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If you think eating dogs is immoral but eating "farm animals" is okay, you are a normalfag incapable of thinking critically.
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Woman hate thread

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waifu rape edition

Post your negative expierences with women
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Virginity loss thread

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Lost my virginity at 15 (I am a dude) and I regret it infinitely. How can I feel better about this, also general lady advice thread.
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Fembots are not who you should be going after

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Everybody who tries it eventually realizes that you'll be doing all the work. Girls here are such nervous wrecks that even voice chatting scares them to death. They will never be the first to initiate a conversation and you'll never have anything to talk about since they sit in their room all day. They won't want to go on a date because they don't want to leave their house, so you'll be stuck with trying to start text conversations with an anti-social girl who has no hobbies, won't talk with you, won't video chat with you, and won't go meet up with you. Even if they genuinely like you they will be too scared to start talking to you so you'll never know whether or not they like you. That's not including the fact that the majority of them, like the majority of robots, are genuinely bad manipulative people.

There are an absolute fuck ton of great girls out there who are awkward and introverted, who like anime if you're a fag weeb, and who play video games or whatever the fuck other shut in hobbies you enjoy. But unlike fembots they'll be good partners to you. People are here for a reason and it's not because they're the kind of person you want to date.
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how is 2019 treating you?

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>be me, 16, neet and depressed
>gf, after putting up with my bs for so long cheats on me, cant even blame her desu(feb1st)
>broke my heart and mind completely
>go full retard and try to kms, don't succeed do to little brothers finding me 4 fucking times(feb-march)
>get a fulltime job with fake ID and social, change my look by adding a few piercings, attract the attention of my sisters whore friends so kinda much needed confidence boost (april)
>fired 4 weeks later kek
>sad and miserable, but I felt my way of thinking change and for the first time I actually want to get better and not just sit around waiting to die
>use the rest of my money from last job on face tattoo, means a lot to me and will continue to mean a lot to me for the rest of my life. kinda marks this point in my life in a way I needed it to. under left eye(one week before may 30th, aka my 17th birthday)
>still miserable, but waking up and seeing it in the mirror keeps me going the way it was intended
>start fucking a roastie. horrible and disgusting sex ngl but I still got my nut and she gave good head so not all bad(june)
>get another full time job(july 17th), called out on fake ID and social tho so I use my real social and end up getting away with it due to im guessing them not checking my age. no idea maybe someone can fill me in
>start seeing everything as meaningless once I realized I wasn't happy and was just living on a "work until the next paycheck to buy more useless crap" mindset
>ff 1 week ago, i quit. also now talking to a qt online so I stopped the roastie bitch from getting my a1 dickgame k e k
>she says she can get me a job with her dad in texas when i turn 18. hard labor but I don't mind as long as I can be with her
>if it doesn't work out ima just kms. shes the perfect girl for me and if I fuck it up why bother

now just gunna sell drugs until I have enough to buy some sort of car, also this was on 28 hours without sleep and my first greentext. don't call me a faggot too much pls

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If you woke up tomorrow and found yourself with complete permanent mastery of your favourite superpower, what would you do?
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Why do Republicans and capitalists think our planet is indestructible and resources are infinite?
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i miss amelia

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i miss her so much
pls come back
you were so fucking pretty
swear down
im sorry


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Poo poo
Pee pee
Now Mommy has to come and change me.
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