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When you see this thread, bump a thread that is related to Japanese culture such as anime, manga, VNs, Touhou or other Japanese games.
Positive threads only!
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what do you think of Madotsuki?
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Please, a board needed; /rel/ - Religion

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I assume this is the place where one would petition for this.

Can we please have such a board to remove all that discussion from /pol/ and /x/?

Please? perhaps?

The need is great, constantly these thread are deleted on /pol/ and none with faith wish to condescend to sully such a discussion by putting them on a board such as /x/ which by its nomenclature demeans the very concept.
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Saber riding a banana.
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what does /qa/ think of him? was he in the wrong?
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Why do people stick their feet in cold water?
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Do you ever read booru comments?
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go to bed and wake up early
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copypasta thread

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>Worse yet, do you want copypastas to flood the site?
yes. some are prevalent but I haven't seen a copypasta recently

I believe you shouldn't underestimate Aikido. Now I know you may be thinking, "Why take a weakling martial art like Aikido seriously when I am learning Kendo?" I can see why you would think that, how can a peaceful martial arts like Aikido beat a powerful one like Kendo?

Well, I have a story to share with you.

Years ago, I was a Kendoka, I thought I was the toughest kid in high school, I would pick fights, and kick ass. I was full of hate, until I picked a fight with the wrong dude. He was a Japanese exchange student, I still remember his name, Noboru Takeda.

I picked on him because of his hilarious and thick Japanese accent. I told him I was going to beat him so hard, he would go back to China(Yeah, I was a little racist prick.), he never said anything back, made me wanted to kick his ass even harder.

Well, here comes the fight. I threw men and do strikes, he dodged them like I was a mere white belt. I was tiring out and he knew, I saw the smirk on his face that made me raged hard. I put all my strength in one amazing tsuki, and he grabbed past it to my wrist and threw me over. My back smacked on the hard cement ground, and I was knocked out for who knows how long.

When I woke up I was in the school infirmary, I asked the nurse who brought me here, and you guessed it, Noboru Takeda. The next day, he wasn't at school, he was back in Japan, and I never got to thank him, for saving my life and showing me the light. I soon learned that he was an Aikidoka and have been practicing Aikido ever since to show my thanks to him.