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Is it really worth it for a Microsoft fag to make a switch?
If yes, should I just get a babby friendly distro or do I take the leap of faith off the deep end?
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passin' through?


old pass: >>1729888
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Do you think there will be something after imageboards? Something better? Or will we be on these forever?

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stop posting anime
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Attention weeb bump bot

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can u post in this thread? i see you're on a roll. Post something like "Astral night projection" or "haha yeah" or some of the other usual spam plz :)
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Be honest, you've done it before. What are your experiences with this devilish posting method? What tactics do you use to avoid detection? What tactics do you use to detect? Share your stories!
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uh. im a newfag

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what does it mean when a comment on a thread has a redline under it

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1. your IQ
2. do you watch anime

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Play any good games lately?
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