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>spammer has been spamming board with nonsense threads for months and months
>report them
>get warned for "abusing report system"

so do global rules not apply anymore

Better Political Moderation for /tv/ and /v/

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The amount of /pol/ crossposting on these boards is unbearable. They can't fucking shut up every time they see a woman or a minority on screen constantly shitposting every time. You can't fucking discuss shows or games with their constant fucking political garbage being shoved in threads holy shit.

Do your job mods.
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you call that a /qa/?
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Why is this board called "question & answer" when questions hardly ever actually get answered?

/qa/ watches

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Handpicked videos, loved by /qa/!
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How does 4chan perform as an education platform?
How much thing posted on 4chan are considered useful?
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he protec

he attac

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What is a good way to design a character's outfit to hide their identity?

I have a character in a certain military sci-fi universe who will sometimes do "public" displays of extremely prototypical gear and the squadron that she is in does not know nor needs to know that it is her that is doing the display.

Obviously her eyes at least would probably need to be obscured, but what about her head? face? Or body?

(*This may or may not be in the SW universe.)
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Let's have a moment together to discuss about videogames: what's the last one that you played and did you like it?

I played Terraria and i like to think that it's a more fun vanilla minecraft, regardless of it being 2D instead of blocky 3D like the other sandbox games alike. Lotsa fun exploring underground.
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Is this the official /lit/ anime?
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