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Poorly done janitoring on /out/: stop deleting every thread with "aguments"

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I've noticed that on /out/, whenever a thread gets a little heated up, the mod or janitor steps in and just deletes the whole thread, regardless of whether the OP or premise of the thread is perfectly good /out/ content or not (sometimes it's not, but it very often is). It's not moderation; it's just lazy damage control.

I understand that there are a few subjects which are essentially troll bait on /out/ - I think we all understand that by now - but I seriously think that the board as a whole needs to mature rather than be protected. The only way to mature, as I see it, is to let these threads play out. Boards don't learn to ignore troll bait threads overnight. It takes practice.

If you want to delete individual posts, I think that's fine and dandy, but I'd merely ask that the mods and janitors of /out/ be a little less hasty in deleting whole threads. I believe that this is stifling the more interesting and creative discussions (remember, a lot of these threads ARE legit /out/ content, they just rub a few immature people the wrong way). I think at present, the only kinds of threads that get left over are the most boring threads which essentially repeat the same non-controversial content over and over. What's interesting about that?

I've been on /out/ since the beginning, and helped to draft the sticky, but I'm finding myself spending less and less time there because the only threads we're allowed to have are fucking boring and nobody really talks about anything new in those.
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Autosage at will

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How about we give jannies and mods the ability to autosage a thread early so that the people inside will know that what they are discussing is condemned but at the same time so that any (somewhat) meaningful discussion isn't cut off instantaneously?
It'll also take the offending thread off the front page so it doesn't steal activity from more appropriate threads.
The OP post could have something like (MARKED FOR PRUNING, DO NOT REMAKE THIS THREAD) stamped on it, y'know? Or it could be invisible, but I don't think that would work out.
What are the problems with this idea?
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no more 4chanarchive

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You know, moot, if you had made an official archive like everyone wants, this wouldn't be a problem. But no, you just have to keep up that fantasy of yours that archives destroy anonymity and ruin boards. Fuck you.
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Janitors are the cancer

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So janitors get there own board where they can discuss ways to kill fun on 4chan and usher in reddit faggotry thanks moot fucking kike
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There's about 10 or 20 people on /sp/ who have come to a sort of unwritten agreement to just shitpost and be as annoying as possible. One of the biggest instigators of this is this new trip named nigbot. His actions consist of:

- Making obnoxiously bad/crude OC (another new trip called Seahawks-Clippers-bro does this too, and the other trolls save them and post them everywhere)
- Derail threads, usually generals, with tripfag discussion. Today he stepped up his game by taking matters into his own hands when people stopping giving him as much attention by making a TRIPFAG POWER RANKINGS, POWERED BY GOOGLE. Him and the other new troll trips are spamming the shit out of NFL Generals with this and other shit no one cares about, and they do it because they know they can get away with it.
- Making threads intended to look innocent, but incite shitposting with its content (e.g. Seahawks-Clippers-bro making threads with said obnoxious OC, asking innocent-looking questions in the OP meant to start up pointless arguments between those stupid enough to respond)
- Drawing attention to themselves in threads to try to derail them (2nd link related)

These people do this because they know moot gave up on controlling /sp/. There's a difference between chasebowl threads and this shit. At the very least, the mods need to recognize what's bad for /sp/ and what isn't. Banning their trips might not even work (though it did for fany), so an IP range ban or a name ban might work. /sp/ is NOT dead, nor does it want to be /b/, but since the minority is the loudest, moot lets it burn.
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Getting banned for entering wrong captcha

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>Attention people who keep getting banned for mistyping CAPTCHA: You need to enter both words from now on. Google made this change not us.

Seriously. What the fuck is up with moot recently? Why is he trying his best to end 4chan? Nigga if you can't host the shit or something like that then just say so.
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Religion Board?

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So, a lot of new boards are being added lately, and that's great! But there's no religion board? I think a religion board would be quite beneficial, in that it could be a place where people could discuss religion without half the internet showing up to tell them to gtfo. That's the point of many of the existing boards, right? You can talk about this here, whereas it might not be as easy to do so on another site.
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Please support posting of WebM files

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We already have animated GIF, so why not support WebM which has much better compression?

Quick example of how much higher quality a VP8 WebM can be compared to a GIF of the same size:

If it's really the capacity for sound that's the issue, you can filter out WebM files containing sound tracks with the same magic-number filter you already use to block archives.
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Banned recognizing the superiority of cute little girls

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What the fuck is this bullshit? Can Mods ban who ever they want? I didn't break any rules. I didn't post CP or anything like that.

Explain the sense behind this.
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Spoonfeeding on 4chan

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How does /q/ feel about spoonfeeding?
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