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Does anyone even remember me?? :((
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The /qa/ girl
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Oh no, Remi's having a bit of trouble and can't figure out the father!
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What are the odds you're reading my thread right now?
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Post a picture of where you are right now
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>tfw comfy /k/, /pol/ and /o/ alliance

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Fuck it feels good. Leftists will never infiltrate guns or vehicles because they are fundamentally anti-gun and constantly pushing for never ending gas and vehicle taxes, ban on gas powered cars, bans on driving in cities, self-driving cars, etc.

Meanwhile games, cartoons and movies are already co-opted with leftist shit. Japanese developers are beginning to censor their games, and crunchyroll is going to get Japanese studios to capitulate.

Sorry gamers and weebs. Pick up a real hobby.
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Is this /pol/ fault?
poltards need not answer this is a thread for /qa/ and friends
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Is 4chan's traffic increasing or decreasing?
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The 4chan Vtuber competition!

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Basic Rules
1. The design must be female.
2. The design must be “safe for work”
3. The design must prominently feature the 4chan clover logo.
4. The design must be an entirely original work.
5. You agree that 4chan may use the design for commercial purposes.
6. Images submitted must be no larger than 2048 x 2048 pixels and 5MB, and must be in either JPG or PNG format.

This thread is for discussing the contest. Use the contest page to submit your designs!
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>Implying you guys don't like this kinda shit

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