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Just marathoned the first and last 3 femtoseconds of this fliqué, what did I think of it /qa/?
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Can you explain why the hell you keep using the bumpbot in threads like these:


Why do you think this shit deserves to be bumped? Turn that shit off, you retard. You're useless. We can bump everything by ourselves now.
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explain me one thing
why are blogposts not welcome on /jp/sphere as a whole, i don't mean the "got drunk and fucked chicks" kind of blogposts, i mean the "have been a suicidal hiki for 3 years now" kind of blogposts. if the /jp/sphere is pretty much composed unanimously of neets, virgins and other kinds of people that the general would consider as scum, then why was there not a development of a good brotherhood instead of this hostile and toxic environment where everyone makes fun of each other, everyone is angry at each other. i get the impression that when some say things like "i'm a hikineet for 1 decade now" they're just being ironic and are actually norms in real life, that's why they humiliate people who really have it bad when someone posts it seriously.

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Thoughts on girls holding hands?
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What would you put on the save list if you were running the bot? What threads would you prioritize over others?
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What things have you given up these days?
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