Board member names of 4chan

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So far I know:
>r9k - Robot
>pol - /pol/ack
>d - /d/egenerate
>k - /k/ommando
>v - /v/-tard

Are there any other names you've heard?
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How many browser tabs do you have open right now?
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Anyone here /threadkiller/?

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>interesting thread that seems to be getting lots of replies
>post a reply expecting the thread to continue
>no more replies after mine
>thread dies

I can't even fit in with the outcasts. Why even live?

Hell, I bet no one will reply to this thread
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>hitting 6 months on rogaine and finasteride now
>no results

I was so hopeful at the beginning...

Cringe Thread

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Happy turkey Day ;-;
Get in here robots.
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Welp, looks like my life is over lads.

Long story short: After I became a wizard, I courted this girl a while back and now she's posting about me on leddit trying to make me look like the bad guy. The details she posted easily point to me if any of my normie friends see it. I'm done.

Here's her comment:

Bitch is exaggerating big time. Stupid cunt.
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Please anon share with me your fucked up thoughts, your fucked up dreams, your fantasies, fears, or your musings
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Anyone else infp?
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How THICC is too thicc? Are there any robots crazy enough to say there isn't such a thing?
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>tfw no qt trap bf into horse dildo fetish
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