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How much will have to pay for 4chan after Net Neutrality dies?

New board

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There should be a new board for just Comedy. Like green texts stories. Those are the best

/r9k/ - Traps, Gays and /soc/-tier posting

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Why is /r9k/ moderated so poorly?

The board is being overrun by traps, gays and other /soc/-tier bullshit like Discord threads, orbit threads, or e-celeb threads. Just look at this thread here, which I reported like 5 hours ago and is still going.


For the love of god, PLEASE enforce your own goddamn rules 4chan. Anyone that has been on /r9k/ for longer than a year can tell you how shit it's become because of lazy mods.

May I suggest the following:
>New /r9k/ mods that actually enforce the rules
>Any gay or trap threads are moved to any of the following boards: /lgbt/, /soc/, /cm/, /hm/, /y/
>Discord threads are moved to /soc/
>E-celeb threads moved to /soc/
>Orbiting threads moved to /b/
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Was he /ourguy/ /qa/?
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would you be her goytoy?

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>posting more than once per thread
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