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/waifu/ - Waifu General #369

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watching The Sunrise Over Oslo together edition

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1. Be respectful of everyone's waifus/husbandos
2. Let waifuism improve your life
3. Be nice!
4. Hide Drama/Shitposting
5. Have a great time!
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/waifu/ - Waifu General #368

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1. Be respectful of everyone's waifus/husbandos
2. Let waifuism improve your life
3. Be nice!
4. Hide Drama/Shitposting
5. Have a great time!

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The 80/20 rule makes sense for women considering today's culture

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Think about it. If men don't want to get married, have angry views about women, frame equality as only about things that hurt women, are porn addicted, bad in bed, have ED, are cheap and unwilling to have even mutual help without thinking they are being taken advantage of, resents doing anything in a relationship, and even the homely guys judge women based on Instagram, it makes sense for women to go for the top 20% who are the best looking and best in bed. It's better from a logical standpoint to be pumped and dumped by a hot guy who's good in bed than it is to be pumped and dumped by an uggo angry man who has erectile dysfunction from the porn use. Women do 80/20 for a reason.
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What did fembobs think of red dead 2?

you DID do survivor mode too, didnt you anon?

School Shooter/Mass Shooters Thread

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Who is your favorite school shooter/mass shooter /r9k/?
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Who here /boy bands/

Take N*SYNC for example. These bois were ahead of their time. Great lyrics, catchy tunes, and highly relatable.
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Fragile Masculinity is Real.

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Men love to brag about how well-built they are, but we know 90% of you fall to pieces when you encounter women who::
>are older
>are taller
>are more intelligent
>are headstrong
>make more money
>are better than them at whatever they're good at or interested in
>are more competent than them at the same job
>are incredibly attractive physically/sexually
>have had multiple sexual partners
In the face of these, the average male (i.e you, yes you) is impotent. You are all hopeless, insecure wrecks.
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What dreams have you had recently, lads?
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Bucket list / Last wish

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I want to an hero in the future. I plan on doing some stuff before that happens though. This is my bucket list of sorts.

>acquire loli
Either kidnap some random Loli or make a connection with someone who has a young daughter
>acquire drugs
I want to have a shit ton of drugs so I can ease myself into the process/decision
>get a gun
I think a glock would be befitting of my character
>livestream it all
Id live stream myself snorting coke and doing drugs with the Loli that I met/kidnapped and would also live stream myself while talking to you guys and having sex with her than when it came down to it id pop one into her dome than myself

>do you brobots have a bucket list
>what are some things you want to do before you die

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