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What do aging music nerds listen to?

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Thirtysomething 2000s and early 2010s music nerds, aka /mu/'s core users.

Do we still glorify pedantically the music that is basically adolescent teenager and student angst, you know from Pink Floyd to Nirvana? Music that tries willfully to detach itself from the mainstream by using irritating elements of noise, repetition and dissonance?

Or did we matured? Do we now listen to more cheerful stuff? Or to something like Coldplay, which is basically adult angst? Or do we listen to the music of our grandparents or ancestors?
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what genre will dominate the 20s?
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Hey guys,

for various reasons, this will most likely be the last time I'm posting on /mu/. I'll be reachable through and RYM, at least for now, but I'm considering removing both of those accounts.

If there's anything you want to say or ask me, now's the time. Otherwise, have a good life full of great music.

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Wants and needs

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I have really been thinking about how much I would want an acoustic guitar release from Laura Les, just her vocal and acoustic guitar maybe like an EP
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RYM is truly dead.

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Half of my favorite lists are removed. Half of my old friends are either banned or left this shithole. 2020 lockdown created an influx of more twitter retards than ever before (even 2016 doesn't look so bad in comparison), comment boxes reeks of shit more than ever before, ui and chart algorithm is fucked up beyond repair, many obscure albums got bolded and memefied by tiktok zoomers, ratings are skewed because of recent politics. I can't even cope in peace.
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Bros, this is the best soundtrack ever.
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objectivly best ost to any animated show

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fucking fight me
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What are some 'classic albums' from the 00s? Albums that people will be listening to 20 years from now, regardless of whether or not you consider them good? I figure pic related, but what else?
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