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Post demonic or disturbing soijaks

What's going to happen to /f/?

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See subject

/yeji/ - Yeji General

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imagine the smell edition
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>Please stop taking underskirt pictures of my 11 year old daughter
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wtf basedjakbros?
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>creepy threads will never be popular ever again
Remember when that shit hit cap everyday on /b/? Remember 'shitbrix' threads? This was 2009-2012, also the height of 'creepypasta'.

I miss those days, reading creepypasta threads/creepy threads on /b/ and shit at 3 AM. I wanna go back.

The majority of the OPs had this image, I remember it so well. Inb4 "reddit", fuck you

/vg/ return of the totospammer

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Note: Case following from

Today the totono/aoi spammer in /vg/ returned after his ban was lifted (pic for proof, he was bragging about his ban being reduced. >>>/vg/308457727)
The result being the current thread>>>/vg/308455737 being drowned in his totono spam and poorly written posts pretending he's an ESL.
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Hiro approved meta thread

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How do we solve the Catholic Problem on /lit/? They come and shit up every thread from their discord servers them cry like Jews when you point out they don't understand what's being discussed. And that's without bringing up the sheer number of off topic threads they make with some shitty excuse like "Catholicism and literature are inseparable." They should all be banned on sight.
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>Ok, real talk, why haven't mods taken action against wojak posters? Every month there is a new wojak variation it has to stop at some point

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I get it