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Would Japan have turned into an even better place if the Oda were triumphant?
Contrary to the Tokugawa, the Oda were opened to foreing technologies, while still keeping Japanese traditions.
Japan could have turned into a prosperous trading power by the time of the 17th and 18th centuries.
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e-celeb cancer threads on /tv/

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Why are e-celeb threads allowed on /tv/?

These threads always hit bump limit, despite them being nothing but off-topic shitposting and gossiping about the lives of youtubers.
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wch 2hu wuld u butfck?

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Which Touhou character would you pick to keep knowing you're only allowed to do anal with her?
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Acceptable niggers

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Acceptable niggers thread post acceptable nuggers pic related this nogger is acceptable.

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What made you come to 4chan?
What makes you stay here now?
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the call that saved gensokyo

Bump this thread the FIRST TIME you visit today! Part one

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Taking it easy in new frontiers!
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F*ck anime

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What's up?