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Pain Killer Scripts

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I've been thinking about ways to handle frog spam and other obnoxious posts better.
Personally I don't like hiding threads so I've been looking for some ways to reduce the level of cancer in certain posts while still keeping an eye on how people react to it.

Since the mods are either slow or unwilling to ban some spammers I've taken up the task to give the users more tools to handle them other than just hiding through filters be it MD5 or filters.
I call it a pain killer script since its goal is to lessen the pains of spam until mods fix the board.
Hopefully this will lead to more people ignoring posts and not letting it affect their experience on /qa/.
You can't fight fire with fire through botting, so hopefully more userscripts will act like a bucket of water.

This script gives the users the ability to hide images individual images but leave the text content up.
Press ctrl+shift+click on an image and it'll 404 the thumbnail.
On vanilla 4chan you can still click the 404'd image to see it and on 4chanX you can still hover over it.

Tested it on 2 versions of Chrome and 1 version of Opera. Firefox probably not until later.
I'm planning on doing custom word filters next. Please notify me of any bugs.
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How is it like being intelligent?

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How is it like knowing mathematical formulas, engineering stuff, those quantum physics things, programming, medicine and so on?
How is it like learning easily?
How is it like having a lot of knowledge?
How is it like being able to concentrate on books, classes and exercises?
How is it like being intelligent?
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Cute pictures only!

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boards of interest:
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does /qa/ like video games that aren't /jp/shit?
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Why is the monster girl porn thread on /d/ instead of /h/?
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What's the best part of this picture?
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now THIS, is a knife
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Who is the new boogeyman on the boards you come from?
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What could happen if an overboard is implemented on this site?
Will this strengthen the connection between users from different boards, or it will be hardly used despite its activity?
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Mods... I beg of you...


save /biz/

its being destroyed by shitcoin threads

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