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Why don't you look like this?
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>Doctor prescribed Zoloft

Should I take it?
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Why do girls love sucking cock so much?
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So which one would you marry

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And which would you smash
You can only choose two
Also we'll pretend our cute little devil is alive
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What grade would u give them?

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rate my drip. think its good enough for an interview?
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I made the worst discovery in my life.

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>see old notification of social media in my mail.
>click, redirects me to acc of old best friend.
>tfw looking through childhood best friends instagram, seeing his recent posts of him living live like a normie. Having friends, having partners and going out to places& parties while drinking. He's in Hawaii rn with his friend group and some girl that's most likely his gf, all while I'm a friendsless, loveless pathetic loser that sits inside 24/7
>I'm only 19 and I pretty much hit rock bottom so early. I've spent the past 5 years in my room 24/7, friendsless & loveless. My youth is lost. Shit genes, mental illness and social anxiety fucked my life.
I'm having strong urges to empty an entire magazine in my skull. I will never be able to achieve a normie life like him, even though we were on the same level about 5 years ago.

I just had multiple panic attacks and a while after finding the account I remembered some guy I knew who was a total loser. He has an ugly ass face. He got picked on and was a lolcow but I knew that he was no better than the people that made fun of him. He treated everybody like shit and like assets, or cattle. In his recent photos he is seen at parties, with friend groups, drinking beer and enjoying life. He has pics posted of himself with abs. He went full fitcel mode. Maybe he even has a gf

Things will never return to normal for me. I'm probably going to kill myself tonight. Goodbye forever bros.
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The way to a woman's heart is through her stomach. You boys know how to cook, right?
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Femanons and fembots, how many orbiters do you have? Why?
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I'm enamoured by her beauty. There's not a girl in the world who captures my allure and steals my heart like she does.
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