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>animu shizos are still posting the same shit here
damn, last time I checked (2016) it was already stale but you niggers are still arguing with frogbros? how did you not go insane already? Oh wait...

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Do you ever search the web for instructions when you don't know how to do something, /qa/?

test thread

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Couldn't find one in the catalog.

Hide all your noob mistakes here.
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Ever shut your browser and then open it again and reload the tabs and they all flash up with (You)s but it's actually just that the threads returned to where they were when you first opened them and then updated with the same (You)s you already read so you got excited for literally no reason because no-one else has actually replied to you at all?

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I think this frog man is epic. What things do you consider epic?

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Please remember to present your /qa/ membership card upon entering the board.
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sorry for my ignorance but can i do a voting poll on /qa/ ?
ie: reply 1 if (a) and reply 2 if (b)

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The /qa/ corndog of rich flavors.

Dreams Thread

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Share whatever dreams you've had.

I recently had a dream in which there were girls and a barber in an early grade school like classroom, and the girls were talking among each other and with the barber. I forget exactly what was said but it was mostly casual conversation, and at some point the barber cut intoone of the girls ears and she screamed and then the barber became more intense with cutting the girls hair and was starting to do a bad job at this point, yet the casual conversation continued despite what was happening, and the girl whose ear was cut was also participating. Then it ended abruptly without any payoff for the tension.
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Why doesn't /sci/ or /lit/ answer me? I just keep bumping but they still don't respond :(
Am I asking for too much, when I post threads that require original ideas of their part?