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i feel very sad and lonely
post cute pictures please
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Copypasta thread

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Post copypasta in this thread.
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What did you like when you were innocent?

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Before the internet and porn came along, my 'porn mags' of my youth were Nintendo power magazine. I used to read them cover to cover, every shitty article and letter to the editor. I saw and wanted all the games I knew my parents would never buy me. How about you guys?
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who else misses the shitty old memes

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This thread has been up for 30 minutes now. Will it hit bump limit and be archived before mods do anything about it?
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How true is this?
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Would /qa/ be up for watching some anime streams together? I've never hosted one myself, but I know of a few sites that allow it. A nice routine activity to do together sounds enjoyable. When or where is something up to debate, or if it should be done at all.
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