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Is responding to a post near the top of a 300+ post thread just pathetic?

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Good morning, /qa/!
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Let's play the Hangman game, /qa/. The objective is to guess the word I have chosen. The rules are as follows:
You may post a guess on what letter you think belongs into the secret word that I have decided upon, one guess at a time per post. I will add the correct letters into the image.
I will draw one part of the hanging after every incorrectly guessed letter until the drawing is complete and I consequently win.
The participants win if the word is completed before I finish the drawing.
You may only guess the whole word when there's one letter left.
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A man walks into a bar
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What would happen if we got our laughs pretending to be intelligent?
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I was asleep for 4 hours, what happened on /qa/?

Rules of /qa/

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Welcome, new user to /qa/ - Questions and Answers! Hah, just kidding, this isn't Questions and Answers. This is 2D/Random
If you want to talk to the staff, I suggest you go to the IRC channel. If you want to bdiscuss ponies, go to /mlp/. Finally, if you want to talk about politics, go somewhere else, nobody here knows or cares for that stuff.
/qa/ was created as a board to get rid of anime, manga, Touhou and visual novels from other boards, it was never intended to be a board about questions and answers. Most of the users here don't care about questions, we only care about lolis and otaku stuff.

Ok, you already learned the true meaning of /qa/, but you aren't ready to post yet!
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Touhou games

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Do people here play them?
What's your favourite?
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I am drinking sencha green tea. Aside from sucking cock, what is /qa/ drinking?