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Road trip with Akari!
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/qa/ daisuki dayo

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>the absolute state of this board
how come there's so much trash in this board and no actual discussion?
you'd think that people would be sharing new anime and manga and talking about concepts but instead it's just constant "ironic" shitposting

fucks' sake how do we fix /a/?
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who NEET here?
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What's your favorite anime? Why do you like it?

My favorite is Gintama and I like it because the humor for the most part really speaks to me and because it has fight scenes which are better than some of the shows it makes fun of.
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The disappearing captcha is making me bored of 4chan. Does it really have to take 5 seconds to disappear? Absolutely retarded. I remember seeing you could make it to be easy, is that possible with 4chanx or whatever without making the whole layout look different? All I want is a new captcha.

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What are some board relationships you know about?
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Greetings /qa/!

I came here for some tech advice, but because you are all such wonderful, lovely people, I decided to stay.

I noticed an excessive amount of cute anime girl posting on this board, but were are all the cute anime boys? I can't be the only faggot on this board.

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Why are people on 4chan often so negative about 4chan? Do people who don't really use the website just come here to bitch about it, or is there really a large percentage of users who just come here out of habit while despising it? There's definitely things I dislike about this site, but at the end of the day it remains to me a fragment of the old internet and is fun to waste time on.
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It's Nekomimi Vision!
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