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what is this hidden 4chan thing that makes you say "desu"?

Can you give me a basic Gestalt?
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he drink
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this is where i poop

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Why aren't Kizuna threads on /v/ automatically deleted? She isn't video games and she's too good for that board. Normalfags will ruin her.

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Tenshi eating corndog.
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What is you think about loli metaboard? Not really the porn, loli in general.Do you like cute animu girls? Do you think they are well written or a good addition to vidya or anime? Do you like the idea of waifuing cute little girls? Are you okay with the way cute little girls are praised by people?
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Rules of /qa/

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Welcome, new user to /qa/ - Questions and Answers! Hah, just kidding, this isn't Questions and Answers. This is 2D/Random
If you want to talk to the staff, I suggest you go to the IRC channel. If you want to bdiscuss ponies, go to /mlp/. Finally, if you want to talk about politics, go somewhere else, nobody here knows or cares for that stuff.
/qa/ was created as a board to get rid of anime, manga, Touhou and visual novels from other boards, it was never intended to be a board about questions and answers. Most of the users here don't care about questions, we only care about lolis and otaku stuff.

Ok, you already learned the true meaning of /qa/, but you aren't ready to post yet!
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