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>already 3 months after the whole vtuber thing
>still fucking nothing
seriously what did (((he))) meant by this?

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Is he the most successful internet meme in history?
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What'd he mean?
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It is no surprise that in the twilight of our era the weeb exists. In a world where society is atomised right down to the individual and said individual is left to find his own meaning we cannot expect the average person to succeed in this endeavour. We know this since the average person is often fallible, lazy, and uninterested in philosophical or political matters which arise to situations like 'The tragedy of the commons' or statements like 'I don't really care about politics'. In the past this individual would be coerced or forced into cooperation with his fellow people on projects which are more abstract than just eat, drink, sleep or sex. Although they might have not understood the greatness of their work they still did good actions. Nowadays however this average individual is easily distracted by things of no great importance or merit. It is manifested in the hours of consuming nothing but media and entertainment which serves no purpose or has no higher meaning. The weeb is one of many subsets of people which are fed nothing but drivel by companies who benefit off their commodity fetishism. Those people which ‘awaken’ from this trance and regain control of their higher faculties have their mind permanently stained by their experience.
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When are the mods going to understand that these >>2413188 retarded blog threads are nothing but a tool to test IPs for spamming? These animals can't keep a single one of their worthless imagedumps alive without the help of a spambot but we are supposed to believe there's over 50 of them in each blog thread posting fucktarded one-liners no one reads.

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What was the biggest realization you had about yourself?

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Somebody call the exterminator edition

Previously on LOST:

To start, /his/ having a Great War remembrance thread
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do you think a sitewide word filter for "incel" would be a good idea?

previous word filters have been pretty funny and regardless of how you feel about the gentlemen in question it's pretty indisputable that the wave of redditors and tumblr/facebook users spamming incel at as many posts as they possibly can while contributing absolutely nothing to a single discussion and really just shits up the place