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boobhu 2
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In a year, /co/ will become the sixth board to reach 100 million posts.

How did it come to this?

just obeying the rules

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/qa/ rule #0: there must always be an umaru-chan thread up at any given moment
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>this thread has been pruned or deleted

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Aren't all boards containment boards?
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What was his duckling problem?
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Nice Japanese picture thread
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should've aborted it

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As we all know Kotomi is Clannadman's actual true love and he only starts hanging out with Nagisa because he never met her (animefags gtfo), but how on earth would a Kotomi After unfold? Does he still run out on his father and move in with his girlfrlend? Kotomi has a large enough house I guess. But what does he do with work? Is Kotomi there to greet him or is she off in the US of A? Does she fly there a virgin? There are so many unanswered questions; maybe the question and answer board has some thoughts.

/ota/ was here

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