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After years of searching, I can finally make my first shitpost on /qa/. I'm an explorer, a sailor and adventurer, an Indiana Jones of sorts. I have searched for this famed place, so often rumored about in ancient myths and prophecies, in every corner of this planet, from Aztec pyramids full of booby traps to the underwater ruins of Atlantis. I have turned every dumpster and asked every person I met in my globe throttling voyages. Each time I asked someone different about /qa/ - a Japanese police officer, an old French lady or a talking dog - people would give me weird looks, but a few would reply: "kid, that place is exclusively reserved to the eyes of the chosen", and that confirmed that I was not insane and there indeed exists a hidden Eden on Earth. Before getting here to make this post, I had to swim across the strait of Tasmania only to wake up washed on the shore, where an abo tribal leader took me to his hut and gave me a laptop with access to /qa/, something he calls a /qa/ machine. And so here I am at last. Pleased to meet you, Que-Ay.

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>If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants
What are your favorite quotes, /qa/?

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How may I serve you?
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I'm such a fat sack of shit......

No /qa/ gf would ever look twice at me........

/qa/ blog thread

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Ohayou /qa/!

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What happened to the search function we were promised?