A new search server has been setup. Multiple terabytes of hard disk storage was also installed.


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Where would you want to go with your crush for a date? edition

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I want to die

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>failing all my classes this semester
>no showed at work for a week straight
>keep overthinking
>suicide is the only way to make it stop
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>be NEET self-taught programmer
>total geek KHHV
>instead of gaming I waste my time writing non-profit software
>write one of the firsts bitcoin GPU miners
>expended all my birthdays gifts savings into 2013 top tier SLI GPUs rig
>leave PC mining for almost an year until I fried the system
>mom is super upset and throws me a kitchen knife to my head for wasting the money in games
>she says she hates me and I should die
>episode leaves a huge scar in my scalp and soul

well... forward to today, I have 10 thousands BTC, is what I mined back in 2013, which is around 46 millions dollars as today exchange in FIAT money
I don't care about it at all, it means absolutely nothing for me.
Since I have nobody to leave my "inheritance" I *might* give it to you, yes I *might* publish the private key of my wallet, actually I have it on my copy&paste ready to drop
Convince me and you will probably get it.

This is my wallet:
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ITT: useless advantages you have

>good at sex
>can't talk to girls
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The Eternal Question:

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Asian gf or Mommy gf, which is superior?
Pic related has a bit of both, but Hitomi is a basically a legendary Pokemon, let's be honest.

>inb4 "porque nos dos?"
That is degeneracy.
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Normies and Fatbots

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Being a fatbot is the worst fate imaginable. Let me tell you why.

First of all, yes, being fat is genetic. But before you go full on >muh calories in vs out and >muh put down the fork, let me tell you what i mean by this. Aside from a few freaks, like a buddy of mine, who needs 3200kcal to maintain his body weight of 75kg, most people have an average metabolic rate. The one differentiating factor, that makes fat people genetically different from skinny people is their appetite.

Take me as an example, I am predisposed to being fat, since I have an almost unquenchable appetite and the only thing that prevents me from balooning into a 500lb creatura de grasa is the fact, that I invest a lot of willpower into restraining my appetite. As a side note, I should mention, that I am by no means a weak willed or lazy person, since I have been in med school for the last 4 years and am currently working 8-10 hours per day on my phd thesis. Yet the amount of willpower and self control it takes for me to not eat 3.5k calories a day easily consumes 80% of my daily reserves, leaving the remaining 20% for work and other tasks.

Most normal and skinny people simply lack the capacity to understand the insane cravings for food that fat people feel, which is why they post shit like "put down the fork" and "just stop eating". But people like that have to understand, that for some people eating is like a drug. Even when i eat 300g of chicken breast and 600g of green, fibre rich vegetables for breakfast, I am still feeling as hungry as before and could hit the All You Can Eat Buffet right away. I have done not fap for an entire year and the amount of willpower it took was nothing compared to refraining from eating an old piece of cake that has been sitting in the fridge for 2 weeks. Also, for people like me, there is no feeling of fullness after a meal, at least not for more than 5 minutes, so tips like "eat more vegetables" are pointless.

Can any fatbot relate to this?

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How many of you lads are planning on getting a sex bot?
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Weekend ballbusting thread (wife isnt available)
so follow up for those that dont know.

>grew up with a ballbusting fetish, have always had it.

>met my wife when she was 13 and i was 15

>she was the first girl i was open and honest about my ballbusting fetish with and we have done it daily since for 8 years.
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Current News on Reiko:
Two discord servers have been taken off the hunt for reiko, after a traitor warned Reiko about them. The traitor's Discord is Kirito#7722
Masked Squadron is having a complete and utter annihilation of members due to the traitor, and a Pedophile Hunting Team has disbanded due to this betrayal.
Masked Squadron Leader LordBakuraFX#4924 insists on continuing the operation. He seeks new recruits to take the traitors places.
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