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I "raped" my bestfriend and people on social media are trying to report me to police / have me registered as a sex offender. No I'm not giving my name but just know that the entire situation is bullshit.

>hang out with her in her attic while her mom isn't home
>we're both on acid
>she's laying down being really quiet for whatever reaosn
>i take her clothes off and start having sex with her
>she doesn't say anything or really move
>continue being friends for a few weeks after
>months later she tells me i raped her and she's traumatized and posts about it on facebook now everyone is on my ass
>remained my friend for several months even though I supposedly "raped" her

I didn't intentionally "rape" anyone I'm tired of this SJW shit trying to blur the lines of what a "rape" is and allowing false accusations to be valid.
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>white """men"""
Huh, not so superior.....
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Why arent you breeding fembots for Europa?

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>All sorts of free gibs for child support, especially in Europe
>Horny, single and fertile fembots invading r9k in large numbers
>You still arent getting fembots pregnant

Obviously you will never do anything else useful with your life. Same is true for the depressed and awkward fembots. So just pair up and have kids already. Your motherland will be grateful.

Reminder that in a place like Germany you get up to 300 euro bonus per month for a child. This is on top of your Hartz IV payments and many tax breaks. So you can breed like rabbits and block out the sun with your babies. And it will be okay - no 3k a month salary required, the nanny state will take care of you. This is field tested to work by the Turks and other muslims.

>"Bbut my MGTOW" - no chad is going to want your fembot wife after she is a mom with 2-3 kids and saggy breasts, on top of her already being socially retarded and average looking. So sleep safe. Also most fembots are shutin and arent going to have the guts to go out to look for chad cock.
>"Bbut my diapers and baby carriage so hard" - your fembot gf will have motherly instincts kick in after the child is born. So she will do most of the work. In the worst case it is barely part time job tier work for you. You can do it.
>"No fembot will want me" - Most girls have a secret pregnancy fetish. So by telling the fembot you want to keep her barefoot and pregnant for the glory of Magna Europa, you will rise to be almost a chad by r9k male standards (direct + has concrete plans = pretty alpha)

This all counts for Americans too obviously. Instead of waiting for Trump and the wall, get a fembot pregnant.
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>tfw if I was white, i'd have a gf
>tfw if I was white, i'd have a job
>tfw if I was white, i'd be in shape
>tfw if I was white, I wouldn't be poor

You literally objectively cannot prove me wrong unless you're an anti-white libshit
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Do we have a moral obligation to help Syrian refugees
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Would you accept a wife with 36K sized breasts?
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>you trick /a/ into spoonfeeding you
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Childhood Memories

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ITT: we post nostalgic memories from a simpler time in our lives. Give me that melancholic nostalgia /r9k/.

I'll start:
>Be 6 or 7
>Obsessed with all things medieval
>Really want an armor(Already had a bunch of wooden swords)
>Pester dad about building an armor
>He's always busy with the farm
>Grandmother who lives next door finds out
>She cuts up all her leather skirts, boots, jackets and shoes
>Sows me a real leather armor from the scraps
>Never been so happy
>Wore that armor every day.

Damn I miss her, never been loved like that again. She actually quit her job when they confronted her about calling in sick to stay at home to babysit me, just so no stranger would raise her grandson.

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>be 18 year old fresh outa high school
>grow my hair out, and have a pretty feminine looking face
>start trapping for fun, and look like a grill even without makeup
>send pictures of myself to people on the internet, acquire beta orbiters
>instead of being happy about it, I get a sick sensation in my stomach
>realise that lack of contact with girls is turning me prison gay
>cut contact with orbiters and all trap friends I met on the internet
>3 years later and I'm still ashamed of myself

What are the odds that the old pictures of me will eventually get found out by a family member or someone that knows me irl? I'm 21 now, so that was a long time ago, but the thought of it still makes me sick.
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