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I take a break for 2 years and it seems that /qa/ is now officially a 2D/random board! This is great news! Congratulations kewayy!
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Delete /vr/
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Movies about severe mental illness.
(Same fucking filename for half of the posts its one really salty tranny)
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/soy/ - soy factory general

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Mass production edition
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>Leave /v/ because of all the porn, bait, and /pol/ threads
>now the /co/ catalog is filling up with porn, bait, and /pol/ threads

Christ is there a board that isn't infected with this bullshit? I just want to talk about cartoons, I don't give a shit about what the crystal gems thought of the Confederacy or who's at Peter Griffin's door.
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Why is soijak so popular?
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I figured out how to beat soijak posting! It was so fucking simple! Just act like soijak is actually based. Preemptively post a smug soijak, like this whenever possible. People will get tired of posting angry soijaks if everyone just agrees with him on the first place.
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>let's start a soijak greentext chain ill start