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Can phones get custom CSS on 4chan?
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Filter Exchange Thread

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Hi, /qa/. I've been thinking a lot about filters, recently. It's really honestly astonishing how repetitive boards on 4chan can get. It's fun, at first, but then it gets fatiguing. Seeing the same threads over and over and over again--it makes you start to hate the boards that you love so much. And then you start to browser those boards less and less. And eventually, you become alienated from the very board that pulls you to this site! That sucks! Repetition is a disease, and filters are the antigen!

So that's why I made this thread, so that we could all come together and pool our filters to improve each other's browsing experiences. And I figured that we could share some commentary as to what our filters are supposed to do, what threads we really like, what threads we hate, why we hate those threads, and so on.

So this is my filter. I usually browse /g/, but I used to browse /jp/ and /mu/ a lot, and I sometimes like to revisit those boards for specific generals like denpa threads and noise threads, but mostly it's just /g/. As you can see, I split up the filter into two parts: comment and subject, the reason being that some subject filters can be found on a broader range of topics in the comment field, especially generals. I also discovered that /fglt/ alludes to both Windows and MacOS in its pasta, so I can't filter Windows or MacOS in the comment field. The way I worked around this was just by specifying more specific instances of Windows, Windows 7 and 10, and it gets rid of most of the threads I don't care for. Although I find myself browsing /fglt/ less and less these days.

Usually, this filter gets rid of about 50 threads on a good day and 70 threads on a bad day, so an average of, I guess, just over 60. I know that /g/ has 60 active threads. I don't remember how many threads it keeps archived, though, but I'm guessing it's 30, so this filter whittles down /g/ to about 30 threads.
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Tenshi eating corndog.
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/qa/ - /qa/t girls
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remember to stay hydrated

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Make more 2D boards!

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are arabs superior to whites?

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So when is Hiro going to hold another QA?

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i tetrated i times? please respond
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