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Post whatever music you feel like posting
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/mu/'s perennial kpop general belongs on /trash/

they don't discuss music
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Do you browse /qst/?
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Are you a nu-anon?
>started browsing in 2016 at the earliest
>born in the late 90s and onwards
>loves wojak and pepe
>thinks OC, old 4chan culture and memes that are different from the established norm are "cringe"
>hates reddit even more than past generations of anons
>uses "based and redpilled/cringe and bluepilled" as an upvote/downvote system
>pretends to like anime to "fit in" with 4chan culture
>will defend /pol/ at any cause
>uses terms such as "basedboy" and "NPC" to identify enemies and anons who are seen as a threat to the board culture
>big e-celeb and internet drama follower, loves Twitter
>unironic political activist
>hates mainstream western media
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Is this NSFW?
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Everything feels so faint and I don't feel anything at all the vast majority of the time. How do I regain emotions?

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Is the IRC down, I can't seem to connect.
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Was 9/11 an inside job?
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