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Is there a board that is suitable for discussing the methodology (not history) of spycraft, professional crime, etc.? This sort of thing occasionally ends up on /k/, but it doesn't seem right.

Would /qa/ let 80's Mel Gibson explore their anus?

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Well would you? I sure would.

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Japanese bird cooking spaghetti.

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How to survive in a lawless zone?
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I drew a Sachiko for you /qa/.
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Share pictures of your room in this thread. Pic related is mine.
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Why is it embarrassing if people know you browse 4chan?
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The transparent pixels in PNG images still have a color; you just can't see it. You can turn transparency off and see what's there by going into the color levels dialog in GIMP or whatever photo editor you use and setting the output levels for the alpha channel to 255-255. Usually there's nothing there, but sometimes there is.
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Favorite Touhou game

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To those of you who play the games, which is your favorite and why.

I like UFO. The soundtrack is great, the game is hard and it's well balanced.