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Here is a small quiz for you /qa/: what are these animals?
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only true /qa/ers can post in this thread
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Hi /qa/. We're beginning our annual hot pocket drive to feed the people who make 4chan go. To donate, put any hot pockets you can spare in this box. Your help is appreciated!
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Braille anime girls thread.
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What's your favourite underrated anime, /qa/?
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i like this bpard
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How does he do it?..... WHO THE FUCK IS HE?
I've seen him in /v/, i've seen him in s4s, i've seen him in /tv/ i've seen him in other places.
How can he memorize all the fucking pictures?! Does he seriously use the imagesearch thing?
is he a fucking bot?
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why are your dopamine/noepinephrine/serotonin/gaba levels so perfect during your first few years of life? why do they all fall apart as you get older?

I'm using the logic that my brain levels are already fucked up to justify fucking aruond with them more with big pharma drugs.
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thee has never been a single quality post made in the history of 4chan by a mobile phone poster