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2017 4CC Spring Babby Thread

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>2 hours to stream
>no thread
We're better than that. Come on, guys.

>what is this?
An AI vs. AI Pro Evolution Soccer tournament featuring the boards of 4chan.

>where can I learn more?

>where can I watch?

>when does /mlp/ play?
Tomorrow, Saturday, May 20, at 19:00 UTC

>wtf is UTC? what about my time zone?
Google it, baka

>are we winning, son?

>who is playing today?
Friday, May 19 (all times UTC)
>/w/ vs. /out/ 17:00
>/g/ vs. /a/ 17:40
>/c/ vs. /an/ 18:20
>/wg/ vs. /y/ 19:00
>/soc/ vs. /o/ 19:40
>/lit/ vs. /trv/ 20:20
>/e/ vs. /tv/ 21:00
>/k/ vs. /lgbt/ 21:40

Be a good sport and hop on a bandwagon. Giddy up!