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Sunny does Meth
Tahlia eats bugs
Here comes the fat mexican
Let's fill him with lead slugs
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everyone go say hi to avery
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lonely letter thread

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anons gather round for a comfy evening / late night letter thread. type out your lost messages, unheard feelings, and pleas for forgiveness that you secretly hope the person may read. leave names or initials, or fake ones if you're a coward. i'll start

dear future gf,
i am really, truly sorry for just up and vanishing on you. i never forgot about you, i just ran away because i haven't felt great and i make really bad anxiety decisions sometimes. that's not a real excuse though, i would still feel annoyed if someone did that to me, so i'm sorry.
i haven't seen you post in a long time but i'm hoping that you still lurk around here somewhere. i would very much like to try to talk to you again, if you would forgive me. i promise i won't just disappear again. i'll keep checking on the discord every once in a while, just please message me if you see this.

yours forever, future bf
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rare egirls pics 4 sell

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is anyone interested in buying rare pics of egirls or folders of egirls? price up to you and i dont have every single one but have some
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Aspie Quiz

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>Your neurodiverse (Aspie) score: 169 of 200
>Your neurotypical (non-autistic) score: 44 of 200
>You are very likely neurodiverse (Aspie)


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Well, time to clean myself up and pretend am healthy and happy again. My family is having a birthday party, wish me luck.

/waifu/ - Waifu General #369

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watching The Sunrise Over Oslo together edition

Previous: >>58784995

1. Be respectful of everyone's waifus/husbandos
2. Let waifuism improve your life
3. Be nice!
4. Hide Drama/Shitposting
5. Have a great time!
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/waifu/ - Waifu General #368

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1. Be respectful of everyone's waifus/husbandos
2. Let waifuism improve your life
3. Be nice!
4. Hide Drama/Shitposting
5. Have a great time!

Old: >>58753707
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