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4chan statistics

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Posting this here for everyone who likes statistics and likes to follow up on how is 4chan progressing.
I've seen such statistical threads over the years.

4Archive archives locally on his computer 4chan and occasionally uploads it to his site with all images being put on imgur.
He finally decided to upload more content, last time was last year at mid December.
So, the data for about 9months or so:
>pic related

previous ones

53 577 522 posts on /pol/ jesus christ.

Let's hope will do something like that as well
the last time a statistic was generated for them was
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Why does anime and pepe go so well together?
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Are you looking forward to KemoFure S2?

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How many hours do you have in Terraria?
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/qa/ is love
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Did you ever just mirror a pic, so that you can post it again?
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>tfw /qa/ will never have quality meta again

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Do black people actually see themselves as equal to whites? Fucking arrogant pieces of shit.