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>anon do u mind if i have the last french fries
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>he thinks his life here is "Hell"
Hell is only a word. The reality is much, much worse. Your social awkwardness and retarded >tfw no gf woes won't matter when we all move on to the next plane.

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visibly and audibly autistic girl that i see 4-5 times a week approached me the other day. introduced herself ecstatically, and ran away giggling and blushing when i told her it was nice to meet her. i have never felt so many mixed emotions at once. most of it was pity, i think- for both her and myself. would it be worth it to try and make this retard my bride? my main fear is that i lack the patience. fuck man, i don't think i'm capable of getting anything else. shit.
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should i get a VPN? what do you guys even do with yours?

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desu watching romance anime makes me extremely sad and depressed knowing that i'll never get to experience the joy of having someone who loves you despite your flaws and having to enjoy high-school with friends doing fun activities, joining clubs etc.. and it's really heart breaking when realise it, anyone else can relate?
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How do I become a shizo? Can I even become one?
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BPD Feels Thread

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I'm killing myself tonight and wrote a letter saying that my ex boyfriend raped me to get back at him.
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Is controlling what your girlfriend wears a retarded move or actually based? Pic related
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/suicide general/
Chat about your feels regarding ending it and also think about if you really want to as its a serious choice.
It is sad to think some of us want to die....
I urge you all to exhaust all your other options...
>how long have you been suicidal?
>tips for resisting the urge?
>how would you do it
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There are men on this board, age 30+, who...

>Have never kissed a girl
>Have never had sex
>Have never had a job
>Have $0 to their name
>Have never exercised or been to a gym
>Still live with their parents
>Cannot drive
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