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What compels someone to be THIS austitic over animu?
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/tg/ is being completely overwhelmed with spam threads and nobody seems to notice. They all have the exact same pattern, a random open ended question used to fill up the catalog with bullshit.


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What are some reason you got banned anon?
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What is the worst art style you've seen get popular?
for me its Steven universe

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On /sp/, is there really a Romanian janitor who shits up the board with Messi/Ronaldo spam while using proxies? For example in today's catalog, there's like 5-10 Messi/Ronaldo spam threads with the same images and similar filenames like "Messi Crying 3" or "Basedjak 5" being reposted endlessly by 2-3 flags. It's just too coordinated and coincidental at this point that there is so many of these spammed Messi/Ronaldo threads with the same pastas, same filenames and same flags being used over and over again until "new" flags pop up using the same filenames and pastas. This shit has been going on for months as far as I'm aware

I ask because it's infuriating having to deal with making a new general when you have 10 of these retarded threads pop up into the catalog pushing regular generals down the catalog past page 10 and nothing is done about them. They are literally the same shitpost threads with no originality and they always devolve into Messi and Ronaldo fanboy retardation or multiple posters spamming O TWAIN. I report them but nothing is done about them and there's no point in hiding them when the generals and threads I visit are pushed to the archive.
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What will he do when GR15 is removed and /mlp/ is deleted? (continued >>3094488)
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Why are /cgl/ mods so incapable of snipping out the cancer of a thread that they just blow the whole thing up the second someone mentions happenings inside of proprietary software?


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What animal is that?

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