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/qa/'s yourworldoftext page has been cleaned up, please enjoy it!

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do you go on 4chan in public?
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Here /qa/ let me show you something really beautiful. You do appreciate beauty, don't you? There you are, ¥900,000,000 on two hooves. I bet a Bitcoin Millionaire never paid that kind of dough for a single uma musume. I'm not gonna race her, though. I'm gonna put her out to stud.
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¥not dead


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Would you rather have a small daughter or a small girlfriend?
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A precious little thing happily dancing.
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I'll just leave this here http://neet.heliohost.org/neet/
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Dreams thread. Post in here every time you remember a dream.

Last night I had a dream where there was this creepy red doll creature who was influencing lots of people on TV. I thought to myself how weird it was that anyone would allow themselves to be influenced by this weird doll who you didn't know anything about. You didn't know where he came from what he was, just that he was on TV. I felt this doll calling out to me but I tried to free myself from him and as I did I felt he was going to kill me and the dream quickly tuned into a nightmare and I woke up.
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Pedophilia is always YOUR fault.


The "help" you're going to get is to stop being a fucking degenerate or killing yourself promptly.
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