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Just wondering has anyone here actually calculated the encephalization quotient of the average adult pony?

I mean, they obviously have larger craniums than a real life horse.

If m6 went to jail what would they go in for?

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Twilight - abuse of power (executive branch)
Fluttershy - eco terrorism
Pinkie - kidnapping a minor
Rarity - tax evasion
Rainbow - robbing a liquor store
Applejack - ?
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Nightly Twilight Thread

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Old thread
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Nightly Scilight Thread

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"Safety Procedures" Edition
Previous thread :>>32239121
Archive of /nst/ greentext stories:

Tips for potential writefags:

Updated Wiki: http://nst.wikia.com/wiki/NST_Wikia

All Human Twilight Sparkle content, such as greentext stories, art and discussion go here.

The original prompt:
>"Uhhh, mmm... Anon? W-what are you doing after school?"
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Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls and Humanized Thread #250- 420 and Beyond Edition

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Previous thread: >>32194084

Welcome to Fingerbang: The Equestria Girls & Humanized Thread! Anything with >no hooves is welcome and encouraged here. If you like to write, draw, read, or critique the humanized versions of the ponies, then this is the thread for you.

Fossilized Pastebin:
Fimfiction Group:http://www.fimfiction.net/group/204505/human-eqg-fingerbang
Fossilized Thread related stuff.
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Fossilized useful Applications:http://derpy.me/tQSuG


>How did this Humanized thread get started? What happened to Fingerbang?

The Humanized thread was created when the various humanized threads (including Fingerbang) on /mlp/ decided to merge. The rest is history.

Fossilized Discord:

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Pandarings for retards

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So are you going to stay in denial or you're going to finally come out and admit you ruined the show by yelling to Hasbro that you idiots actually prefer the "lol-so-randumb for neets" cartoon show?

Oh yeah the show is so much better with characters acting insane and the other characters acting as generic, boring and awkward as Cadence or as pathetic and annoying as her husband.
The cartoon is so much better without any plot in it and just having 21 minutes of the ponies awkwardly talking and ignoring each other, so so much better, don't you think dear boy?

And if you call those passive-aggressive insults and self-ironic jabs "humour" then you need to kill yourself right the hell now.
Especially when they make a pony sad, angry, depressed and somehow the executive thinks we're suppose to laugh at it.
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Bat Pony Thread #289

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MLP: whispers and wonders - cyoa 2

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Prev. Thread:
Musical Accompaniment:

>TLDR: You're the kings adopted daughter, Sweet Dulce.
>You are just sent into the wilds of everday life after living like a shut in since you were adopted.
>Your father has tasks that he's offered to pay for when you complete them.
>You've done one so far, beat up a baddy, got your first friend/room-mate, and made it back home safe.
>You've chosen to do the Tumbleweed Festival task next over in Arid-Zone A
>Other tasks assigned are
- Trouble brewing with rock dragons and rock dogs
-Vigilante is harrassing local townsfolks
-Assisting the mail service in motivating an employee
>You currently have (after some expenses paid to get Oss Mauve's stuff moved in) 340 Horsebucks
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Comic #65 and Legends of Magic 2018 Annual Storytime

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Comic #65 and the Legends of Magic 2018 Annual are out on iTunes, Kindle, and other digital comic mediums.

Previous comics can be viewed online here:

Or downloaded here:
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