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Tell me how to get a friend.
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What is he talking about?

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It's caturday. Post cats.
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MAD/YTP thread

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Post your favorite MAD's or YTP's here!

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what are the 4(four) chans of 4chan?
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/g/ - Meta Thread

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ITT we discuss mods not doing their jobs. (or doing shitty jobs)

For example, why is this pajeet scammer shill thread still up >>63473008?
You can tell by the way he's bad at formulating his posts that half the replies are him samefagging, trying to make it look like anons like his trojan and want to use it.
On the other hand, screenfetch threads that are about sharing our GNU/Linux setups, showing off how cool free software is to newfriends and possibly getting a few to leave the botnet (and in that way promoting free software and freedom), exchanging tips and dotfiles and generally discussing using and configuring free software are banned on sight.
Yet homescreen threads are allowed and they're literally people just sharing screenshots of their proprietary goytoys that are designed to trample on user freedoms, where no useful information is shared and no discussion is had.
Smartphone generals promote malicious devices and software designed to manage and surveil the human cattle.
Not to mention all the /v/ tech support threads that are against the rules and should be banned on sight and more than one graphics card thread at a time.
Also there are 9 (nine) net neutrality threads up right now that are in essence just /pol/ spilling into this board and barely on topic.

Really makes you ponder, doesn't it?

It would be nice for the mods to at least have some interaction with the anons (like making a few posts ITT), so we can know their thoughts on this and work with us on improving this board.
I'd really like to hear what do mods have to say about this before deleting this thread.
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