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Pixelcanvas.io - And One More Thing

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Old Thread: >>32218857


Spriting guide:

• Thorax
• Lovin' Twilight

Next up:
• Hoodie Twilight
• Spurdaryanne
• Maud's border
• Cannon Pinkie
• Them's Fightin' Herds
• Doctor Whooves
• Tea Time banner
• Robot Unicorn

Sprites being worked on:
• Marble Pie
• Tavi
• Leaping Pinkie

Needed Sprites:
• little art to fill gaps
• those in our area not yet under bot protection

• Mega Mural is complete at http://pixelcanvas.io/@-10000,10000
• Things need to be maintained and repaired.
• Brazil isn't done yet
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Ponyville Mysteries: Cursed Crusaders Storytime

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Ponyville Mysteries: Cursed Crusaders is out on iTunes, Amazon, and other books stores.

Here's the synopsis for it:
My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries: Cursed Crusaders
>Penumbra Quill (Author) [Which seems to be the pen name for Michael Vogel and Nicole Dubuc for this series]
>Join the Cutie Mark Crusaders--Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom, and Scootaloo--as they read mysteries, legends, ghost stories, and every other kind of tale that makes a mane stand on end. From Ponyville School classmates to Rainbow Dash to the Princess of the Night herself, you never know who else...or what else...awaits as they set out to solve seeming supernatural mysteries around Ponyville.

As usual, if you enjoy what you see here and want to see more like it should the opportunity arise later in the series for something like this to come out then please go out and get the book physically if you can.
Hope those of you who read this enjoy it!

Link to archive (Images, PDF, MOBI, DOCX, EPUB, AZW):

All the Ponyville Mysteries books can be found as a pack in this archive:

And all the previous chapter books plus this one are in this archive as well if any of you want an instant book collection:
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Queen Umbra Thread

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The Bleak Equestria Edition

Previous Thread

Twisted Desires Pastebin (Be warned they are long)
Part 1: The Start http://pastebin.com/shurgbZ9
Part 9: The Finale https://pastebin.com/ETB69rER

>What is this? Another Rule 63 thread?
No, not really. This is a thread about Queen Umbra and her adventures with everyone's favorite human Anon!

>So a story thread then?
Yes! This is a story that takes place after the Reflections comic arc You know the one where Celestia loves that Sombra from the mirror universe where everyone good is evil and everyone evil is good. Before the last thread died, our heroes have entered the Alternate Equestria determined to bring Umbra home. Our heroes have made it to Canterlot only to find it ruined and inhabited by a resistance force of some kind. What has happened to this Equestria since their last visit and what dark secrets hide around each corner...?

>So it's just a thread for your story?
No of course not! Like always if you want to write something go ahead! Just like Olibird!
If not sit back and enjoy or talk about vidya games of your choice
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What would your ideal pony vidya game be like?
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G5 General

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How do you feel about the new show coming 2020? Will you give it a chance? Of you were in charge, what would you do? (Hard Mode: You have to use what’s already be confirmed in the leaks)
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Outer Hayven Roleplaying Hubtown for horse-people

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Outer Hayven is a roleplaying community based in a town in Equestria. Some kind of mysterious magical incident caused a great deal of humans to end up in Equestria in pony, zebra, and griffon bodies. The player characters are these humans, and for one reason or another, ended up in the frontier town of Outer Hayven.
Essentially, Outer Hayven is a world with the purpose of giving characters a means to interact with one another over time. An important part is that characters have a consistent period of growth across all players, as time moves forward for everyone at the same rate. One could consider Outer Hayven an anthology of plotlines, where your actions on quests and even casual RP can have long-standing consequences within other quests, or other characters. Stories, interesting events, and character development reign supreme over system faggotry and loot hoarding. If you can’t care enough to help tell a story, don’t bother.

The heart of Outer Hayven’s gameplay are quests. Anyone can run a quest and anyone can become a GM. GMs are very important in Outer Hayven. They have a great deal of freedom to decide how the game will go. We always need more GMs, and if you want to get your foot in the door in regards to GMing, there’s no better place to start than Outer Hayven due to our simple systems and requirements. We have lots of experienced GMs to help new ones out, and we’ve made it as easy as possible to gm. You can run whatever system you wish, as well. No need to spend hours learning a new system with shitty homebrew rules.
After you get done with your adventure, give your horse/bird a nice sip at the bar or a dunk at the spa, or even a walk around the docks. Your character will meet new people and make new friends, and so, too, will you.

And for god’s sake, don’t roleplay in the thread, you fucking shitters!
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Plush Thread: LS in bed edition

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Plushie and related things go here. Post all the pony plush pics pls.

Post pics of your new plush or progress you've made on your current plush project!

Previous Thread: DEAD

>Mare Pattern

>Step by Step instructions

>Lewd Instructions

>Mane & Tail Tutorial

>Super Tiny Plush

>How to clean your plushie & remove mayo

>Plush makers list (update me more plz)
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Poppy Seeds miniquest 3

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Here are links to last threads, for anybody interested in what happened so far.
Apparently it's a bit longer than I thought if it needs a third thread.

And here is a recap.
>You're Autunite, Auty for short, a crystal mare with cyan coat and an off-white mane. You also just happen to be a soldier in a war waged between Crystal Empire and Equestria.
>So far you spent some time, about a week, recovering from a wound you got from one of the skirmishes, in a nice village. Where Ponies outright refuse to even look at any Crystal Pony present. But this night you're going to march out again, so you did some things during the day instead of lazing around or doodling for the whole day.
>Like sending a letter to your parents, visiting yourmagician friend Thulecite - who was promoted - and learning a /lot/ of stuff while having a moderately pleasant chat...
>... and being forced into a drill by your Sergeant, Hammerhead, who isn't a type of a mare you could be friends with, for getting back to your unit late, despite showing her a note you got from Thuly.
>After convincing that piece of crap to let you visit your other friend,Crazy Agate, with her so she could check you're not lying, you did just that.
>It turned out Agate suffers from some heavy mental problems since the first battle, where she got herself into trouble. The poor mare couldn't even properly recover, because she was being held in a prison camp for supposed insubordination.
>She was broken and miserable, but you did your best to help her, and you swore to get the mare out of the prison. You even had a possible solution for this.
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Satyr Abomination Thread #244: Darkest Fungeon Edition

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Previous Thread >>32216135

>What is a 'Satyr Abomination' thread about?
A satyr is what happens when a human and a pony decide to get freaky and end up having a child. The top half is mostly human, the bottom is from pony mom (or pony dad). This thread is dedicated to the art and written works about these lovable creatures.
>What about other species?
The show had quite a few different intelligent species by season 8, 'everycreature' and all. Pick your poison, but /mlp/ is mainly into ponies.
>What is the world/characters/personalities & attributes?
The most common setting is one or multiple Anons in Equestria. Most of the established characters are in the list below, the personalities mostly vary from green to green. Just ask the thread about common headcanons.

Satyrs by Parent: https://pastebin.com/d7T2GaDk (embed)
Story by Parent: http://pastebin.com/qFf46ep5 (embed)
Author List: http://pastebin.com/RFgtrECq (embed)

Searchable Archive:



Kid Icarus ROM Hack: An alpha hack for the NES Kid Icarus game.
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How many of you guys waifu an obscure pony? How do you think she'd feel to have that one fan out there who appreciates her?
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