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Looking for a skype buddy as my contact list is currently ~empty~

Likes good music
Likes vidya
Not a cunt
Always online

Fembot :^)

If interested please post your skype here or if feeling extra private email [email protected]
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I've never been on 4chan before and I doubt that I will return anytime soon. But I think this is a place where I can share my story with you.

>Be me, teenage boy, about 2 months ago
>Be pretty weak beta my entire life
>Decide to alpha up over the past year
>going to gym, eating right, being more confident

>Hang around omegle once in a while
>want to help depressed people in need on there
>end up in question mode
>most "questions" are just bots or horny people
>Get fed up at a bot saying "Rate my dick at genericusername"
>start ranting about how pathetic these people are
>"stranger starts typing"
>"yeah, I bet you'd love to rate that dick"
>Me and stranger start insulting eachother
>insults turn into jokes
>Going at it for 2 hours, seems like a fun person
>small part of me hopes that stranger might be a girl
>about to ask stranger if we want to keep chatting somewhere else, but they ask me first
>hesitantly exchange skype information
>Stranger turns out to be girl
>Stranger turns out to be 2 months older than me
>have had enough dogshit experiences with girls already, so I'll just keep it cool for now
>Let's call stranger "Lucy" from now on

>Lucy and I message constantly, everyday, everywhere
>mostly insults and memes
>we tell eachother stories and other stuff about ourselves
>promise myself to not be a beta fag as I've been before
>be pretty open and chill from the beginning
>share personal stuff with her
>learn that she is kind of emo, kind of suicidal

>one day, man up and ask "So, you wanna skype or something?"
>Lucy replies with "30 minutes"
>wait for half an hour
>call her
>holy shit I have not been catfished, it is a girl
>she has a strange, but nice voice
>tell her she sounds like a 5 year old welsh kid I used to know
>skype most evenings, insults, stories, personal stuff, the ususal

>want her to exchange pics with me
>send her one in hopes of getting one back


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If you could time travel to the future and steal one thing before coming back to the present day, what would be your score?
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Alright faggots, CTRL + V right now
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>girl i'm talking to on discord jokingly told me "things are moving too fast in this relationship"

so does this mean we're dating now? or she already sees me as her bf??
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The Eternal Question:

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Asian gf or Mommy gf, which is superior?
Pic related has a bit of both, but Hitomi is a basically a legendary Pokemon, let's be honest.

>inb4 "porque nos dos?"
That is degeneracy.
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C-Cocks. . .
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d-daddy will you eat my tendies :3
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School Shooter achievements

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Haven't seen one of those in a while.

>Personal Radio
-Play a song using the school speakers during the shooting.

>Animal Control
-Shoot 2 police dogs.

>Special Makeup
-Blow a Stacy's face off.
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