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Why is life suffering?
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Why is Saiba such a slut?

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we can trip but not avatar? explain
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Was it autism?

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A person who is socially inept cannot word herself well. A person who is socially inept cannot assimilate the rules of living in a community. A person who is socially inept will be socially inept wherever she goes. It is a paradox that a socially inept person can integrate an already formed group of other socially inept persons, both because a socially inept person can't join a group and because when many socially inept people are together, they still won't form a single, unitary and unified group. Whatever things you call "board culture" are ultimately derived from the notion there is indeed some sort of identity attached to the group, and that itself is identity politics and that itself is activism. In other words, anyone who makes "good" posts - in the form of contributions to discussions and/or simply abiding to the overall consensus of what is considered "culture" - is in fact a complete normalfag, both in the sense the person is a blogposter for forcing their mentality upon the remainder of the imageboard AND in the sense the person has more than enough social skills to maintain a consistently non-autistic discourse. Double normalfag. Put simply, it is obvious that whoever posts things I don't like shouldn't be here in the first place and they are vermin as well, who I'd fucking wreck the lives of if I could.
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Can an image board grow big and still maintain its quality?
I feel like the more people get into a community, the worse it becomes.
Why is that? Shouldn't it be the complete opposite? Shouldn't they have more cool stuff to share? More topics to talk about?
Why must they either be stone cold dead or a constat stream of pure shit?
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Add flags to /a/, /v/, and /tv/. Doing so will quell shitposting as people don't want to make their country look bad, and will improve board quality

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Post a 2D picture that you recently saved but you really like.
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