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Homo Horse Hangout #44

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Birb overlord edition

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Discord: (18+ only)
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Pony Horror Thread #11: Lost souls edition

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Pony Horror Discord:


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Current story: "The Everliving" by Waxworks:

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"Mommy Pleasant" by Waxworks:
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"Night Life" by Waxworks:

DS Stoner (Dapper Skeleton).

Soundtrack by Radiarc:
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Dadonequus: Quite The Catch edition

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Welcome to Dadonequus where we discuss and share stories about a human brought to Equestria by Discord himself to be his son or even adopted by a magic horse mom. Enjoy the stories close to
the actual tone of the show you will find in this goddamn thread. If you are a shipfag, revel in the constant teases that we have with Fluttercord, if you are a Flutterfag enjoy how we never actually do the fucking ship, just like the show! So come in and experience some of the greatest stories with some of the most apathetic readers on the board!

Archive of stories: (embed) (embed)

Active Writers:
Ben Dover ( ) - Cute father/son time with Discord. Family is magic.

Elo ( ) – Want to read an actually good and non-creepy Momlestia/Lunamom story? then you gotta read this shit

Erf ( ) – Ever wanted to know what it feels to be Discord's son and have adventures in the actual Equestria and not some edgy bullshit? Gotta read this shit

JekyllorHyde ( ) - A godlike-figure forces Discord to adopt Cyborg Anoncolt

Laskurvel ( ) - Discord brings an unwilling femanon into Equestria as a filly.


Zenco ( ) - Pepe Anónimo is brought into Equestria as a secret agent for an organization called SMILE.

Erroneous ( - Discord decides to adopt The Four Colts of the Apocalypse.Things expectedly go awry.

Wand of Inferno ( - An unreformed Discord adopts a little Mexican colt name Alberto

And check out our cool as fuck art:!AhXTgF2ur7iaa7pvcOXL_uMq17A

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Trap Tickler 56 (trap/crossdressing pony thread #67): Royal horse edition

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Surely this hasn't been done before

No diapers
No advertising other threads other than trap related CYOAs
Tea party
Rules pastebin that's a must read and includes the way to the IRC And now a Discord server! (please join, it's lonely in there)
In memory of..
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Ponies are fucking dumb.
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>ywn be her pet
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My Massive Pony

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Welcome to the Massive Pony Thread!

Check out our slowly growing pastebin:

Writers, artists, and critique are always welcome so long as it pertains to the main idea of the thread which is size difference.

Old bigpone: >>30823927
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Cirquesque CYOA

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>Catch up at:
>>The Star got some of Creaking's journals (The Star filtered a bunch of stuff that was just her day to day.) You can read them, among other things, here:

Resuming quickly
>>30958104 >>30959950
"Guys, check on the rest of the things." You trot into your home to search for the wing oil Cas left there. Where, where...
"It's coming here!" Shouts Sea. "Leeeaaaaaaf!"
"Just how do you do that!" You shout back at her, spraying oil wildly on your wings.
"I'll tell you after we kill--"
Thunder roars.
"What!" You wipe your wings to distribute the oil on their surface.
"I made it turn away but," She pokes her head into the doorway, the metal red and smoking, "It's got armor now."
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ITT we diss Fallout Equestria

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No Fallfags or Nyxfags allowed.

If you don't like this fic, explain why.
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