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Can I get /qa/'s thoughts on Michael Jackson?
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Is it true you can only make 500 posts a day?

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What do maids do?
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The State of /qa/

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So i've been here since the day /qa/ started. I used to invest in this board and post daily almost exclusively on /qa/. Obviously the board has shifted and changed countless times since then. But i still like to poke in every so often and see how shit is wiggling.

So, who wants to describe what /qa/ is like currently? Right now there is much more anime and much less frogfaggots than there were even 3 months ago. This is great in my opinion. I am also seeing some more interesting threads, slightly less shitposting. I am starting to hope that this will once again morph into an interesting board.

Though i am curious, where do all of you anime posters come from? I love you and you are cleaning up the cancer that has infected this board. Most of the decent threads have an /a/ related thumbnail. Rightfully so. But are you guys from /a/? /jp/? old /b/?. I am one of you. But i would like to know where you hail from. What made you come to /qa/ and stay? This question goes out to anyone.
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Was Jesus gay?

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I see people on 4chan BRAGGING about airplane mode on phone to avoid bans. How do mods stop them if they can't be banned? Any ideas?

Serious question

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How can I get permanently banned from 4chan (without posting CP)? Or at least get banned for a long period of time
>addiction got worse over the past couple of months
>could barely go outside anymore let alone get out of my bed in the morning
>feel like I wasted most of my summer shitposting here
>new semester at college begins in two weeks
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/qa/ watches

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/qa/ is wonderful!
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Who is your favorite Touhou, /qa/?
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