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b00bielicious boobhu boobies bouncing beautifully
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What do you think is the psychology behind addiction to 4chan?

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For me the reasons are the same that to other social media. 4chan is just like the Facebook wall but with anonymity, gore, porn and controversial topics that you can't found in a normal social network.

Things like:

- The constant novelty: the constant refreshing to find an exciting thread, some happening.
- The excitement when someone responds to your posts it's similar to receiving likes and comments in Facebook.

Those are similar to other social networks.

Specific of 4chan are:

- Anonymity: you can say whatever you want with no fear of repercussions so 4chan works like a way to people express all they want, even if it something that isn't politically correct or socially unaccepted.
- Freshness: everything is deleted in hours and new threads are made every minute. It is true that there are many thread that repeat over and over.

In conclusion, I think this website is so addictive because it has all the addictive things of the regular social media plus the anonymity that is perfect for antisocial people that want to say whatever they want or just write without people knowing who they are.

I know nothing of this is too original and any person that has posted here for more than 1-2 years knows it but I'm interested in knowing what do you think are the reasons for this website being so addictive to some people, including me. I have spent many time in other forums in the past but not so many time like here. It's curious because recently I have been posting in a regular forum and the difference now it's like if the old forums were from the time of the dinosaurs compared with 4chan.
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Hey /qa/, did you know? When you use private trackers, you're supposed to SEED the torrents you snatch!
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How often do you wish you had a little sister?
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You ever suck dick /qa/?
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How does a basis even work? I mean, it's set of vectors that is linearly independent and a spanning set, but isn't a spanning set linearly dependent by definition?
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Japanese Erotic Gay-Manga

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Japanese Erotic Gay Manga
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Please tell me this is fake

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Please tell me this is fake
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Post touhous smoking. Smoking is kawaii.
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Did you remember to study, today?
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