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The /mlp/ Waifu Wars Thread #2 - Spear Thread.

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Hello and welcome to the /mlp/ Waifu Wars thread.

>What is /mlp/ Waifu Wars?
/mlp/ Waifu Wars is a Wresting League where various mlp canon waifus wrestle each other in a videogame called Fire Pro Returns. So one show you might see Sunset Shimmer vs Starlight Glimmer, and the other you might see Celestia take on Derpy. Think of this like the 4cc, but on a smaller scale and involving only mlp and wrestling... and more explosions. I ain't afraid to book a deathmatch league.

>Why Fire Pro Returns over a new WWE Game?
Programmable AI, Deathmatches, allowed to have 500 edits, UFC Fights... It's got more depth in the aspects that's important to running and booking.

>When's the Cytube stream, where's the YT Channel?
The Cytube Stream starts 4PM US Central Saturdays during the league unless stated, though I'll be there 30-60 minutes prior watching wrestling videos and such. Link to stream is

The Youtube channel is at and all matches will be on it after the showing on Cytube.

>But... there's no hooves on the pones.
The inherent flaw of using any good wrestling game, you'll have to deal with the no hooves.

>Why isn't 'X' in the league?
Either because they were an odd waifu out or just a character I haven't made. You can request waifus, but... they need to be canon ones. Also, they'll probably be added until we hit the 48 waifu limit.

>What about OCs/Horsebandos?
Uhhhh... maybe someday? Not saying they won't wrestle on random matches, but making a league? I don't know if there's enough big names, though I know some of you could point out a number.

>Why a new thread though?
One gen moves too fast and I tend to have to reexplain what this is on a decent basis, so this thread was made for that. Also, I feel like it needs to have a separate thread because I kinda feel like it takes away from the memery. The other gen moves at a snails pace and well, I feel like it's better to consolidate into one thread.
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Applejack Thread

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How do you think /ourmare/ will fare this season? Hopes, dreams, and anticipations you have for the coming answer to the Apple parents question?

Caution: you are about to enter the no pear zone
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Nightly Twilight Thread

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Old thread
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Sunset Shimmer Thread

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Previous Thread: >>29712177

Post pics, and love Sunset.

Sunset Sunday Pastebin-
GreentextSavant’s Pastebin-
BG9's Pastebin-
Gritsaw’s Pastebin-

Sunset Greentexts-
Anon Sunset Blackmail-
Sunset x Anon by XMRWRITEFAGX-
In Her Defense by Zharkaer-

Sunset Shimmer sings "You are my sunshine"
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I never knew my real parents

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>I was told by my caretakers that before I was born my father passed away after a lengthy battle with lung cancer, and that my mother had an extremely difficult delivery and died just one day after I was born
>Even though I never knew my parents, I miss them with all my heart
>I never got to know their voices, their lullabys, their touch, or their love
>I grew up in the supervision of a foster home, with many other fillies my age, sometimes they would pick on me, and hurt my feelings
>The caretakers would not offer much support, as they seemed not to understand what was happening
>The only comfort I found in my empty life, was Anonymous
>His suits brought joy to my days, and his greentexts brought entertainment and education to my life
>On the day of my 12th birthday, I woke up, wrote down a few sentences worth of greentext in my diary, and walked downstairs
>The other fillies gathered around to mock me as usual, they pointed hooves, mocking me for the fact that I had no friends outside of the orphanage to come to my birthday party
>"You don't have any friends", began one of my bullies, "other than Anon of course"
>The fillies laughed
>"Even an idiot like you should know that Anon is a faggot"
>I didn't eat cake, play games, or laugh with my pals
>I simply went upstairs to my room, and wrote in my diary
>"May 18th" I wrote in the corner of the page
>"I've been surrounded by people all day, but I've never felt more alone"
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Which horse would you cum inside?
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Lesbo Thread

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Here for all your dykeshit needs.
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You guys do know they aren't real... right?
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Equestrian Family general #6

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Story's about anything family related!
So it can be about anon finding a family or starting one.
The setting and world do not matter

Current writers
All writers and story's.


Previous thread.
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Heart of War: Thread 13- By Land, Air, and Sea

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Old Thread: >>29376353

Original prompt:
>"Captain Anon. Would you like to accompany me to the war room?"
258,000 words later:

Act I:
Act II:
Act III:
Act IV:
Act V:
Act VI:
Act VII:
Act IX:\
Act X:
Act XI (current):

Heart of War spinoffs by LukeDaDuke:
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