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On a scale of 1 to 159, how would you be if hiro brought back visible sage
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4chan was much better as an anime image board. It should have stayed like that. None of the non-anime boards. Once /b/ started to get out of hand with their raids and crazy schemes moot should have seriously reigned them in. In fact, /b/ should have stayed anime - general.
Plotting and discussing crimes, raids, trolling, harassment should have never been part of what 4chan is about. It's just an image board to discuss anime. If people on /b/ had bitched about that, they should have found their own boards.
So the question is, why was Moot too much of a bitch to reign in the bad elements of the site, and to admit he made a mistake with the non-anime boards?

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Who's best girl, /qa/?
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Have you ever tried to create your own language?
Nigona yi najdo ni lakajlo goni v!
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Who is the last person you met in real life other than your family members?
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How many people are here on /qa/?
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What's the last thing you do before you go to sleep?
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