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Banned because you didn't know a url, word, or phrase was not allowed on 4chan.

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Is there a list of all these urls/words/phrases that will get you auto banned? If not why doesn't m00t make one! It's a bit retarded to get banned for posting a link or a certain word/phrase when you have no warning that said website or word/phase will result in a ban!
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Visibility of moderation

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A topic that I see brought up from time to time is that which concerns more visible moderation. I have a few ideas that I think would help this cause, and give a better sense of what's allowed to be posted without putting up "rules stickies" on every board.

- Lock threads instead of deleting them
The issue with deleting threads outright is that it provides no visibility, many people might not even realise there was a thread there that got deleted and they'll make a similar thread later on. By leaving the thread visible but unable to be posted in, people will see that those topics are things that should not be posted. A brief lock reason in red text could be added next to the lock symbol (saying for example "off topic" or "not worksafe"). To prevent locked threads from cluttering the board, perhaps they could be moved to a dedicated page, placed as the last page in the list at the bottom with a trashbin icon instead of a page number. When it becomes full threads will fall off the bottom and be deleted as normal, like a sort of short archive of threads you shouldn't make. In the case of NSFW, the images would be deleted along with the thread lock. Obviously some threads should still be deleted outright (CP comes to mind)
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Global rule 6 is completely subjective and silly.

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>The quality of posts is extremely important to this community. Contributors are encouraged to provide high-quality images and informative comments.

This is such loose wording and basically equates to "any thing the mods/janitors don't like." I don't see the point of this rule other than making it easy for mods to just ban whoever they want for posting something they dislike. Who decides what "quality" is? It's completely subjective and ill defined.
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Romanians can't access 4chan

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Hey moot, I've got a Romanian friend I met on /soc/ that can't post on 4chan anymore unless she buys a pass. I know this isn't a ban because otherwise she'd be redirected to

She hasn't been spamming, and also claims some of her friends are unable to post as well. So explain, are you blocking all Romanians from posting on 4chan? If so, why?
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4chan shop

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I know 4chan is expensive to run, so as a way to raise money, moot started selling captcha passes. Something that I think might be a good idea to raise more money would be an official 4chan shop that would sell things like visors, hats, golf shirts, posters, etc. adorned with the one of the few things here that moot has the rights to, the 4chan logo. I personally would love to get a solid black visor with the 4 leaf logo on it. I'm not sure if 4chan has ever had a shop before, but I think this could be a decent way to raise some funds for the site. What do y'all think?
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4chan STRONK

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Daily reminder that moot is pro-/pol/.
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s4s on the front page.

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Why? I just want an explanation to why.
I think a lot of other users would appreciate an answer as well.
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Stable, Warning and Failed Boards

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How stable are each othe boards? I'll start a list with the ones that I think fit where.



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Greentexting in middle of a sentence

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Can you still greentext in the middle of a sentence? If so, in which boards?

I remember the process being [greentext][/greentext], much like spoilers. But tried yesterday on /a/ and didn't work.
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Let's save /jp/ #7

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