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Hey faggots do you want to become rich beyond your wildest dreams? Well I've got a good tip for you you lucky little beggars.

Ever hear how people became filthy stinking rich from owning bitcoins?

Well, there's a better-than-even chance of that happening once again and this time you wouldn't want to miss out. The coin is called ETHEREUM

It's been shilled on /biz/ heavily and just in the last few days it's shown signs of going stratospheric.

I'm not going to go in to the why's and wherefore's of the details but just know this;
>This stuff will make bitcoin look like childsplay.

Just making you aware that there are big things on the horizon.

Those in the know will know what to do, and the rest of you, well I hope you don't commit sudoku when you realise you threw away the chance to be a baller.
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gonna ask a girl out tommorow wish me look

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Anyone here that makes their living online? How did you do it?

I don't wanna go outside ever again
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Someone vagued me my entire fucking life in the most indirect way

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I know the title sounds stupid,
but they didn't do it to piss me off. I don't even remember who they are anymore,
all I remember is they have "proof" of the "Traits"
>What does this mean you fucking dummy you're overreacting over nothing
>Its too specific to be about anyone else,
>Okay wait... you got vagued in a really mundane way but you're freaking out? it doesn't affect you. they must be out of your life then and you looked for trouble anyway. this is definitely your fault
>Okay, this is.. definitely true, but I was looking out for myself. when I read it I realized it was indirectly about me. I felt broken and cried. so I'm a victim.
>LOL HOW CAN YOU BE A VICTIM you even said it yourself that you went out of your normal everyday life to find out about this vague
>I KNOW ignorance is bliss I can't change anything after all
>this is stupid both you and whoever that person should BOTH get off the internet, since whoever they are they felt like they had to "mention you" indirectly and you need to get off the internet going out of your way to see this vague
>uhh I guess this is right. but I'm still here. my "guidance" for dullards said I should spend less time online. so I'm the victim here, so...
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Only Correct Dose Is a Lethal One Edition
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im giving up drugs and alcohol this week
plus masturbation and even sugary drinks
next week start the interviews and workout routines

i will graduate /r9k/, fellow robots

Leave ME Alone

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(sorry my accent is so annoying)
please just leave me alone. genuinely dont want orbiters/attention. stop stalking me.
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The Eternal Question:

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Asian gf or Mommy gf, which is superior?
Pic related has a bit of both, but Hitomi is a basically a legendary Pokemon, let's be honest.

>inb4 "porque nos dos?"
That is degeneracy.
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Fembots, tell us your:

>Bra Size
>Hair Color
>Eye Color
>Mental Illnesses
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