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/hiki/ board

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Dear Hiroyuki Nishimura,

Many users on /r9k/ would like a new board called /hiki/ - Hikikomori

The proposed rules:

>1) Posters cannot imply or reference themselves as women or non-virgins.

>2) Do not make porn threads or post porn. NSFW is allowed with spoilers.

>3) Camwhoring (tinychat/omegle),hookup, "rate me" threads, and posts and threads regarding PERSONAL ROMANTIC relationships should go on /soc/.

>4) LGBT thread topics should go on /lgbt/

>5) Person worshiping threads (Eliza/Ashley/Rose/etc.) are not allowed.

The board would be like /soc/ with no specific board topic, but would be exclusively for social outcasts.

Thank you for any consideration, Mr. Nishimura.