Planned outage this weekend.

100% OJ!

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Who's up for some 100% OJ tonight?
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>casual racism
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/ls/ request #004

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Previous thread: >>1682619

Hiro, can you reinstate /l/ - Lolikon?
Not only could it be a containment board for all the loli/shota lovers out there, but it will reduce the shitposting to a minimum and make all sides happy. It's literally beneficial for everybody since those who dislike it won't see it as much anymore and those who do have a place to go the fuck back to and be contained in.
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When will using soyboy in a post be a bannable offense?
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Published papers about 4chan

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Check out this recently published paper on trannies in /b/:
Or this 2011 MIT paper about /b/:
Or this less recently published paper about /pol/, which is actually pretty insightful and well written:
This stuff is like crack to me, anyone else got some good ones to share?
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If 4chan is memes, is Reddit a meme?

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How come he don't want us, man?
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I've been browsing here for a while, and I've got to say that this is one of the most pathetic communities I've ever come across. I mean holy shit you guys complain about being lonely, but you scorn the behavior that would actually make you fucks friends. You dedicate all your effort into learning everything you can about your hobbies, and create/use the best software for best experiencing said hobbies. Maybe you nerds could make it in the real world if you applied yourselves, or even put a bit of that effort towards something productive, but no you autists would rather waste your time watching and browsing an imageboard for jap cartoons. I can't understand how you're satisfied with your lives when your all just poor out of shape virgins with no friends jerking it to drawings of girls. I work out almost every day to maintain a healthy body, and I know how to intelligently invest so I'm swimming in cash. I even have a wife who loves me and kids who I don't fantasize about fucking, unlike you freaks. You should all leave this site and actually do something with your lives. Who knows? You may even become successful like me. But you probably won't because you nerds value cartoons, online "friends", and priding yourselves on being parasitic scum over actually being functioning members of society.
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When you see this thread, bump a thread that is related to Japanese culture such as anime, manga, VNs, Touhou or other Japanese games.
Positive threads only!
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Play any good games lately?
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