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I posted "Day One of the failed Trump administration" on /pol/

couldn't post with that subject.

It's official, /pol/ is only for pro-Trump posts.

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>leftist makes a "subtle" anti-trump thread on /co/
>no one tells him to go back to /pol/


makes you think
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4chan happenings thread

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.
Previous thread: >>934139
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Hello, I want to report a mod or a janitor on /v/

I made a thread in which I asked about some gaming advice and added that I want to buy a game for my boyfriend

I happen be a homosexual and it apparently triggered said janitor, since he deleted my thread twice, minutes after posting it.

I did not receive answer for my question and honestly, I feel offended.

I expect a punitive measure to be taken against that janitor and I expect to be able to make threads like this without any problem in the future.

Below what I typed and pic related was my pic in that thread.


>I want to buy Overwatch for my boyfriend so we can play together.

>But, choosing a country gives me different prices. Obviousely, I want to but the game at lowest price, but will choosing a country different from my actual country be a problem?
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stop spamming ponyshit everywhere you autistic fucks
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Suggestion: NSFW Tag

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Similar to how the Spoiler tag is used, only specific boards like /a/ and /vg/ would allow you to use the NSFW tag. To prevent it from being used as a free excuse to post porn in threads the same on blue board rules would apply for things posted under it. For example, if an anime/manga in /a/ or game in /vg/ had some really lewd or questionable content in it, users would be able to post about it using the NSFW tag and discuss it in detail without risk of a ban. If anyone just randomly went off topic and started posting porn (obviously unofficial stuff) they'd be viable for a ban. This would help when posting about the more hentai-ish content in the Fate series, as well as the extremely ecchi anime that tend to push the limits with what they can show. Right now we can't even post self-censored or cropped content in /hgg/ or official /a/ content because mods will quickly ban us for it without question. The NSFW tag or something similar to it would help improve the user experience in those specific boards.

Boards like /v/ wouldn't have it for obvious reasons.
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Rakugo is airing tomorrow
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Explain why TFH belongs on /mlp/ and not /v/ or /vg/
You cannot defend this.