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Week Long Vacation (CYOA) [Thread 2]

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Last thread: >>30150323
Last post: >>30233174
The story so far:
Notes I made for fun:

Recap of last thread (From Ivory's pov):
>Be Ivory, a unicorn with too much money and time to spend.
>You learned that your friend, Grace's boss is planning to give her some time off by the end of this month.
>...Maybe you had something to do with her boss giving free time out of the blue.
>She doesn't know this though.
>So, you decided to bring her along to Canterlot this summer.
>Because it has been forever since you two did anything together.
>Her boss is such a slave driver, guess it's understandable...
>Journalism is quite competitive, especially in cities like Manehattan.

>You didn't expect to end up having a totally platonic dinner, on the balcony, with no other ponies around, complete with romanti-you mean, nice looking candles by the side.
>The setting sun doesn't help the situation.
>You're not even sure why you're surprised.
>She does this kind of stuff all the time.
>You swear to Celestia, if she starts insisting you two eat the spaghetti together, at the same time. You're gonna punch something.

>You really need to stop staring at the candle flame.
>This probably isn't good to your eyes.

Back to being Grace.
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Super Humans and Power Ponies! Issue #16

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"Tentacles" edition

Excelsior, true believers! Welcome to the Superhero thread, formerly Spider-Shim and her Amazing Friends.
All mlp/superhero green, art, and discussions are welcome.

Last Thread: >>30314810

>Sea Urchin:
Stranger than Reality - (XXXX lines - WIP)

he started out in his own thread

other active story list:
>untitled 7:
Spider-Shim ch1 - the Superior Spider-Man - (8530 lines)
Spider-Shim ch2 - Meet the contestants - (4240 lines)
Spider-Shim ch3 - The great and powerful - (XXXX lines - WIP)

C.A.P.E.S. - (XXXX lines - WIP)
Vilainess' Delight and Therapy - Anon md - (XXXX lines - WIP)
Tonic - (XXXX lines - WIP)
Infamous - (3455 lines - iced)

Probability Anon - (1967 lines - WIP)
Darkest Anon - (263 lines - WIP)
Elemental Anon - (543 lines - WIP)

Black Cat Anon - (1024 lines - WIP)

>Spider-Bloke 2099:
/k/ Anon and Spider Shimm one-shots: (112 lines) (65 lines) (84 lines)

various one-shots:

writefags who may or may not still lurk:
superkeaton -
Red -
Beans -

mamorukusanagi -

Storylist and Thread archive:
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Oh god
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Reminder, human boys are for stallions.
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"No, you are right. Not having sadness would be..." I pause to think of a word.
"Shallow." Says Ross, "Hedonist."
"Yeah, that."
Amber doesn't seem convinced, but doesn't answer either.
Several more hours pass, with Kublai still staying mostly silent and thoughtful and only opening to some small talk a few minutes before we reach Serile's space.
"Do you see those?" Ross points at the white figure on the cables that keep the moons in place, "Those are the space lifts... you park the ship and it drops or or raises every few hours." He watches one close it's doors and drop with a dumbfounded smile, "It's been so long since I saw one..."
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That awkward moment when this week's MLP:FIM episode was more overwhelming than all 3 EQG specials combined...
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Pony Games General #3 - /pgg/

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Pre-2000's Computer Edition
(Alternatively: Apple-jack ][e Edition)

Previous thread: >>30272146

ITT: Discuss pony games, game development, share your stuffs, anon!

>Question of the Day:
If you could take any game from your childhood and give it a pony version/mod/spinoff, what game would that be?


In-progress projects from the last thread:
>Paper-Mario-like platformer RPG
>Wargus freeware pony mod
>Un-named RPG(?) made in Unreal
>Town-building RTSRPG

>List of free-to-use resources:

Find/Submit/Discuss games:
>[email protected]

Lyra's List (game design docs):
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