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Fuck you ex-/jp/ poser faggots; /a/ is your progenitor. I bet you didn't even use /jp/ back then, I used it 08-12 but have been /a/ ever since shitposters like what's on /qa/ now killed /jp/ and after proper modding kicked it out, it is now overrun with generals. Do the names tokiko, Jones, currybutt etc ring any bells? No? Then seriously shut the fuck up.

/jp/ is a lost cause. Old /jp/ is fucking gone and this stupid bullsit on /qa/ is not remotely what it once was. 2D/random is really an excuse to turn into a floors hitting neet circlejerk, how about you just fucking kill yourself so I don't have to see your sick mockery of old /jp/ (which really looks like dying shitposty /jp/ because like I said you guys objectively don't emulate what the real deal was).
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KemoFure is already more popular than Boatsluts. Will it ever surpass Touhou?
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Read any good manga recently, /qa/?
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What does /qa/ smell like?
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What is moe...?
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>tfw my waifu will never be real to bully me into submission
How do you guys cope with this feeling?
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What is so appealing about cakes, that almost all kids eat them at their birthday?
Is it because creams and breads have their own merit, or it is just an advertising tactic that eventually becomes a tradition?
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/asp/ needs help

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There really needs to be something done about the moderation on /asp/
Pointless multiple threads about the same topic are spammed constantly.
Pointless one word threads are spammed constantly.
Discussion about actual alternative sports are suffocated by autistic man children spamming their shit threads and lame phrases everywhere.
I'm not saying all the wrestling fans are cancer, but there is a sizable number.
I'm sure once this thread is found out, they will spam that board and this thread with bullshit, only proving my point.
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I think Steven Colbert is a talentless hack, and I want to make fun of his awful show, but this forced, stupid meme ruins every single thread. I seriously think it must be false flagging from people who want /pol/ gone, because it's not funny at all, and all it does is derail threads where I just want to talk about how bad this show it.
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/jp/ spinoff happenings thread

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ITT: Interesting or unusual things happening on /jp/ spinoffs.
Previous thread: >>1336557
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