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>See shitpost non-viyda wojack thread in /v/.
>Report it.
>Decide to encourage newfags to also report it since the only way the community is going to improve is if you first teach the people in it to not shit it up constantly.
>Thread gets deleted.
>Get a warning.
I'm going to need some clarification from a /q/ PR officer. I was not announcing a report, I was telling others they should report the thread it because it's not video games. I also showed restraint by not mentioning they should sage it since that would be boarderline. The thread also was clearly not vidya, otherwise it wouldn't be 404'd.

Yes i still get a warning for announcing a report. Even though I never mentioned if I, myself reported the thread.

I feel we're in a catch-22, if there's rule breaking, all we can do is report the thread and hope enough other users do it to get the attention of a mod to take action. But at the same time we're not allowed to teach newfags they can report rule breaking threads either because that allegedly violates GR 7.

Just how encompassing is GR 7? Or is this strictly a case of no good deed goes unpunished?