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Leaving memes aside, what's your honest opinion on Starlight? was she a good addition to the show, or a terrible choice? if so, why?
>Inb4 masturboop.
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Tell him you're sorry, /mlp/.


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A filly's quest to escape an abandoned genetic engineering and lab and android manufacturing facility in the middle of the Tabuck deserts in Saddle Arabia. Along with your older clone, a mysterious reporter, and another genetically engineered pony you have made your way to the roof of the 26 floor facility where you are planning on escaping from the facility automated security which aims to contain you for the rest of your unnatural life. Can you escape? Can you find something to expose the company who built this facility? Those questions and more will be answered with your choices!

Currently Equipped
Peppermint security uniform shirt, crowbar, .308 rifle (10 rounds)
Spearmint: t-shirt
Flushbolt: Makeshift satchel, knife, crowbar
Photobomb: Hoodie, flak jacket, bolt-cutter, Shotgun(5 shells)

Current supplies:
Peppermint: ID badge for security guard Steak Styles, Francis Boomer t. Snek, a pen and some loose sheets of paper, zip-ties
Photobomb: makeshift thermite, bottle of silver nitrate, a first-aid kit [mostly used], a pound of monster jerky,
Flushbolt: Journal, pen, baked egg, torn folded poster.
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We must secure the existence of our glimmerposters and a future for masturboops
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Sunset Shimmer Thread

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Previous Thread: >>30952727

Post pics, and love Sunset.

Sunset Sunday Pastebin-
GreentextSavant’s Pastebin-
BG9's Pastebin-
Gritsaw’s Pastebin-

Sunset Greentexts-
Anon Sunset Blackmail-
Sunset x Anon by XMRWRITEFAGX-
In Her Defense by Zharkaer-
Burning Sensation (NSFW, Mutant Sunset x Anon) by SUPERKEATON
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One more body amongst foundations, makes little difference
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I'm going to kill her /mlp/ and there is nothing you can do to stop me!
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ITT we diss Fallout Equestria

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No Fallfags or Nyxfags allowed.

If you don't like this fic, explain why.
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Flutterrape 09/18/17 (I Have A Dream ... edition)

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>What is Flutterrape?
Flutterrape is a collection of stories about ponies trying to have sex with Anon, the only human in Equestria. While the title implies that it is Fluttershy trying to rape Anon, others may follow in her stead and attempt their own versions of rape. There are different versions of Flutterrape, but most are lighthearted stories about the ponies failing in their comical attempts to get into Anon’s pants. Just because your story has Anon in it, doesn't mean it fits in this thread. Check other threads (AiE, RGRE etc) about story content before posting.

>It's been 5 years, how is this thread still alive?
A perverse mixture of Necromancy and spite.

>How do I start writing?
Use your imagination, you nitwit. Additionally, brush up on your grammar and abandon your standards.

Writing Guides:
Clever Dick's Tips For Short Stories --
Driverbang's Writing Guide --
Navarone's Writing Rules --

For additional information, visit the /Writefags' Guild/ for help and feedback on your works.


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