Things seem to be stable now.... Have any BTC? 152LGvWZpkzieXDwNDnMSaodkBnE1KrYyQ

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Fuck you ex-/jp/ poser faggots; /a/ is your progenitor. I bet you didn't even use /jp/ back then, I used it 08-12 but have been /a/ ever since shitposters like what's on /qa/ now killed /jp/ and after proper modding kicked it out, it is now overrun with generals. Do the names tokiko, Jones, currybutt etc ring any bells? No? Then seriously shut the fuck up.

/jp/ is a lost cause. Old /jp/ is fucking gone and this stupid bullsit on /qa/ is not remotely what it once was. 2D/random is really an excuse to turn into a floors hitting neet circlejerk, how about you just fucking kill yourself so I don't have to see your sick mockery of old /jp/ (which really looks like dying shitposty /jp/ because like I said you guys objectively don't emulate what the real deal was).
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4chan happenings thread

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ITT: Interesting or unusual things happening on the boards you browse
Previous thread: >>1320319
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>I like to bring my /jp/ mannerisms and talk about /jp/ all the time on /qa/ while telling crossboarders to "go back there".
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It's another /tv/ is bombarded episode

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Fucking hell.
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if you meet buddha kill him

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this is satania
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Where would one discuss religion?
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Tenshi eating a corndog
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Did you accomplish something today?
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draw pikachu's face
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Why are these people allowed to freely shill their trash on /tv/?