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Adopt a neet thread again
>your kik
>your location
>salary(adopters only)

You 2 decide if Neet Person works for you or Adopt them
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C-Cocks. . .
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>not being vegan
honest what is wrong with people. does this honestly look like fucking food to you? does this honestly look more appealing than plants?
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>be brainlet
>read CIA document about the Gateway
>follow its methods for months
>am now literally a genius who finds pure mathematics and theoretical physics easy

Any other robots with similar experiences?
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Feminist endgame - getting rid of beta male sexuality

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Feminists want to ban betas/ugly guys/incels staring at 4+/10 women. The goal of feminism isnt equality, its about eliminating bad/beta/ugly genes by the force of law. Women want to get rid of beta sexuality while still expecting them to be polite, nice, and hande over the money via taxes so society can function while women fuck the 7+/10 men.

Women hate catcalling when an incel does it, but just LOVE it when a slayer looks at them/objectifies them etc.

You know why women think rape is worse than murder? Because rape by a 4/10 guy basically ruins her chance to mate with slayers for months or years. I mean imagine pre-abortion times if a beta raped you you were basically fucked for YEARS because of the kid and not to mention you became a social outcast. For women getting raped by alphas == sexual fantasy, getting raped by betas == worse than murder.
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Tinder Stories

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Holy shit, why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner?

I downloaded this app like a month ago and since then I've been on five dates, banged two of them, one of whom was a hot stripper, and am now actively going out with this qt who I actually like.

I was literally a virgin two months ago. Why aren't you faggots doing this yet? Tell me about your successes if you are.
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/etg/ - Endless Tower General

We all live in an immense endless tower, there is a floor 1, but it isn't the ground floor, no one has found the ground in a while. No one knows how high this tower goes either, countless secrets lie below floor zero, going into negative floors.
Amazing wonders await in the upper floors, thousands of floors up. The floors are not uniform in size, some are bigger than others.

>Post in character if possible.
>Make the floors reasonable, not everything is a stupid autistic mystery.
>Use the wiki to document the thread, do not write articles without basis.
>Keep the wiki internally consistent.
>You are allowed to retcon the wiki basted on new posts if they make for a more interesting story.
>Shitpost as much as possible, the tower is an fun and interesting place, not a dark fantasy wankoff.

Current year: 1004

Last two threads:

Next time the thread archives or gets close to somebody other than me needs to post it, i'm not online at all time to watch over this.
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I'm going to do something BIG tomorrow be on the lookout in the news bots.
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If you could time travel to the future and steal one thing before coming back to the present day, what would be your score?
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what do you mean you don't wear maid uniforms with your friends (male)?
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