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Computer Programmer

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If you’re good in Programming, does that mean you’re also good in Math?
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Special delivery for /qa/

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Post a screencap from an anime you're currently watching.
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Have we reached peak tv host condescension?
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/l/ request #014

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Previous thread: >>1849612

Hiro, can you reinstate /l/ - Lolikon?
Not only could it be a containment board for all the loli/shota lovers out there, but it will reduce the shitposting to a minimum and make all sides happy. It's literally beneficial for everybody since those who dislike it won't see it as much anymore and those who do have a place to go the fuck back to and be contained in.
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Sorry, but we don't serve gays.
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Pepe eating corndog.
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Why is Japanese such a retarded language

車 = kuruma = car
電 = den = electricity

You might think that 電車 is denkuruma?
Wrong faggot, it's Densha meaning train.
And this is a only a mild example to show you that you should NEVER take letters from a different language and slap your language on top of it.
pic related, how the Japanese language looks like
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