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Continued from >>1188262
If Hiro dies, someone else just takes over the website.
The question is, who will take over the site? And what will they do to it?

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Daily reminder that you NEVER need to apologize for Waha.
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How well do you know your history?

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Night descends upon /qa/. Begin the purge of today's awful threads.

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Here goes a serious question: is this a phonepost or a normal post?
Personally I believe OP could be making a point that it's silly to assume that all phoneposts are bad simply because they're made from phones, and that what matters is the content of the post itself rather than the platform it is made from or even who makes it, which leads me to believe this is a phonepost.
What about you, do you think this is or is not a phonepost and why?
Let us investigate together.

Warning to Hiro

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You need to remove all pictures of Yotsuba from 4chan right now. She is a copyrighted character from a manga, you have no right to use her on your site.
Same goes for that thing on the startpage. Remove her and re-add the 4chan exclusive /s4s/-character.
You might get in legal trouble otherwise, not from me of course, but from people in Japan.
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OC thread.
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