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Why do good looking guys settle for less, bros?
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uni update

>be me, socially retarded
>second week of uni
>still no frens
>sketching during break cuz no one to talk with
>fav tutor notices and compliments drawing
>engages in convo, asks to see more art
>seems shocked/concerned after showing him more
>stuttered i'm skillful and convo ends
>realise all i showed him was guro
>most likely thinks i'm a psycho and will murder everyone at uni

a-at least this time i didn't got slapped, p-progress?
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If u are a lonely robot and need a fren i will laugh with u or comfort u (316) 202-3760 dont b a stranger anon
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Michael Sosa and Ciara BTFO'D

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>tfw no bf who surprises me with kisses
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How's nofap going robots? Doing the whole year or just a month?

I'm starting to doubt it already. I'm only 2 days in and already I'm constantly distracted, thinking about sex, looking up escorts and being so, so tempted to fuck them and bust all over their big tits, constantly distracted at work, at home, thinking about it, and in the gym seeing all the hot gym chicks it's hard not to get a boner.

Trying my best to stay strong though.

Fuck. I have a boner now. Pic of tits.
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Dear Miyako,

I apologize for misteating you, hurrting you, lying to you, manipulating you, disappointing you. I was nothing but a selfish person who catered to his own needs

>my fault
I tried to control you. That was wrong. I don't know why I did it--I tried to... .absorb you, make you part of myself. Of everything, I'm sorry for robbing you of your independence.

>leaving me
You were making the right decision--I was a terrible boyfriend. I tried, but you gave me all the love you had and I didn't know how to give it back. I was bad for you, Miyako. I don't know how you put up with me for so long. I admire you for having the strength to walk away.

I won't bother you ever again. I wish you much success in your studies, as well as improvements in your mental state.

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/not in use/14days/#5625
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Inside every bitter incel is a beautiful trans girl waiting to blossom. That's why you're still a virgin. You're repressing your true self. Start taking HRT today and be a happy anon

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>Find a high school bully on facebook
>Found out her mom died
>Make a profile pretending to be dead mom with photoshop pic of her looking dead
>Add her as friend
>She has a mental breakdown
>Family tries to calm her down
>She ends up deleting her facebook
>Feel this strange great pleasure from it

So that's what it feels like to hurt someone, huh..
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