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Horses don't handle wedgies well.
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What do you call this pose?

So we got a look at the official tit distribution

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Wew lads
>Hootershy confirmed
And Rarity is obviously wearing a push-up
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Alicorns are a fusion of the three pony tribes, but are they also a fusion of the two sexes?
I mean Celestia looks pretty androgynous to me, I'd even bet that she has the full reproductive of both sexes.
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Country poners

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...plz say I'm pretty.

>no hate
>no pol
>love and tolerate
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Dazzle Threads #270

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Hocus Pocus Edition

All Dazzling lovers are welcome. It doesn't matter if you're an Adagio, Aria or Sonatafag, let's all join in one place. Post anything of the Dazzlings: drawings, discussions, stories, fetishes, re-edits, gifs, re-made songs (written or, if you had the guts to, sung), anything you like. Come here and show that you're under their spell!

Story Pastebin/Archived Threads: (embed)

Art Compilation:

For aspiring writers:

Steam group:


Old Shattered Gem:
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Wallflower Blush thread

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there wasn't one so i made one.
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Coltquest Thread 78

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Inventory & Spells:
CQ Wiki:

Previous Thread:

>Joyride and Bibisi continue to work out the deal they will have for their "Fuck Off"
>Emerald manages to get some hair from the Succubus, and gets tickled for his efforts.
>Joyride takes off her clothes and gives it to Emerald. Pip's book was hidden within the folded wardrobe.
>Emerald asks for one of the succubi if Joyride wins, and they agree, and Emerald tries to decide who to pick.

Continued in next post...
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Drafted - Human Pony War CYOA #2

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Welcome to the War. This is the story of Lamp Light, a Unicorn mare recently drafted into the Grand Army of Equestria. You, the reader, will be her guide, helping her survive the war. With your guidance, Lamp Light will rise through the ranks, taking on tougher foe after tougher foe, until you are the best of the best, or die trying.

Drafted is a DND-lite CYOA, with all Anons sharing one singular character (Lamp Light). You will be tasked with managing her stats and her choices. Stats are used as a general guide as to how proficient Lamp Light is when attempting certain tasks, and certain actions will succeed or fail (or somewhere in between) depending on how proficient you are.

Old Thread: >>31878971

Lamp Light emerged from the recruitment station hungry, and went to get a hayburger as a final meal before she left. Phosphorus Blur, who may or may not have cut in front of Lamp Light, was outplayed and outmanuevered. Lamp Light deftly took her lunch (paying for it) and left.

When she arrived at the train station she discovered that she needed ID papers that she didn't have, so she seduced/blackmailed the guard into letting her by without her papers. Phosphorus came in behind her, and would have missed the train without Light's help. It was very close as is.

On the train, they awoke in the middle of a firefight, pinned underneath crates as smoke poured into the cart. Lamp Light's hearing was damaged, and Phosphorus' leg was shattered. They narrowly escaped from the cargo container as it lit up in flames, and took cover underneath a nearby destroyed human construct.
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*Saves a dying franchise*
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