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It just is.

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What does chess teach you about?
Is it mostly pattern recognition and learning to respond to formulas with formulas?

Ask another board a question

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Well, /qa/ seems to be shittier than usual, so let's have another one of these.

Rules are simple: ask another board a serious question and try to give serious answers about your board.
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Has moot posted anything on 4chan after he left?
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Post a screencap from an animu you're watching
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Is there a particular reason why mods don't allow there to be a new drawthread on /co/ past its image or bump limit?
Even if it's past both (rendering the thread completely useless), mods will ban you if you make a new thread before it hits page 10.
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Test Thread

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Use this thread for testing various things.
Pay no attention to the content of the posts.


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What did you think of Rozen Maiden, /qa/?