in a match.

>You almost attacked her in the locker room, but apparently she's trying to help Trixie.

>After that, you encountered Chrysalis.

>Thankfully Best Scout stopped it from becoming an actual fight.

>Also, You, Scout, and Derpy watched a crazy four on four match.

>Trixie almost tried to kill EWE Champion Nightmare Moon with a Steel Chair.

>After that insane match, Lyra dragged you off.

>Now you're learning about Anthropology.

>And yeah, jars aren't really made for Hooves.

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Would You Rather: MLP Edition

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>How does this work?
First, answer previous question, then ask a question for the next person. Simple as that.

First Question:
Would you rather have your pony waifu as a pet, or your humanized waifu as a girlfriend?
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Marital Problems

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Last thread >>29452931

Marital Problems Thread.

The premise of this thread can cover a multitude of issues. Maybe you and your wife are fighting over something insignificant. Maybe the spark just isn't there anymore. Either side is welcome to have issues with the other.

If cuckoldry is your thing, this isn't your thread.

New content is welcome, and discussion encouraged.

Current Writers

Current Stories
TLA's Trials and Errors:
LokiLorien's Prince Anonymous & Young Celestia:
Without_Aname's AiE: Twilight's Secret 2:

Past Writers
Jeff Mango:
Assault Turtle:
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A More Complete List Of Our Past Stories (embed) (embed)
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Would you try a little harder than that?
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* ZODIAC CYOA * thread 4

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* Gemini Edition *

Previous Thread: >>29511418 (

Last Update: >>29648314 (never too late to start reading!)

CYOA archive:

Pastebin :

Current :

>it doesn't seem like it matters very much
>at least not to you
>the group is pretty set on explore all the passages as far as you can tell
>silence reigns in the opening as you overlook the crowd
>the air is tense
>you notice Cancer look at the ground, she is holding her crab tightly to her chest
>you decide to break the silence, this is becoming a bit too much
“The left path sounds fine to me”
>Sagittarius looks pleased in your choice, he nods
>“Okay, that's two for the left then, anyone else wanna vote?”
>there is a bit of a murmur but no one speaks up
>silence begins to fill the chamber again
>Sagittarius nods
>just as everyone seems to reach a consensus Leo speaks up
>“Oh definitely the right pathway”
>her tone is playful, she smirks
>Sagittarius stops in his tracks and turns
>“Leo, now's not the time for this”
>she looks taken a back, she speaks back quickly
>“Time for what Sagittarius? Are you telling me that I don't have a say in this?”
>Leo smirks
>Sagittarius glares and takes a step forward, he looks upset
>you just watch silently
>“I'll count your vote, it's still two to one”
>Leo turns her back and walks a few steps away
>“Fine by me, last I counted there are nine ponies here”
>Leo looks over to you and pauses
>“Anon, I'm counting you as a pony”
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