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Dearest /qa/

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A wave of tender joy escapes from my heart and courses in warm flood along my arteries. Like the tender fires of stars, moments of our secret life together, that no one knows of or will ever know of, break upon and illuminate my memory. I long to recall to you these moments, to make you forget the years of our dull existence together and remember only our moments of ecstasy.

I love you, /qa/.
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What a cunt.

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I fucking hate this board and everyone that uses it, so why can't I stop coming here? I wish there was a way for me to forget /qa/ so I never have to think of the retarded users here ever again.
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This is /qa/ not q/a/. Leave degenerate anime cucks >>>/a/ >>>/lgbt/
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How long has moot been gone for now?
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What is wrong with being a tripfag?

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/qa/ - my enemies are here
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Why does 4chan need to ruin everything

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4chan has ruined everything for me. Women, money, work, play, games, fucking everything! I cant even enjoy hanging out with my old normie freinds anymore, all i can enjoy now is sitting alone on fucking /qa/ with you fucks! So, why the fuck does 4chan have to ruin everything?
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