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Did you learn anything important today?
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/i/ - Oekaki

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How does this board work?
It seems like a nice, comfy place to have fun and take it easy.
I'd like to join in, but I fear that I would bring the board down with my horrible lack of artistic ability.
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hey guys i have epic idea


4chan needs to make money right
and we are here for the LOLZ :D

so what if you like one post really like it you can buy GOLDEN CLOVERLEAF and it shows on your post like GOLDEN CLOVERLEAF and then you 4chan get money and you get big (you) that ur post was funny

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what is your favorite 4chan story?
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/qa/ VN thread

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/qa/ is going to have it's own VN, and it'll be great.
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/qa/ is making a VN, if you want to help, please join in.
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cute birb
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