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why cvant i see pics on /adv/

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*splish splash*
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Decide what OS should I install on my decade-old laptop, /qa/. The specs:
CPU: Intel T2300 (yeah, NO x86-64 support)
GPU: Intel GMA 950
RAM: 2.5 GB DDR2
Which one? Windows XP, Windows 7, or <insert a linux distro that still supports 32-bit here>?
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Touhou girls are sluts

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Touhou girls are sluts
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Oh you're such a good boy /qa/. Congratulations!
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French Wife

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Should i get a french wife? I heard french people are big into love and romance.... just like meh!

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Can you imagine the smell?

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Have the mods abandoned /tv/? I went there and just reported ten bloody threads on the first few pages. It's shit-posting central now.

Most are "any films about x", x, being some totally off topic subject they want to bring up.

Youd' think the place is /b/ or /pol/ by the looks of it.

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What is the psychological motivation and consequence of posting pictures of cute anime girls?
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