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Mods on /mlp/ seem to just ban stuff arbitrarily using the incredibly vague "show discussion" rule.

I made a thread (after being banned for 1 day for something else) saying something I'd want to do to a character (I'll spare you the autism of the thread) But it was framed I want (show chracter) to do X to me. Got banned for that for NINE DAYS with 21 other offenses (what might you ask? I don't know. I made a total of 5 threads since the last ban I had so either they are saving things and using that to ban me or it's complete bullshit).

The mods on /mlp/ need to calm down. They seem to get in a mood and just start spam bamming on whim. The insult to injury was that there was at least 3 or 4 other threads with the exact same set up (I want character name to do X to me) that got so far as to be achived, one of which was a thread I MADE and it didn't get scrapped. Can we fix this rule or for the love of god at least make it consistent so I get banned all the time for it and not if I'm lucky?
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Why does /qa/ suck mod cock so much?

>post bans that are 100% unwarranted

Is this board secretly a bunch of mods and jannies doing damage control?

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>anime studio employee comes on /a/ and does an AMA
>gets banned
People will actually defend this.
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Underage whore has taken over r9k. Please save us.

Please make this a thing

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Option to "hide" filename. Instead of using the actual name of the file, it just names it after the current epoch timestamp.
This is useful because right now it's pretty easy to track users in the archives based on filename.
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Why isn't posting with a name or tripcode when it's completely unwarranted and unnecessary not covered by global 13? It's pretty much the same thing as attaching an avatar to your post. You're being an attentionwhore by doing it.

Please start putting people who abuse the name field and tripcode function in their place and tell them to knock that shit off.

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What's your favourite weapon in a vitural world?
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can we have emojis please?
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Why does /int/ exist?
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Test Thread

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Use this thread to test post
Previous thread: >>908144
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