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ITT: We pretend we're /qa/
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witch 2hu wud u fuq


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Meow meow meow

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Who's your favorite Pokemon, /qa/?
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Say what's on your mind, Anonymous. I don't care if it's something that's bothering you, something you find cool or even about your masturbation habits. Just say it.

I keep seeing a guy start threads with Nue so I'll do the same thing with this radical ghost.
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Autism is not a race, is cancer. Stupid fucks who dont get the basics of human interaction trying to dictate how society needs to work.

this is why i dont spend time on this part of the internet.
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Why the hell is my mobile provider blocked from posting?

Hiro stop trying to shill your fucking passes holy shit.
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Hey guys if youre looking for a new home come to 76chan. We like to post about sports, if youre not into sports stop by anyway. Thank you godbless.

Sorry for the spam but check it out anyway.

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Is it me, or does it seem like fewer and fewer boards come up with their own memes these days? I don't even recall how long it has been since the last time I saw an attempt at a forced meme from /tv/. It seems like most memes these days only come from /pol/ and /v/ anymore.

Not only that, but it seems like the average age of relevant memes has gotten greater and greater. Things like Pepe, Wojak, Loss, Bane, Tony Kornheiser, and so forth have been around for years and are still relevant after all this time; only a few of these old memes have been hindered somewhat by time. While I'm still a bit new (have been going on 4chan since mid-2011), I do think that many memes created since that year tend to fade away within a year or two, but those that manage to last longer seem to last for a very long time indeed. When I started coming here, most memes were young and fresh; memes from even a few years prior were already irrelevant, especially anything from 2008 and earlier. A large portion of the memes these days aren't even from this website anymore.

Thoughts on this? The aging of relevant memes is something I have realized recently and I have not seen as much discussion on it.

Everything is Illuminated

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Hey /qa/ who's up for a little story time from /co/?

It's nice to have something different every now and then.
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