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>You, sir, win the Internet.
>You. I like you.
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It was Elliot's mother's birthday on 16th feb (I think) .

I meant to make a thread but I forgot. Sorry.
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Dawn of the Glorious master race

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Pajero bots, Our time is now!
We are stronger, we are smarter, we have the numbers, and we have made the whole world our loo,
All that is left, is to take the poo.
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Enjoying my morning cup of black lipton tea and just wanted to let everyone know
What are you feeling?
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>no option to let my Bewear rip this fucking faggot limb from limb


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roll for your gf
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Hey robots post your fetishes.
>tfw hand fetish
Someone please send help
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Stop watching porn
Stop watching anime
Stop playing video games
Stop masturbating
Stop drinking alcohol
Stop getting drugs
Stop drinking soda
Stop eating pizza
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INTP - most common type on 4chan. Quintessential internet troll. Wasted intelligence. Probably has bad hygiene, messy hair and plays vidya games all day.

INTJ - overcompensating assholes on /fit/ or /pol/ who call everyone beta males and tells people on /sci/ to get a STEM degree. Probably has a goatee.

INFP - hang out on /mu/ and /lit/ and circle jerk to made up genres and esoteric books they haven't read. Probably has colored hair and crippling social anxiety. The lesser ones post furry porn

INFJ - occasionally posts on /fa/ to ask advice on what to wear to a job meeting or something. Acts like they have their shit together but don't at all. Probably looks like a boring normie
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