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You know what to do.
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Wasn't there a theory that Shinki destroyed everything after the end of MS?
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Why did mods get rid of the ability for users to delete posts on this board?


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Is it /v/ or is it not? It literally has nothing to do with ponies in it's current state, otherwise it'd get sued by Hasbro. I need a clear explanation of the reasoning behind /v/'s mods and their attitude towards the game.
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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.

Previous thread: >>1870719
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ITT: Go to a board you normally don’t go on, then come back here and post your initial reaction.

>This is like if /qa/ was just funposts.
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What does .. mean?

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When reading two periods at the end of a sentence, how do you usually interpret them?
Example: I'm tired..
That .. is:
-A) a period, but the poster accidentally pressed the period key twice;
-B) an ellipsis, but the poster forgot about the third dot;
-C) something between a period and an ellipsis (a long period/a short ellipsis).
When I read .. instead of . or ..., I always feel confused and don't know what it means!
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