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Serious question: Why is feels posting (a form of blatant psychological warfare and cyberbullying) legal in the United States?


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>hear about this place called 4chan
>do a thing called a greentext
>have no idea what to use each board for
>find a place where I can as questions

how do I use this service please help I need to know.
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>/ptg/ is still allowed on /pol/
Can we start banning these stupid Trump niggers? They already killed /pol/ and they're killing the rest of the site
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I know the mods don't read this board. But this is the best shot I have of informing SOMEBODY relevant. Over in the Mega Man General at >>>/vg/212228404 they have been plagued relentlessly by a dedicated shitposter who seemingly can't be banned. He quotes everyone in the thread and repeatedly spams garbage in all lowercase, for no other reason than to be as annoying as possible. Other posters have attempted reporting him, and instead get banned themselves for false reports.

I know /vg/ mods have their hands full often. But this is a problem that can be swiftly identified, and swiftly dealt with, if only you'd just fucking try.

It's gotten to the point where some of them believe the shitposter is a mod himself. What the hell are you doing?
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Where do people get all these crazy webm vids?

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Like that one where the guy shoots himself in the face with a shotgun?

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posting on /qa/ is a little like this
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