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Threshold Episode 2: Space Dandy

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Welcome back, Threshold fans and newcomers alike! It's time for a brand new mini-adventure starring everybody's favorite pompadoured pegasus, Dandy Pomp!

>Who is Dandy Pomp?
Dandy Pomp is an up and coming researcher at the Canterlot Threshold facility. His job is to handle less dangerous but still necessary jobs at the facility that typically involve direct contact with anomalies: interviews, check-ups, and consultations with other, more specialized researchers. One such researcher is Dr. Foozle, the facility's assistant biophysicist - and Dandy's girlfriend. While Dandy has little in the way of specialized scientific knowledge, his charisma and quick thinking in times of crisis soon led to him being promoted to the position of senior researcher - the youngest, and fastest to achieve that position, in the facility's history.

>What is 'Threshold?'
The Threshold is the name of Equestria's most secret and vital government agency. It is the Threshold's job to locate, detain, and if need be, destroy anomalies that threaten the security and well-being of Equestria, by any means necessary.

>What are anomalies?
Anomalies are ponies, objects, creatures, and other such entities with properties not currently understood or accepted by science and magic. There are currently more than 6,000 categorized, ranging from everyday items with strange properties to horrific creatures whose very existence could spell doom for Equestria. One such anomaly, designated A1-2346, has provided Dandy with an unusual gift: He is able to perceive the words of beings from beyond the Universe, offering him limited clairvoyance, perception that borders on omniscience, lightning reflexes, and an eidetic memory.

YOU are one of these beings, and you're going with Dandy on his newest assignment: going to the Equestrian Space Station!