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Is 4chan planning on abiding GDPR laws? Because currently they do not. Under GDPR users must be allowed to delete or edit their own content anytime they want on their own will. Obviously you can't edit comments and posts on 4chan, and you are only allowed to delete 3 posts per hour, and some board doesn't even allow that. I hope 4chan gets cucked by EU law.
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Go to Futaba and bring something back!
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japanese fish drinking beer
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Why am I able to post stuff in threads but when I make a thread it tells me I can't post because of abuse from this ISP or country?

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is there a difference between weebs and pedos?
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How many hours have you been awake now /qa/?
I'm currently going on 47.
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Won't forget A-san
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/qa/ is full of nerds, I'm going to bully all of you.
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I can't get over how cute she is in the anime. She's perfect, absolutely perfect.
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