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look at her

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4chan Happenings Thread

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.

Non-happenings, small gets (quints or less), complaints about shit boards being shit, known spergs sperging out, personal report buttons and blogposting belong on >>>/qa/nah

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What's your favourite image?

"Lee isn't still posting here. He's just a group of trolls with bots."

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Wrong. He's posted the tools he uses elsewhere and his methodology hasn't changed over the years. There are other things to consider too:
Lee does sleep some hours a day and occasionally misses things that show up on his feed, especially on boards he doesn't routinely monitor. That's human fallibility.
While there are hundreds of anons that provoke him with crops, very few bother to go on derpybooru to make new ones from the 130,000+ images on there. The result is a lot of reposts he can easily fetch URLs for. He's said he monitors derpy for new images regularly too, specifically those with miscellaneous details that can be made into crops. Considering the depth of his autism, this is viable. And most of all, there is NO WAY TO IMAGE SEARCH CROPS. You'd need a thousand tineyes to handle that kind of exponential load. Anyone on /a/ could tell you this.
And my last point is that Lee talks back to you. Ask him about the weather while he's active in a thread and he'll make some psychotic response like how he wishes it were raining your blood. It's possible to set up AI responses for a bot, but that level of personalization is reaching too far. No spammer would do all that unless they were executing their posts manually.
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what on earth goes on in /j/?
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you know what? fuck /a/ and their anime discussion, that place reeks of reddit.

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Why do you go on 4chan? Also, how long have you been on here? What keeps you motivated to live despite anons saying kys?

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do you agree?
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Schizos and nonsensical arguing?

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Unironically why do schizos do this? I am interested in the neurophysiological mechanism of this particular phenomenon, and what the afflicted experiences that causes them to respond in this way.
>talking to a schizo
>they start ignoring things you did say and replying to things you didn't say
>it feels as if they're having a completely different conversation, with some imaginary person who's standing where you're standing, looks like you, sounds like you, talks whenever you talk, but is saying completely different things, and they can only hear that person and not you
>ultimately they don't like this imaginary person very much for whatever reason, and they start a bitter, mean-spirited, and unrelenting argument with you
>they start insulting you for expressing ideas you didn't express, and even though all you say, as you struggle to keep up with the conversation, is different variations of "bro what the fuck are you talking about," they consistently manage to read more bullshit into it and continue hatefully insulting "your" arguments that literally aren't even yours in any way
>typically these insults devolve into something along the lines of accusing you of being a demon, a satanist, the CIA, etc
I get that they're crazy but I want to know the specifics of that insanity, I want to know how they are actually personally experiencing this conversation, I want to know what it is they think they're hearing that causes them to produce these replies, where does it come from, why does it happen, why does it override what the other person is actually saying.
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Official laugh at vtrannies thread
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