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ban discord spam from /r9k/

why the fuck is nothing being done about this, that shit belongs on >>>/soc/ or >>>/b/

ITT: OC you made that nobody liked except you

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Hey /qa/ I baked you some cookies
Only take one each though!
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How do you feel about moviechat . org?
It has all the old imdb forum posts and might even turn out to be better than the imdb forums.

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When you see this thread, bump a thread that is related to Japanese culture such as anime, manga, VNs, Touhou or other Japanese games.
Positive threads only!
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4chan happenings thread

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.
Previous thread: >>1153551
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Post something obscure from your board.
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You're invited to the /qa/ dance!

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Delete /po/ please. The elections have ruined the board.