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The board is shit at the moment.

I will dump mini and misc cute chicks, while I ramble.

Come and enjoy yourselves.
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Why is this even a thing that happens?
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NEET gorls

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> be me, a delivery guy
>just took a delivery to a cute NEET chick
>hand her the delivery, she stutters and even says 'you too' after i said enjoy it
>realize she's an absolute robot, because holy fuck the autism

I know you're on here, because I could see it in your eyes when you opened the door. Post w what you were wearing if you think you know me.

also cute NEET girl thread
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I'm a straight white girl. I never thought about black guys sexually in particular till I started browsing this board. Your obsession with sites like blacked made me go to those sites, and basically it's all I ever look at and cum to.

Lol, you did this to yourselves.

Especially by making it such a huge taboo. Really it's the taboo side that attracts me. I don't really see a difference between black or white guys other than the fact that SO many white guys will be SO jealous of black cock that they try to degrade women for liking it. The fact that it drives the white guys so crazy with jealousy is the best part. The jealousy creates the taboo.

I hope Blacked is getting a lot of traffic just because of boards like this.
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It's okay, Anon. I know sometimes it is harder to be yourself then it is to be anybody else.
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Why not just date Chinese women?

>Download app that allows you to speak with foreign people to help learn the language
>Post picture of myself
>7/10 white male
>All Chinese women start messaging me
>After talking for a while, every single one tells me they are virgins
>These are 20+ year old women
>Say they will only have sex after marriage
>Worship white men
>Have had 4 of them agree to marry me already
>Will never cheat on you

Forget white women. These are the ones you want
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What kind of girls post on /r9k/?
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>I will never EVER meet a girl as perfect and lovely as her
Is it pathetic to sudoku over an e-girl?
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Whose side are you on boomers/zoomers?
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I can't fucking stand it anymore. I always thought that it was normal to still be a virgin at 18. Recently visited a party with a very diverse crowd (talking about age, not skin color. People were like 16-20). Never in my life have I imagined in my wildest dreams that 16 year olds were having constant fucking sexual intercourses and stuff. I am a fucking 4-5/10 and my only redeeming (sorta) quality is I am of average build, aka not fat. I have never had the guts to talk to a female in my life unless I absolutely had to. This post is a mess but I just wanted to vent about how I will never have a gf and will die a pathetic disgusting virgin.