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i dont know what layers of irony are
someone please explain what layers of irony are

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What are you favourite classical musics, /qa/?
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EU's "Article 13" passed the first vote, end is nigh

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Welp, it's the end of the 4chan.
At least for us Europoors, but prolly for the other people too.

In short, the notorious new EU directive consisting the Fair Use -demolishing, links taxing articles 11 and 13, just passed the first line of defense, the JURI's vote. There's still one last, parliament-wide vote taking place later this year, but it's not looking good. You can still try and do something by spreading the word + by writing to your MEPs.


If this shit passes, there'll be AI filters placed on the internets, scanning all in and out-going data for potential copyrighted and licensed material, quite like the Youtube's shitty system.
If the filter spots something resembling their databases, and the user trying to upload or access said content does not have official permission from the authors to use / link to said data, the person's actions are either BLOCKED, or he's forced to pay a TAX first.

In otherwords:

>can't discuss copyrighted material, ie. anime / manga and games
>can't post screencaps or webms of animu, mango or games
>dear god if you try to post or link to fansubs...!
>streaming? You wish!
>Drawfag threats ? ILLEGAL NOW!
>VPNs ? O-HOHOHO No. Go to jail.

It's been a fun decade and half. Nice knowing you, /a/!
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why can't Chen be the official cat of /qa/?
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What pokemon items will you buy?
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Go to another imageboard and bring back an image!
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is there a more perfect day than today to pass through??????????
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Are you a candy connoisseur?
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You are important!
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