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Thank you for your application for the above position and the interest you have shown in [insert company name]

Unfortunately, after careful consideration we have decided not to take your application any further.

When exactly did /gif/ turn into a trans video board?

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Not memeing, holy shit look at the state of that board

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>It's excuse me PLEASE not just excuse me
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I will never call them plebbitors ever again. Holy based.
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queen of sharkanda
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/soy/ - soy factory general

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/schizo/ general

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Get in here.
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>talking to my therapist tomorrow
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EqG "barbie" threads are spammed on /mlp/ every day. They are almost never deleted by the jannies.
On the contrary, jannies babysit barbie threads, as every post that is even mildly negative about barbies is deleted within minutes. This virtually never happens with any other board subject, showing clear moderation bias.
Barbie threads are low-quality, zero effort garbage.
Barbie threads produce no content and contain no discussion.
Barbie threads always get archived with a very low post or IP count, and nothing of value in them.
Restrict barbie posting to a handful of generals for whoever wishes to talk about it, and ban any other barbie thread that is posted.

Remove barbie posting from the pony board.
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Coomers are worse for 4chan than /pol/ ever was
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