Things seem to be stable now.... Have any BTC? 152LGvWZpkzieXDwNDnMSaodkBnE1KrYyQ

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I've seen this cutie posted around here very often but none of the pictures I saved gave me any results on reverse search. Maybe someone can help me.

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>Have friend that does cosplay
>Friend was never super into it to begin with, did it for the attention
>Twitter takes off, goes a little viral
>Starts doing sexy photoshoots of her cosplay
>Starts patreon, ends up making $100k a year
>Has slowly declined in her effort and does the bare minimum
>Basically scams her patrons
>Does almost completely nude photoshoots, suggestive poses to look like she's getting fucked, sucking dick, etc.
>Has admitted to me that she spends thousands of dollars on anything (alochol, drugs, etc.) but has pride that she has spent only $200~ a month on just the cosplays
>Sucks up to popular cosplayers
>Everyone in our friend circle either hates her, uses her for money, or just wants to fuck her

>Also cosplay
>Started around the same time, but took time and patience on how to sew, craft props, etc.
>Really love it, and have fun at cons when people recognize who I cosplay
>See friend doing shit all and gets paid 6 figures
>Friend encourages me to copy by starting patreon and doing lewd sets
>Not nearly as popular, plateau with fans while friend continues to grow
>Feel annoyed at friend, feel annoyed at myself for sacrificing what I loved
>Gives up on cosplay

I'm kind of done with her at this point and just want to quit the friendship, but it could be troublesome. What do you think anons?
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What are your opinions on aspie girls?
Am I the only one that has noticed that aspie girls just act like men - just seeing themselves as a person moving through life and trying to make themselves a good life, neet or workwise?
>tfw you realise the ideal gf has asperger's syndrome
Also: Ask a guy who just went to a party with a group solely consisting of people with aspberger's and then him who may have asperger's syndrome.
Pic unrelated.
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i want someone to hurt me
hit me, cut me, choke me
shove me against the wall and bash my face against it
i know no one could love me so i want to be hated intimately
just anything
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Are you apathetic?

Over the past few years, I've been slowly losing interest in everything, and now I have nothing left. Even though I may feel enough energy to give something new a shot (lately it's been reading about philosophy), it's just a way to pass time, since it's impossible to really pursue something if you don't care at all for it. Traditionally enjoyable things like music and video games do almost nothing for me. A catchy melody might be good for one or two listens, but I simply can't get immersed into the atmosphere like I used to. Looking at beautiful pictures is like being sterile - you know there's something there, but your body won't let you feel it. I don't care about other people, or my future. Lately I've even given up the dream of traveling. It's not a phase anymore, and I'm not sure what to do. The world is completely gray.

Please write your experiences.
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why do you call yourself a fembot? what makes you so different from other roasties?

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>tfw 25 yo friendless KHHV diagnosed sperg
>tfw schizoid personality traits
>tfw can't relate to most /r9k/ feels
>never cared about sex
>never cared about relationships/love
>never cared about making friends
>never cared about social gatherings
>don't love family
>unaffected by criticism
>unaffected by social pressure

Necessary socialization is only a bother. Not even sour grapes. Not even social anxiety.

Any other robots know this feel?
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Elliot Rodger here.

I know I fucked up my day of retribution. How could I have improved it?
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Why does Agatha hate men so much?
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