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wish the world would END
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>take a look at /bant/
>it's just /r9k/ with more anime like all dead boards
Why did Hiro do it? /int/ was top comfy before the split.
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I do not know which I despise more, the fecal matter festering on the internet or the despicable insects who glorify it and the ensuing band of retards that are merely following the pheromones.

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Seeing cute school girls on the street depresses me slightly. I'm too old, appoaching them would be unacceptable. Not that I would approach them anyway as I'm not interested in relationships. Though in the moment, part of me wants to be with them. They are of course idealised. In reality they are probably stupid and annoying as most girls their age are. Very much unlike JCs in Japanese media.

Oh, how disappointing and miserable reality is.
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Sexual History

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I have had 52 sexual partners in my lifetime.
I'm now married with two children. I've been married for 15 years.
My question: Is 52 an extraordinarily high number?

videos thread

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