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happenings thread

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.

old bread >>2301241
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elementary schoolers are ______
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So how does hiros tracking bullshit comply with the GDPR?
The gook lives in France, so could someone just sue him for 2 million $?
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Spider thread.
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What do you think when you look at this design? Ugly? Vintage? Would you change anything?
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hello /qa/ i have a question
what's the deal with hating tripfags? im not a tripfag myself (obviously) i just don't really understand the hate
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What are some of your favorite characters from fiction and why do you like them?

2nd attempt at keep thread alive 4eva

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/qa/ managed to successfully MURDER my last thread. this is my new thread and i will keep it up for a month
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>Jannie temporarily blocks me
>Don't get banned
How will he ever recover?

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I've filtered Smash and Bowsette on /v/ and now 1/4th(23 threads) of the board is missing. why do the hotpockets think this is okay?