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What are the chances of me getting brain damage if I do the thumb blowing challenge?
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4chan Happenings Thread

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ITT: Interesting and unusual stuff that's happening on the boards you visit.

Previous thread: >>1844907
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Do you have a favorite pair of pants?

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i like seeing the use of ascii art as a substitute for images. also really nice to open a thread without immediately seeing wojak or pepe.

i wish text only BBS was popular with english speaking web.
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How did you discover 4chan?
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RIP nigger catpcha.

Is /fit/ dying

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I started to notice that /fit/ had become really slow.
Barely anyone replies to new threads and they take days to die(what happened yesterday is not included).
Where did everyone go?
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I'll try posting a doujin album I liked every day for a month.

To begin with, Here's Shibayan Records' `Kokoro vibration'. Shibayan is mostly known for their TOHO BOSSA NOVA series and more disco-sounding remixes, but they also made a few electro tracks in a style reminiscent of REDALiCE.
>preview/download: http://apt-get.xyz/music/[2010.12.30]%20ココロバイブレーション/

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Anyone up for some juice?
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Saber riding a banana.
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