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Mubarak, happy ramadan

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Mubarak, happy ramadan
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Someone should make a videogame about /qa/ culture. The final boss should be Lee in a barney megazord
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Why do Americans do this:
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post the average poster on your board
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I’m extremely funny irl but when I try to be funny on 4channel I barely get any (You)s
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sometimes i really do think that faggotry is a trans dimensional organism the same way chaos is in the 40k universe, it can influence peoples mind until eventually it turns the person into an agent of it's will to spread more chaos, it reproduces through people and we can't perceive it's true form in your plane of reality, it makes perfect sense

transphobia general thread

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memes, statistics, whatever
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Is being attracted to loli or drawn cunny pedophilia?
Should it be legal/illegal?
I honestly do not know, even if it is a sign of it I don't see a reason for making it illegal, I'd rather have someone jack to drawings rather than to do actually harmful shit.
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