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Why do some people think this is what a meme is?

Clean up /x/

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Can we get some mods to come clean up /x/? I mean, the new sticky was nice and all, but don't just go back to ignoring us a few days after Halloween ends.

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Did /qa/ study their 日本語 today?
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I'm new to 4chan, could some explain this site to me, please?
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anyone else feel like 4chan left them behind?

every day I still come here and go on the boards I used to, and they're all just so bad. it's a different crowd. nobody cares anymore.
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Is /v/ doing better than it did than when moot ran it?

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driving to /qa/
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test thread

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Use this thread for testing various things.
Pay no attention to the content of the posts.
Previous thread: >>1670803
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