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I've seen a couple people post their Minecraft servers here, so I thought I'd post mine here too.
It's Towny on an Earth map, with dynmap and updating borders. The main goal of the server is to make a town/join one, expand, make/join a nation, make shops for people to buy at and eventually go to war/defend yourself or you can pay a fee to be neutral and avoid war. Shops are physical and player made, and the economy is player made. The currency is gold ingots, which is also physical and is mined. Your borders are displayed on the dynmap: http://map.globemc.world/
IP: play.globemc.world
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Chris where did you go

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Did Karen eat you or something?
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>Always been a beer and dark liqure guy
>friend convinces me to order something thats vodka and almond cream mixed
>I really enjoyed it

I don't want to like fag drinks
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Femanon Survey Thread

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>political views
>fitness level
>sexual partners
>education level
>goal(s) in life
>do you want to get married (why or why not?)
>do you want kids (why or why not?)
>do you feel fulfilled with your life currently?
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Karen Thread: First of 2019 Edition

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Are there even any girls that like weak guys or wish they were stronger than guys?
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Do you think he was aware of his madness?
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Did she delete her channel again?
What happened this time?
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Do any other robots watch The Wolfe Pit?

Anxiety / Mental weakness thread

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>have weird faggot neighbour
>tfw Mother probably has anxiety and other mental illnesses.
>tfw I probably have some too
>shes convinced the neighbour is spying on us with hidden cameras and the likes
>shes dead serious and tries to hide it
>I'm getting concerned shes right (most likely not)
>tell her in a lod voice hat if shes right I'm gonna behead him (faggy neighbour)
>dissect the firealarm in my room in case of camera
>tfw still concerned she may actually be right and that my obviously not normal neighbour have hundreds of videos of me fapping to all sorts of weird stuff and putting a banana up me bum

why do mentally ill people have to live, robots?
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