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How has the implementation of 4chan membership influenced the behavior of posters?
If someone uses 4chan pass while posting for a long time, will he be less likely to break rules?
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4chan discussion thread

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Use this thread for questions and discussion that don't warrant a full thread
Previous thread: >>1304749
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don't eat me
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Image and file managing in general

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Am I the only one who used to frenetically save images and reaction images of all kinds from 4chan, but decided to stop? Right now I only save very rare content, once every day or so. How often do you save your images? How do you organize them? I keep two large folders, one of girls, divided into girl specific folders (sometimes pairs etc), and one for general images, like reaction pictures divided into expressions (smug, thumbs up, question mark etc) and other misc folders like board memes and so on. How do you manage your files?
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How come strawberries are the only fruit what taste nice as a juice and in milk
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Why can't I block elements here? There are some images I don't want to see (e.g OP pictures).

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Why can't there be a decent anonymous image/text board? Every single one of them is full of cancer, not one corner is safe.
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the cirno
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Hey /qa/, can you recommend me some good translated VNs? No Umineko, the art is too shitty for me.
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What do you call a mouse that plays an instrument?
A mousician!
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