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finished the last volume of a gender bender manga and the MC ended up confessing to the girl he liked and becoming a boy permanently instead of ending up with the boy she was starting to fall for in girlmode

FITNESS thread

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boobhu thread

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for all the boobiest boobhus with big bouncy boobers
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Your always super special
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The 4chan Vtuber plan thread 4

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She is really almost named "Clover."

To choose Voice actors, we need sample scripts.

For example:
"Hello anon,
I'm Clover here. I don't like to introduce myself ‘cause I hate the human being.
Cats should've taken over this plant, not you guys.
According to THE Contract, I hereby announce that....."

Good scripts have more characteristic, passionate and funny elements.
Please give us your idea!
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If V3 captcha comes out and it turns out many people are unable to bypass it won't that mean that google will need to change how they detect bots, and possibly lessen how harshly people are detected? Possibly it could open the floodgates for nearly anyone to get through, until they figure out a way to properly scan for bots?

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who homu here?
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GUI programming

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What does /qa/ use for GUI programming?

I want to create some small programs that can handle displaying images and fancy text formatting so that CLI is not enough.

What GUI technology and programming language should I use if I want my program
-be written in a dynamic language that substantially abstracts away the differences between underlying platforms
-is able to run on top 3 desktop OSes
-have rich library support for networking and JSON/XML parsing
-is not resource heavy like CEF/Electron
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What are you currently playing?
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