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Breast Expansion Thread

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I feel like there's not enough BE content on this board. Let's change that.

I'll start a written CYOA with one of the premises below. Any and all of them can be included later depending on where the story goes.

1) After another day of back breaking work, you, a sex-starved Big Mac, receive a contraption from the Flim Flam brothers, promising to "soften" your domineering sister.

2) Late one night, you, Button Mash, find out why your mother never, ever drinks milk.

3) Twilight's tits have been swelling since her ascension, alienating her from friends and family. You, her only human friend, must help her get back to normal... or will you?

4) You, a human "message therapist", have wormed your way into Princess Celestia's confidence, offering her daily relief from the stresses of the rule. She accepts with no idea permanent that relief will be....

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