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Why is the vagina not called "venus" ? it rhymes with penis

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you woke up this morning
got yourself a blog
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I have already reported to many different internet ad providers that 4chan and 4channel are one and the same. Soon, you will be making the same monthly salary as your precious jannies.
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I need help:c

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Hi, everyone <3. I'm fucked up cuz I have a problem and I need to know when a screenshot was taken
Years ago, I knew of a page ''photo detective '' or something like that, and that shit tells you if the pic it had even been modified. If you help me, I could win something with your help. Really, guys, thanks <3
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/k/ meta thread "a meeting of ghosts"

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Happy birthday12th galaxy, where ever you are.hope you got you letter and guns
>don't know what im talking about,
> prepare to be sad very sad
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Is it too late to start a youtube channel solely for YTPs in late 2018?
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>the /qa/ girls
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so, tell me about yourself, /qa/
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I scatter my posts
Across the many boards
Thread watcher, empty
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