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>/qa/ meetup
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Hi, my name is Jessica. What's yours?
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Add "sage-#" and "age-#" options which lets you control how far up a thread gets bumped.

* sage1: "sages" by only 1 place, meaning it bumps above all threads except for the one at the top of the board
* sage15: Bumps to the top of the 2nd page
* age4: Bumps the thread up only 4 places

>inb4 this will never happen you're wasting your time
Don't care. The world must hear my ideas. The more shitty the idea is the more people must hear about it.

P.S. Also while you're at it please go ahead and make these sage/age features visible
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Flyyyin'... flyyin' in the skyyyy.... flying fish flys so high.... flyinnn'..

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Literally nothing is wrong with this post yet the anon got banned

Can we remove cucked mods already? Hating niggers is as much apart of 4chan as dubs posting, pools closed you dumb newfag nigger mods
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is there any specific reason boards keep defaulting and resetting to Yotsuba B? I switch em to Tomorrow, but if I refresh or open a topic, it defaults back to Yotsuba B.

is it a 4chan X thing?

4chan happenings thread

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit
Previous thread: >>1447316
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