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Which one do you hate more?
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There's been a lot of talk here and elsewhere over when the 4chan's decline, which has been apparent for at least a decade now, became terminal. Many people are blaming /pol/, or Reddit, or Gookmoot, or Gamergate, but I don't really think any of those are really the case.

I would say that the Fappening was the beginning of the end of 4chan. The writing was on the wall after that point, and it really did open the floodgates to 4chan on a scale that not even 2016 accomplished.

Take a look at the traffic spike around 2014: https://www.rank2traffic.com/4chan.org

The number of users after this point grew exponentially. Not only did the tide of users change the demographics of this website for the worse, but the media attention that was brought here was not good for anyone either. Within six months moot had stepped down and the course was laid in.
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What's /qa/'s favorite metal subgenre?
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"Lala-chan, would you please brighten up /qa/ a bit"
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Don't mind me just killing a thread

where did it all go wrong?

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Enough is ENOUGH.

I want every single one of you to stop whining about the janitor get the FUCK in here



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The 4chan Vtuber plan thread 4

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She is really almost named "Clover."

To choose Voice actors, we need sample scripts.

For example:
"Hello anon,
I'm Clover here. I don't like to introduce myself ‘cause I hate the human being.
Cats should've taken over this plant, not you guys.
According to THE Contract, I hereby announce that....."

Good scripts have more characteristic, passionate and funny elements.
Please give us your idea!
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Imagine being a 400 pound man in his early 30's furiously bumping retarded anime threads on /qa/ because you can't stand people having fun with meta discussions on the meta board
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