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Does /qa/ play action H games ?
Action H games are basically any fully fleshed out game that adds sex as a gameplay element.

Things like Punisher, Kurovadis or perhaps Kamidori Alchemy Meister.
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How thicc does /qa/ like their girls?
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Has anyone else noticed less and less reaction images are being posted?

I remember when the image limit would actually get reached in large threads, but now that doesn't happen at all. (except on pr0n boards)

Is 4chan devolving into a discussion forum, rather than an imageboard?

It seems like the only places where images are still used to convey emotions to a large degree are /a/, /b/, and /co/. At least those are the places that I've still seen it happen (I use a lot of boards)

On other boards, and even on the boards that I've listed, the images usually don't have as much variety as they used too. Feels guy, Pepe, Girls from popular Anime, "Absolutely Disgusting", "Into the trash" etc. Are usually the choice picks.
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Post an image from your random folder.
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4chan happenings thread

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.
Previous thread: >>1153551
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What's the most unsettling book you've ever read?
I think mine would be Tommy got his gun.
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Is 4chan escapism?

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What custom css do you use?

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I've been trying out

display: none;
And it's pretty fun so far; shame it doesn't work in the catalog though.
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why did I get downvoted for this on reddit?

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i wasn't being offensive nor was I being sarcastic. I really want to understand what type of person would do such a thing

>inb4 kys ledditor
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