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I believe people should take it easy, but passivity is a lie.
Where does that leave someone?
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Any CRT otaku here?

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Which is the most accurate depiction of /qa/?

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I just spent 5 minutes completing a single CAPTCHA, this shit is fucking insane

>inb4 hurr ust use legacy

It was for thread OP
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What is your aesthetic?
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What media have you been enjoying recently? Books, anime, music, games - anything goes.
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Hey /qa/, I am trying to get images of Chisame, Kyonko and other traps from the archives but all of them get me image 404'd. Do any of you know good /jp/ and /a/ archives for images, not just small thumbnails, or any links to Chisame and Kyonko content? Very much appreciated.
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Have you ever confessed your love for someone? If yes, how did it go?
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