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Wow, /jp/ fucking destroyed this board.

Ads Auto Redirecting AGAIN

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Im browsing on mobile and the redirection ads are back. It happens when I close the scrolling bar ad by clicking its little X. I get redirected to the "you may have a virus" page that I cant leave, my phone beeps, and when I clsoe the window, the Ap Store is auto opened. My android is old as fuck so this really screws with it. I didnt get a snapshot but here is the link to the SECOND redirect I got this morning

Please get rid of auto redirection ads Hiro, and please no bar scrolling bar ad.

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I'm freaking out. How does a computer know the time when the power has been off and not connected to the internet?
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I have a tulpa. Ask me stuff.
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im fuckign bake

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hello i made a site called it is a FLAC internet radio and has 14TB of anime music and server runs gentoo linux for audiophile, i have $1600 headphones and hear my tunes in 4 dimensions especially when i smoke weed

i find gentoo to be the best distro for flac anime songs

software is fully free and libre under the WTFPL

optimized as fuck, executes 0.03s most of the time

i want to marry cirno
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Here's a good question.
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Do you have any bans you're particularly proud of? Post em!