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/mlpol/ presents People's Exhibit: A

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4chan has broken the NAP.

>no moderators or janitors, only polictial activists pushing individual personal agendas and/or acting upon bribes
>shitting on what little community remains by ignoring the blatant problems and suggestions/comments submitted that detail the cancers destroying boards
>destroying boards that restored chan culture and community under the thinly veiled excuse that it would be too much work to push political agendas and take bribes for any additional boards
>cowering from the communities and members they betray as they cannot concoct a big enough lie or even strings of lies about their actions, much less have enough spine to honestly admit what they are doing
>sacraficing 4chan to chase shekels instead of realizing their precious shekels would flow naturally with a thriving community of boards impartially moderated according to rules with mods being strictly supervised
>the freezing of /mlpol/
>the destruction of /mlpol/
>the genocide of Polestrians
>taking revenge upon those you deliberately targeted for punishment out of personal hate under the guise of a prank because the prank produced a tiny ember of what 4chan used to be before been here 2 days now mods started their personal agenda wars.

You have betrayed those whom actually carry and prop up this site with not just traffic but by trying to be part of what fragmented and heavily damaged communities are left. It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick new normal. We cannot give up nor give in, /mlpol/. We cannot forget that tiny ember we found in our new board that has been sacrificed upon the alter of damaged bloated egos. We cannot forget the friendships we have made and we cannot forget each other.

Shame on you 4chan.