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>he still has shit and inferior human cock and balls
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based teenbro posting the frogs that make people upset
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wich 2hu wud u hug
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Corndog eating Tenshi
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Yumemi more like YumeMEME
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われわれは われわれは

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Can you please do something about all the idiots screaming 'shill' in /pol/?

Really. This has gone on for years. It's gotten so much worse recently though.

I'm pretty right wing, I voted for trump but have always been skeptical of him. Now that he's turned out to be another neocon traitor I make threads criticizing him and every time 100 redditor aspies scream SHILL SHILL SHILL MUH SHAREBLUE. These people add nothing to discussion. They just make /pol/ even more of a toilet. They turn my threads into dubs shit, it's just disgraceful.

These people are idiot redditors, they turn any thread that deviates from the trump echo-chamber into dubs threads and screaming 'shill' 50 times.
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how do we solve the /jp/ faggot problem, Anon?

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Thoughts on yuri?
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