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>posting more than once per thread
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When you see this thread, bump a thread that is related to Japanese culture such as anime, manga, VNs, Touhou or other Japanese games.
Positive threads only!
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A frog thread goes up....

A weeb thread goes down....

e-celebs cancer

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>selfies on /hm/ belong on /soc/
why are e-celebs that advertise themselves on 4chan also not moved to /soc/?

How to make /qa/ easier for the spinoff weebs?

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After /qa/ was listed, the already feeble weebmafia took a serious blow and have not recovered since then.

It's very unfair with them for /pol/ and r/4chan to completely dominate the /qa/.

Should we give them a second chance? If yes, how do we make it easier for them?
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>seeing newfags go through the same phases as you back then
>they're having fun but you've been there, done that
>them being newfags is what makes this site worse just as you made it worse when you were a newfag
>they'll grow out of it and realise the all of this ans become hopeless
>stuck here forever

Admit it, being a newfag was the most fun you had on here.

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>(studio name) proudly presents
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what's your homeboard, anon?
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