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>fw when you wake up at 4pm

Nobody would even notice if I woke up dead.......
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but when are we getting /pod/ - podcasts?

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Request to change /vp/ into Nintendo general.
Nintendo threads are out of control, they cant keep their topics to one thread. Right now there's like 15 smash related threads on /v/.

It would be best for everyone if they get their own board including themselves since they complain about console war shitposting messing up their threads.

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What would you do if you suddenly grew bunny ears?
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How about it, up for a few drinks?

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How come /pol/ is like 85% Americans, 10% other Anglos, and 5% other ethnicities while both /int/ and /bant/ have a more balanced mix of countries?

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Post in this thread the first time you visit /qa/ each day!
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The last dreams thread died...

Talk about your night visions.
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Nyan Nyan