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Poster ID Supplement

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/q/ should implement a feature that shows what board an ID has made the most posts on to weed out irrelevant comments and cross board trolls. If there are equally large number of posts on multiple boards show all boards next to ID.

It would quickly switch to /q/ if a user changes IP and makes a couple posts on some board then starts arguing on here. Could also possibly mute them if their primary board changes to /q/. I'm sure there are flaws but something like this would benefit /q/ the way flags benefit /int/.

General threads

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Should they be allowed? Any board you go to that has them apparently while starting out great, devolves into a trip shitfest, circlejerk, etc....Some just becoming image dumps due to trying to fill a thread for the sake of continuing the general. Then there's /vg/.

At times there are generals that look like that they should even exist anymore.EX:Both of /a/'s [email protected] generals or any sports general in /sp/ during the offseason.

Funny that 4chan is suppose to be a bastion for people who want to get away from the behavior that popular online forums bring, but it seems like that behavior is slipping in now through general threads.

Does anyone like general threads? Hate them? Do we need another board like /vg/ but just for random generals from across the site?
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/pol/ raiding again

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yet again /pol/ raids /b/


half the commets are obvious /pol/tards using words like "shill" and calling people jews and redditors
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/s4s/ or /b/

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[s4s] or /b/, which is the better board?

Personally I'd have to go with [s4s].
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Stop posting things i dont like!!11

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Just a friendly reminder that /tv/ has special stick up the ass moderating that other boards dont have and the mod strings are pulled by trolls and redditors who want 100% GoT/rlm/letterboxd/flavor of the month threads only

tell this noob your history

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what were the biggest shitstorms for your respective boards?
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This is my IP i have created a beast proxy. Some have called it un DDOSable, i hereby challenge you pheasants to try break the god of all proxy. Let the challenge begin.


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Dear mods

It's ten minutes until launch and we still don't have a sticky. Would really appreciate one.


Suggestion sticky threads:
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