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daily reminder

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delete /pol/
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A new /pol/ board, you say? JUST FIX FUCKING /b/, YOU THUNDERCUNTS!

How to do it?





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Cirno thread

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Post cirnos
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Post a capture from an anime you've watched recently
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われわれは われわれは

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>DELETE /pol/!!!!!!!11111
>No. In fact, we're making another /pol/ board.

When did you weebs realize the people that run site are on our side, not yours?
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Why does /a/ hate /u/ so much?
I've thought about it all day and I jusy don't understand. I'd say it's even in the top 3 hated boards, and that's quite an accomplishment for such a slow board when the other competitors are behemots like /pol/, /v/, /b/ and /r9k/. And as for /v/ and /b/ my impression is that even though they're universally considered low-quality boards, there are not many people who genuinely hate and despise them.
I see "cancerous" /u/ boogeymen being invoked all the time, but strangely enough I rarely see them at work, if ever. So what's the root cause of this attitude?