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I've been transitioning into a s𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶oyjak for a year now

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I have been fascinated by s𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶oyjaks ever since i saw them for the first time, i had to post s𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶oyboy wojaks everywhere and i did, bans didnt stop me, nobody could stop me, if electricity went out i turned on a power generator just so i could post more s𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶oyboy wojaks.
But that wasn't enough, I needed more, more s𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶oyjaks, more of the s𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶oy essense, so i decided to become s𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶oyjak.
I shaved my head bald, grew a scrappy beard, started drinking onions, got ugly glasses, and started opening my mouth like a s𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶oyjak.
I tried to be excited over every little thing and consume media mindlessly, but it was hard to do so i had to go harder, I started drinking s𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶oy milk as my only liquid and s𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶oylent instead of any food. I haven't seen sun for five months, my skin is now completely pale white, just like the s𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶oyjaks legendary and nostalgic #FFFFFF colour.
Every time i see a s𝅶𝅶𝅶𝅶oyjak post, i look like the related image.
This is me.