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Smoke and Mirrors (CYOA)

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You can't complain or curse at your captors now that they slipped the damn dog muzzle on you...Again.

Your name is Blackstar. A orange unicorn stallion with a long red messy mane. That's a new addition thanks to your sudden "career change". You used to be one of the greatest unicorn magicians, ever! Or well, at least was on the track to be the greatest unicorn magician, ever. You were finishing up your doctorate in magic studies, but became a bit stumped on the final project. So you took a little break from magical college to do some soul searching.

5 years ago.

Now you're a con pony. Or just a common thief. You use your illusion spells to trick the many gullible nobles of Canterlot out of their not-so-hard-earned bits. This time you're not getting arrested for a con, but for celebrating a successful con too hard. Namely, you got so fucked up that the Royal Guards found you passed out the Statue Gardens, late at night, right in the middle of one of the richest neighborhoods of this city. They immediately brought the Paddywagon, and were already pulling it out into the streets towards the nearby garrison. They've stopped to take a smoke break right outside the wagon however.

These rookie guards made a huge mistake though. While they may have remembered to muzzle you and chain all your limbs to the inside of the wagon, they forgot to disable your horn! You can't spend another night or 3 stuck in those crowded dungeons again...You only know illusion spells though so it's not like you can just blow up the door.

What to do...
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So why are they building this season around something that was just plain awful?
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It's been about two years since I've been on this board.

I wonder what's on?
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Is bisexuality common in Equestria?

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>2000+18 in the year of our lord
>not painting things in the color of your waifu

Post some 40k pone, /mlp/. I can't be the only one here that likes the grim darkness of the future.
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I want to cum in Sweetie Belle's tight filly cunny.

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God... Terramar's mom is so fucking hot.. I bet her and her husband have hardcore interracial sex every night on the beach.

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Happy Birthday Hitler-chan
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Now that Maud has gotten a bf will we get more of Limestone in the future? Out of all horses with personaltiy issues she is the best after all.
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>over 7 years
>still on the ride