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nary a pepe in sight...

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Does this look great?

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Are we being raided again?
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this is nice board

Washing Machine General

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Previous Thread: >>1427804

Washing Machines For Lazy People Guide™:

Contains information on what a washing machine is along with the evolution time line of washing machines. Thanks to Wikipedia for this.

Note: Washing machines can be dangerous if handled incorrectly. Make sure to read the user manual before usage.
Note2: Washing machines can be detrimental to the environment as they use more energy compared to other devices.

Washing Machine Buying Guide 2017 -
Thanks to Megan for writing this!

Technical Data on how to Repair your Washing Machine Yourself:
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What is the bump limit for each board?

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>tfw weebs are still on /qa/

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What will /qa/ be watching next season
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