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Cirno thread.
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How often do you look at the images you have saved from /c/ dumps?
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Malware ads AGAIN!!!

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I thought you fixed this but it is back, or perhaps you didn't do shit and it somehow fixed itself (they stopped showing on devtools for like 1 day), no way to know because you only communicate with users once in a blue moon.

Anyway, your ads (the ones that used to be archive exclusive but now appear in all blue boards and /pol/) are making 4chan tabs load eternally.

More specifically, the problem is caused by the web-sockets they use (or that are somehow associated with) and that keep calling home like crazy (what are they even for?). These are the urls causing it (pic related)

wss:// (hasn't show in a while but might as well return in the future)

What really bugs me is that this is also on /qa/ despite it has no ads. What are you pulling here? It's precisely because this kind of shaddy shit that people worry about getting datamined.

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Nice Japanese picture thread
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Is this what you wanted, pervs?

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I heard /qa/ was full of delinquents.

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Have you done any ABX test yet?
Which encoding setting do you use?
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