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theres a desperate neo-weeb poster

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frantically bumping neo-anime threads

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Some people on this board want us to follow guidelines on how to post.
I dissagree.

I'll post whatever content I want.
Your words won't stop me.

/qa/ is about sticking together through adversity.
Withstanding raids and building the board.
What keeps us together is the search for a better board where we can escape the disasters of moderation.

As long as /qa/ understands that we all search for the same thing here, the better we'll be.
Let's not shun everyone away, but convince them not to fight.
Let's make it so people would rather make OC than debate online.

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>type '4cha' into your browser
>post the autocorrect results
>bash anons for their "homeboards"
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So do we all agree A-1 did a fantastic job?
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Does /qa/ like dinohus?
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Tenshi eating corndog.
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