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Hey what happened to my enbie?!
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Why did this website become so obssesed with trannies in recent years?

ITT: We create words only using existing boards

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Also, rate each others creations by imaging how good of an idea the resulting combined board would be

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I'm making a thread everyday until a new board is created to contain the hololive/vtuber/idol fags.

Day 61
Previous day >>3675090
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the question and answer girl
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I don't believe it's constructive to tell trannies to kill themselves and that they will never be women. Trannies come in two varieties - depressed losers who troon out as a last ditch hope to avoid suicide and degenerate freaks who cut their dicks off as part of a bizarre humiliation fetish. The first camp are extremely sensitive and avoid negative stimuli, so any trannies who continue to post here are in the latter camp and probably get off on being berated, doing so feeds their attention whoring and encourages their behavior.

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yeji wins here
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is the recent site wide backlash to /pol/ a result of an organized raid by an outside entity or an organic reaction from the community to political fatigue?
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