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>She will never coronaryvore you
>you will never feel her heart squeeze around you as it beats, compressing you in all the right ways
>you will never feel the rhythm become irregular as she becomes more and more aroused with you inside her chest cavity
>you will never feel her flatline as she cums the hardest she ever has when you start thrusting into her ventrical
>you will never give her the best heart attack of her life, and the third one today
Why even live bros?

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I consider it a huge error that the three species we get are:

>earth pony
>earth pony + wings
>earth pony + horn

How would YOU make the races more unique and distinct in G5?
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would you?
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EQG Discussion Thread

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Post & Discuss EQG movies, specials, and series.
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Cultural Index

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What is the cultural index of Equestria?

From Academic to Zoology.
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>nerd,mud pony,fat,no real skill or talent,probably lives with his mother
>famous athlete,hero that saved Equestria more times then i could count,nice slender body,lives in a badass cloud mansion,so out of his league it's not even funny
>has a chance with her
>can't contain his autism
>blows it
Fuck this guy!
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Season 8 Discussion Thread

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Discuss about Season 8. How will it turn out to be? What will we see in the unleaked episodes? What more will we learn about the old and new characters? Will we see new locations? What will season 8 bring us? Discuss.
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When life gives you lemons...

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Guten morgen Anon. Have you seen mein führer?
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Bad writing or they're just cunts?
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