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Test thread

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Use this thread for testing various things.
Pay no attention to the content of the posts.

Previous thread: >>1784794
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Would you suck a dick to save the world?
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Stop gore spamming on /pol/

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Gore does not add anything to political discussions therefore it should not be allowed on /pol/.

Gore is often spammed on /pol/ with a lousy "political" pretext, threads are usually something like a "chink hate thread" "nigger hate thread" "mexican hate thread" and as expected no political discussions takes place, it's just a spam of gore webms and comments related to those webms, which would be OK on /gif/ but is definitely not OK on /pol/.

It was wise to ban porn on /pol/ as it was totally not needed and generally resulted in spam threads, now it's time to get rid of gore. You don't need gore webms to make a "nigger hate thread", you can make your point with words, using statistics and sources.
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she sees your /qa/

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Mean lolis, you okay with that?
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cute aniem discord

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Man oh man am I bored! I'd sure like a cute anime discord server to join... one with a small community but full of cute anime avatars and faggots. I wonder if anyone would know of any here?

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tenshi eating corndog
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