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1kb thread

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You can only post images with 1kb or less in this thread.
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are permanent archives the worst thing to ever happen to 4chan? they go against 4chan's fundamental principles. 404 doesn't mean anything anymore.

back in my day, threads and posts used to disappear. and if you wanted to archive them, you had to have a whole bunch of people vote to preserve them on a third party sites. only truly epic threads got archives ("epic" is what we called "based" back in the day).

"ARCHIVE THIS SHIT!", we used to say.
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How often do you wish you had a little sister?
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How are you feeling as Winter approaches /qa/? For myself, I feel a mix of tired, bored, and lazy. All of which seem to make each other worse. I hope come winter things start to turn for the better.
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The unbeatable Byakko commands /qa/ to get her a beverage!
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>d-delete /pol/

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When will /qa/ be deleted from 4chan so i can laugh in your faces?
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These are the people who bitch and moan about /pol/ on /v/

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Ready for jims video on the 4chan split /v/?
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You ever suck dick /qa/?
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