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Are crabs important?
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Do you fear the unknown?
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Yume Nikki thread
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How do you stop a flood of low-effort shit and template threads?
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4chan data collection

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What data gets collected by 4chan?

Is 4chan mandated by law to store IP addresses? My knowledge of law tells me that they're note. If so, why do they store IP addresses, if they do?
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Is it possible to solve any n-cube rubix cube in a finite number of moves? If it's a countably infinite-cube is it still possible to solve the cube at all? If it's an unaccountably infinite-cube is it still possible to solve the cube?
Note that an infinite cube is a cube with infinite side length.
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Take it easy
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The quality of /mlp/ has dropped to new lows. We DEMAND increased moderation
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What is this board for?
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How to fulfill the image relevancy requirements?
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