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Dragon Transformation General #5

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Best friends edition

>With one blink you wake up as a dragon in Equestria!
>Why you're here does not matter. For now.
>You are more interested in exploring your new body and the environment first.

Here are some writing prompts:

>The stars have aligned to break Rarity's pussy whip on Spike
>How will this be accomplished?
>You find yourself in Equestria
>With the kick ass body of a dragoness

>Will Spike fall in love with you?
>Will you fall in love with Rarity?
>Did Twilight bring you here to get Spike away from Rarity so she could have Rarity for herself?
>All these questions and more on "Dragonquestra 3: The quest for the dragon D or DD's"!

>You don't have any idea about what are you doing here.
>Or how you are supposed to do dragon stuff,of who you are, to start.
>But well, looks like Equestria has a awesome new Dragon resident.

>Let's see if you manage to settle in!
>Who knows what awaits you on your new adventure?
>It's your chance to make the best out of it!

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