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How do you deal with schizophrenic posters, /qa/?


There’s this one poster in the oldschool runescape general who makes at least 100 posts every thread that consist of vaguely referencing conspiracies and random dates, being horny and otherwise making posts that make no sense
In the end he gets banned but within about 5 minutes he’s evaded the ban and is right back to spamming nonsensical posts

What do?
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Terry A. Davis removed from the /g/ sticky

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Why in the FUCK is Terry removed from the sticky?
Care to explain yourselves, Jannies?
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Has "Replying to off-topic garbage" and similar "honeypot" moderations made you paranoid about what you reply to?
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There should be an option to report datamining threads on /g/. Every day I see anons posting their personal information on CIA-made threads and something dies inside of me.

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Where can I view the list of trending boards and threads?

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Outside of stickied threads I've never seen a single moderator or admin post on the boards I visit in the 5 years I've be on this shithole website. What boards do they post in the most? Most importantly why isn't Hiro as active as moot was? He KNOWS how to speak english.
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I haven't ban evaded even once on /v/ but now it suddenly says I'm rangebanned. It's my home IP as well. What's going on here?

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why do some jannies take their job so seriously?

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>giantess, genderswap, suggesting at imminent vore all in one ad
So let me get this straight, 4chan was split into 4channel and 4chan because of a desire to attract advertisers to 4channel. But the advertisements you get on 4channel are ones that would have shown up on 4chan before the split anyways.

What was the point?

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Can we please ban the WWD from /a/? All of the good drawfags who once drew in it are long gone, and the thread now only serves as a coverup for degenerates to exchange cuckoldry and other fetish porn, ERP, and drama with each other. It has sorely outlived its purpose long ago. But also, /a/ already has another drawthread. Why should it have 2? Just remove this defective one. It's unnecessary and only generates drama.
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