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Anime, manga, manhua, manhwa..

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Non-Japanese animated material goes on /co/? /co/ ignores them and they seem more like /a/ material.
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The first PMQ/Q&A

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We used to do IRC townhalls back in 2004-2005, and every now and then I post in a thread on /b/ that ends up becoming a spontaneous Q&A session. I've always enjoyed them, and with the birth of /q/, hope to do them more regularly.

Feel free to ask me anything about 4chan, myself, etc. I'll be sure to read through the entire thread, probably won't answer every single question. If you ask a question that's already been asked a bunch of times or something I've addressed before, I'll probably ignore it.

Let's see how this goes...
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/jp/ has no point

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What's the point of /jp/? Ever since it was created I've been scratching my head.

>visual novels

Can be discussed on /v/ (sometimes) and /vg/

>anime and manga

We already have an anime and manga board

>fap threads

We already have fap boards.

>discussing anime and manga characters

/v/ and /a/ get tons of these threads.

What's the fucking point of /jp/ the so-called 'Otaku Culture' board? Doesn't /a/ already fulfill this place?
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Why isn't this attached to the rules?
The only board that officially states roleplaying isn't allowed is /mlp/
Make roleplaying a bannable offense outside of /tg/ and /b/
Shit needs to be a global rule
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4chan Gold account

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I propose 4chan Gold accounts.
The only benefit of owning one would be skipping the Captcha.

Posts would contain no published details of being posted from a "gold account."
Users could still get banned for abusing their privilege, (ie, spamming, advertising) and their payment would not be refunded.
Gold accounts would not evolve into the related pic.

It would be merely for convenience of being "a payment verified poster" who no longer has to type a captcha.
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:^) please

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moot could you please give feedback on a pic I drawed of you :^)
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posting from your ISP, IP, or country is blocked

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Somebody please help

Everytime I try to post anything on me computer a message comes up that says "Posting from your ISP, IP range, or country has been blocked due to abuse. 4chan Pass users can bypass this block." I live in Iowa, I have never posted anything illegal, and I could post normally yesterday. Does anyone know why this is happening?
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What is ghost mode?

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When I reply to a thread on archive.foolz it says I'm in "ghost mode".
My reply will only appear on foolz & not the original thread.
What is "ghost mode"?
How do I exit it?
I might do a story time later on /co/, foolz is way faster than normal because there are no captions.
Whats a faster way to do a story time?
(Story time as in posting one comic page after another)
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Fixing /pol/

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Is there anyway we can get some better moderation on /pol/? For the last few months, /pol/ has just been dominated by anti jew shit and it is getting annoying. It wouldn't be so bad if it was just allocated to a few threads, but it has now dominated the entire board. Even threads that have nothing to do with religion or jews get flooded with "good goyim" , "JIDF detected" and other tinfoil hat shit.

Even the Paul Bots, Racist, cuckold and other cancer threads died out after awhile. I was hoping the same thing would happen with this, but it has instead only gotten worse.
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/gif/ and cp

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I didn't know where to post this, but on /gif/, there is a certain .gif that is constantly reposted, and I mean CONSTANTLY REPOSTED. It consists of a girl rubbering her tits while she is on her knees in her bedroom, and it's in sepia. Well, she's 14 in that video. I constantly report. Nothing really get's done.
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