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Sum up in one comment exactly what is wrong with this website. Hiro & mods, feel free to chime in too.
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What will happen to the site in the 2020 election?
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Why are there so many fucking newfag boomers on /pol/? I'm so sick of scrolling by their mind-melting facebook memes and their retarded political opinions. Can we please have bans for self-confessed boomers? They're 100 times worse than underage posters.
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Vigne > Satania

Yeah, I said it.
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Everyone is complaining about all the pejoratives thrown around, but I am personally tired of these esoteric buzzwords that are devoid of substance

There is a desperate neo weeb poster

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frantically bumping neo anime threads

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How long do you think it would take to degrease this pizza before it can be eaten?
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why do girls do this?
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