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What else would you add to this?
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>tfw wud rader be alsep than awayk

Wy liv?

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the mushroom girl

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Read any VNs lately, /qa/?
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This pond looks lonely without anything in it, why don't you go catch something for me /qa/?
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They got here in February and defended /qa/ from the hordes of /mlpol/ The problem is that now they won't leave.
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Do mods have any accountability? I understand on boards like /b/ they are pretty much left to their own discretion outside of shit just no shit like CP, but in the other boards like /vg/ for example where there are clear cut rules, the enforcement of said rules seems arbitrary at best. Is the moderation team literally just a bunch of people that do whatever?

I always wondered but I keep forgetting to ask, image related just reminded me.
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Should be bring back sage?

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How accurate is this?
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