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ITT: We post old websites, videos, and images from before at least 2010 that we find particularly interesting or funny.
I'll start by posting this nigh-incomprehensible beauty, The LOLCat Bible:
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Let's make pixel stuff, /qa/!
(after you download it you need to activate a free license here http://pixelatorapp.com/buy.html if you want to remove the watermark)
There's an option to also resize the image, but it worked so well for Tenshi that it was 41 by 41 pixels so I didn't use it for the OP image
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If the concept of imageboards is pretty much obsolete by today's standards then why do people from the outside still come here? And if it's just a modern fad then why isn't it showing signs of dying down?

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How do you seriously go on a diet?
I'm used to fast metabolism but I feel like I'm overeating to fill the void I have inside these days...and that's how you get fat, isn't it?
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hey /qa/ just a quick question
panythose or bare feet?

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I heard Sataniafag got bullied out of /qa/ by the mafiosi, is this true?


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Post whatever music you feel like posting
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/mu/'s perennial kpop general belongs on /trash/

they don't discuss music
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