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Husband denying being a complete Creep

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Hello, not sure if appropriate but gonna give it a shot.

Married for 7 years, husband is pretty nice guy who has alot in common with.
But Ive had a sneaking suspicion he enjoys stealth/public masturbation,usually at very inappropriate times.

Should've picked up on it, first time talking over voice he said after being quiet for a bit (almost proudly) he had masturbated and gotten off. Ok, a bit weird but whatever.

Ive noticed weird hand in pants moments, most recently was when we were in a hotel room chatting with friends and he decided to jerk it off (I guess they didnt catch on) literally just a foot or so away from friends on another bed. I confronted him on his weird actions but he denied it.

Ive also caught him doing this around kids (pretty sure he isnt a pedo, but seems to openly watch porn with no situational awareness) - every time I confront him and KNOW he is doing it, he vehemently denies it and gets pissed off.

Recently also caught him in a compulsive lie, so I dont know what to do to be honest.
Is this some kink or habit? What do I do? I feel like I could probably get him in trouble with the cops if I really wanted to; Ive begged him to stop.