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GUI programming

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What does /qa/ use for GUI programming?

I want to create some small programs that can handle displaying images and fancy text formatting so that CLI is not enough.

What GUI technology and programming language should I use if I want my program
-be written in a dynamic language that substantially abstracts away the differences between underlying platforms
-is able to run on top 3 desktop OSes
-have rich library support for networking and JSON/XML parsing
-is not resource heavy like CEF/Electron
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Has it happened yet? Is 4chan ded?

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loli thread
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The unbeatable Byakko commands /qa/ to get her a beverage!
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*Remi smacks you with a large fish*
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Is our 4-person /qa/ divinity party assembled yet?
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Congratulation Hiro!
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hashire hashire motto saki made
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When did this happen? It used to be 5.