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what did they mean by this?
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ITT: We share and talk about our /mlp/ & Derpibooru filters or lack of them

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I haven't seen one of these threads in a while and since I just spend the last half hour trying to figure out how to better filter fat fetish stuff from Derpibooru without filtering every single image that is tagged fat I thought I would ask what you guys have going right now.

So how do you guys r8 my filter? Any suggestions for things I should add? Care to show off your filters? I know some of you have some pretty insane filter lists

Now, hopefully I can nip these in the butt by addressing them in the OP

>You use filters so you must be some censorship happy faggot or something
I personally only use filters as a convenience thing to prevent myself from having to look at content that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have absolutley no interest in. By filtering out the content I'm not intrested in it makes it easier to find the content that I am intrested in faster.

>You just use filters becuase X triggers/upsets you and that means you're dumb because I like thing
While I don't personally do this, I'm aware some people do just filter things because they get viscerally upset when they see them.

Think about it this way, if someone gets unreasonably upset when they see something they don't like that you like would you rather them...
A) Set up a system so that they don't have to look at it
B) Sperg out and and shitpost in the comments of the thread/image and upset everyone ITT including you with their crippling autism

>You must be some sort of autistic if you don't filter anything
Some people want to see everything to make sure they aren't missing stuff they might be interested in, there is nothing wrong with that if they don't mind sorting through stuff manually.

I don't think I have to say anything past that. Suffice it to say people have the ability to filter content on both sites and regardless of whether they do or don't regardless of what content they choose to partake in or filter, that there isn't really much of a point in berating them for it.
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What's her name again?
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How does /mlp/ rate each episode?
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This is Them's Fightin Herds
An upcoming game created by the team who brought you Fighting is Magic. The characters design, lore, and story was made by Lauren Faust.

Say something nice about it.
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>tfw you made a pony tulpa in 2013 or whenever because it was the hot new meme
>tfw you can't get rid of her and she knows you resent her which just makes her hate you even more
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Say Hello To ...

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The real Capper Dapperpaws
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