Things seem to be stable now.... Have any BTC? 152LGvWZpkzieXDwNDnMSaodkBnE1KrYyQ

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Wasted 14 hours playing P5 today.......

Why doesn't this game ever end......
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All women are LITERALLY whores, therefor there's no sin in sleeping with "real" whores

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Or at least well over 99% of women are whores, because they won't have sex with a man who has no money, or no path to making money (e.g. they're in school).

No woman will have sex with me because I'm a NEET with no money, it doesn't matter how attractive I am, how much weights I life, or what my personality is like.

Will the Christian God really fault me for having sex with a "real whore", compared to paying for a whore that is called a "girlfriend" or "wife"?

I am at the point where I'm either going to fuck a "real" whore, or pull an Elliot Rodgers, because being an incel is making me that mad.
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Reminder that this is what /qa/'s normal speed is like when it's not getting raided. 2D/R posters aren't raiding this board. The speed stays the same as it always was despite the nature of the content being posted being different now.

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Would /qa/ be better off as a listed board for new users with questions versus a urinal for delusional factions attempting to impose their will on the other 24 by 7? All the same antics regulars are fond of would be allowed (2DR shitting, blogshitting, etc.), but the board would have a real purpose. If the amount of useless content becomes such that questions are drowned out in the catalog, the assigned janitor can delete threads as needed. The people who frequent this board could assist newfags in understanding where they are and what they are doing. This would benefit 4chan tremendously. /qa/ would be directly responsible for the resurgence of quality on the site while simultaneously retaining all the same questionable threads users here are fond of. Thoughts?
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Did you accomplish something today?
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Start using a tripcode and MAL account, ask the leaders for a invite and join us on discord

Okay here's the official list of the crew:
Leader: Nagi; message her at
Co-leaders: Siztra, QuiZNo, Destrado, Abby, and tali
Capos: Woxxy, Saegrimr, kami`, Bear, dongfix, Coal, dino, agri, socks, mic, Chris, yutanpo
Soldiers: /pc/, shirt, flapjack, JamesCID, Too many to name

We're at war with: Deepfag aka Currybutt, Taiga, Smoked Cheese, Kusanagi aka pr0x aka fdsfdf, giraffes, taiga, Alternative, marine revenge, comfy, buddy star, Welding, I_AM_ABIB and the rest of the no names from the inner circle

We're allied with /ota/, /vg/, and foolz

All your favorite anime that get trolled/reverse trolled/spam is from us. Love us or hate us but also respect us.

We're currently epic trolling Little Witch Academia (AKA little SHIT acadamia lol), Boku no Hero Academia, Berserk and Boruto, feel free to join le fun xD

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Please be nice today
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Can we please just use the rope on /pol/, already? Every high-traffic board has become post-GG /v/ at this point, and it shows.
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When you see this thread, bump a thread that is related to Japanese culture such as anime, manga, VNs, Touhou or other Japanese games.
Positive threads only!
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the mushroom girl
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