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Have you ever played Supreme Commander? Would you be interested in playing it with /qa/? It's not hard to pirate, and it's a fun RTS game. It doesn't matter if you're good or not, because I'm not good and I haven't played it in years.
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>spammer has been spamming board with nonsense threads for months and months
>report them
>get warned for "abusing report system"

so do global rules not apply anymore

Modern Codecs for WEBMs?

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It has been more than 5 years now. I had been waiting for the VP9 codec to be implemented by 4chan:

It was (and still is) better quality in a lower filesize. The argument for it was simple, and it would have saved money since there is less load on the server. It was a no brainer!

Now, the AV1 codec beats VP9 by a fair margin, and destroys VP8 which 4chan currently uses. Times are changing and we should be able to use these codecs that are much more efficient.

Please let us upload these types of WEBMs
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Test Thread

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I'll try posting a doujin album I liked every day for a month.

To begin with, Here's Shibayan Records' `Kokoro vibration'. Shibayan is mostly known for their TOHO BOSSA NOVA series and more disco-sounding remixes, but they also made a few electro tracks in a style reminiscent of REDALiCE.
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Go to Futaba and bring something back.
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/u/ mod defending an attention whoring namefag?

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So /u/, a yuri (lesbian) board, has this namefag called SHiN aka HaruSHiN who's been shilling an idol anime called Aikatsu ever since he came there, even though that show is a PG anime with no yuri and that /u/ doesn't give a shit about it. Not only that but he avatarfags and waifufags with his favorite idol girl (pic not related). He's been causing a lot of shitstorm with his constant rule-breaking attention-whoring but that board's mod won't do a damn thing about him. Even reporting him won't do anything at all. Is there something going on?
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I know mods can see my IP or whatever, but can janitors?
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What's the most "evil" thing that 4chan anons have ever done?

By "evil", I mean acts of malice or cruelty that have limited/no justification behind them, and by "4chan anons", I mean multiple people operating from 4chan (so no lone-wolf school shooters posting their plan the day prior, etc.)

Just as an example, I mean things like how a bunch of anons spammed Zelda Williams' twitter account with pictures of a noose-marked corpse that looked similar to her father's a day after he committed suicide
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How do I make good threads that people will want to post in? How do I make friends?
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