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What’s the deal with airline peanuts?
Thread is question
I mean they just come in these small packets and expect you to be all like
Gee thanks boss, I was so thirsty because it these pretzels
Every tone

wew lads

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>A board that allows flagrant anti antisemitism/nazism for the sake of just being edgy that has NOTHING to do with politics in even the most remote way.
>Can't take a jokey thread about brainlet prehistoric politics
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What are some lesser known memes from the obscure boards? I'm rather interested in the memes and board culture that developed on boards like /o/, /n/, /toy/, et al.

Personally I'm quite fond of "JELLO BABIES", a meme from /sci/ Mars and space colonization related threads that insinuates the challenges facing humans - particularly reproduction - due to the low gravity, which may result in underdeveloped or weak bodies and "jello-like" offspring.
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Was there a major event that catalyzed the reddit takeover of 4chan or was it a slow drip of infiltration?

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I cringed.

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What is your favourite programming language?
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Do you identify more with the heroes or villains in stories?

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So what is your favorite thing to get at Burger King®, /qa/?
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Delete /c/ and /cm/.
(previous thread got spammed off)
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Mobile Browsing: How to change Style?

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Do you guys use apps or browsers when browsing on your phones? I can’t figure out how to change the “style” (I want Tomorrow for night browsing). I used to be able to switch to desktop mode and do it but I don’t see that option anymore on the browser page. Any ideas?