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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.

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A link to the soijak schizo discord server just got posted on /tv/.
>'raid' channel
>think this is going to be the juicy secrets
>last post is from fucking august
Honestly this is just genuinely sad. This guy is just sad.
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what do you guys think about emojis?

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>over 9000
>this is sparta
>when i'm bored
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can the mods kill all of these hololive threads
dont want an invasion
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>you will NOT soipost on the archives
>you will NOT ascii soiduel in archived threads
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Why didn't they invent routers to have their own address that can never change??

By having routers assigning addresses to each device randomly, any idiot can just reset their router and it will give their device a new IP address, this allows people to evade bans.


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is warosu down for anyone else?
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I have already reported to many different internet ad providers that 4chan and 4channel are one and the same. Soon, you will be making the same monthly salary as your precious jannies.
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