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* ZODIAC CYOA * thread 4

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* Gemini Edition *

Previous Thread: >>29511418 (

Last Update: >>29648314 (never too late to start reading!)

CYOA archive:

Pastebin :

Current :

>it doesn't seem like it matters very much
>at least not to you
>the group is pretty set on explore all the passages as far as you can tell
>silence reigns in the opening as you overlook the crowd
>the air is tense
>you notice Cancer look at the ground, she is holding her crab tightly to her chest
>you decide to break the silence, this is becoming a bit too much
“The left path sounds fine to me”
>Sagittarius looks pleased in your choice, he nods
>“Okay, that's two for the left then, anyone else wanna vote?”
>there is a bit of a murmur but no one speaks up
>silence begins to fill the chamber again
>Sagittarius nods
>just as everyone seems to reach a consensus Leo speaks up
>“Oh definitely the right pathway”
>her tone is playful, she smirks
>Sagittarius stops in his tracks and turns
>“Leo, now's not the time for this”
>she looks taken a back, she speaks back quickly
>“Time for what Sagittarius? Are you telling me that I don't have a say in this?”
>Leo smirks
>Sagittarius glares and takes a step forward, he looks upset
>you just watch silently
>“I'll count your vote, it's still two to one”
>Leo turns her back and walks a few steps away
>“Fine by me, last I counted there are nine ponies here”
>Leo looks over to you and pauses
>“Anon, I'm counting you as a pony”
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>tfw your waifu won't love you no matter how young / old [greentext] you are [/greentext]


Oh well, at least you can see how old/young horsefuckers are on the board that you frequent every day.
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How the fuck did Luna feel unappreciated all those years ago if she helps so many on a personal level in their dreams? It's not like they forgot in the morning. I guess maybe she only got this power somehow post nightmare moon, but that just raises further questions.
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Through the Shattered Planes: A MonsterPony CYOA #3:

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(pic unrelated to current situation)

The shattered planes.
Lands beyond what is real, a thousand small realities, all complete with their unique dwellers. The natural order and peace reigned in each of them. In the past.

But now that the portals have opened, outsiders poured in the planes, searching for glory, and ready to crush what or whoever planned to stop them.
Even if some planes had to collapse.

You’re a hydra. You lived in your jungle until the Diamond Dog attacked. They destroyed your home plane, and now you’re in exile, searching for a new home. You are Faze, and your sisters are named Fangs and Froth.

After exploring the Unearthed Woods, a place where various undead dwell, and the Cakewalk, a toxic plane but inhabited by friendly ponies, you’ve decided to search for greener pastures where you’ll be able to rest, settle down and gather your strength before deciding your next step. You’re just entered the plane named Silent Cathedral.

Full story:
Collected pages in your Planar Guide (updated):
Inventory: 2 days’ worth of canned food, medical supplies, 3 backpacks, 3 water cans, a planar guide (book), a cutlass, 5 gems, a 10-feet wide crepe, the skull of a bone golem, an icy orb, a sleeping potion, a broadsword, an arm plate, a blunderbuss, a small jar of black powder, a small jar of lead shots, a bear trap, a bundle of bolts, a toolbox, a net, some rope, nylon string, several hooks and stakes, three gas masks, a jar of terrine.
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Glim Glam > Shit Nix > Shim Shat
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My Little Pony was a mistake
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Whatever happened to the Bradical thread?
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How well would their relationship work /mlp/?
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Is being a brony all about sex?
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Join my discord. We can talk about ponies or whatever. Convice my friends im not gay for liking ponies