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Normalfags Leave

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Daily reminder /r9k/ is for virgin men only if you're not a male virgin you're not a real true robot and you do not belong on /r9k/ so GET OUT AND STAY OUT NORMALFAGS ROAST BEEF WHORES AND CHADS.

Betas rise up and take your board back.

>If you have ever had sex you're not a robot
>If you have ever had a gf you're not a robot
>If you have a social life many friends and go to bars clubs and other activities you're not a robot
>If you're not a KHV you're not a robot
>If you're not a Neet Hikikomori or Wage Slave you're not a robot
>If you aren't a Male you're not a robot
>If you aren't autistic or mentally ill in any way you're not a robot
>If you are not fat or a small skinny manlet you're not a robot
>If you aren't sexually attracted to 2D anime girls you're not a robot
>If you're not a pedophile you're not a robot
>If you are married and have kids you're not a robot
>If you are not poor and have a lot of money you're not a robot
>If you are not ugly or average looking you're not a robot

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90% of incels arent even ugly or unfuckably short. They are just mentally ill and lurk forums that feed into their mental illness. They look for external reasons like women or their facial features to blame all their problems on instead of taking a long hard look at themselves as people. They use excuses to avoid establishing intimate relationships. They have the highest standards of anyone because they do nothing but spend all day CONSOOMING media and jerking off to porn and instagram thots. Even if they are a 4/10 they dont want to settle for less than an 8. Their looksmatch isnt good enough for them and they never feel satisfied. The only reason incels want to be good looking is so they can act like degenerate manwhores and get away with treating people like garbage. Thats it.
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How do i stop my head from shaking
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Chronic illness general

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>have irritable bowel syndrome
>have shit 5 times today
>it's particularly bad due to stress atm
>tfw asshole is sore from wiping

fuck this shit and the shitty pills I have to take before food and forget to all the time

any other ibs anons?
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Tomorrow I am going to see a roommate in the hospital. She doesn't leave her bed and makes her bf bring her unhealthy food whenever, she is hungry. Just sits in her bed all day reading or watching tv. Who complains consistently about her life and yet, just sits in bed and does nothing to change it.
Finally, Her unhealthy live style has compiled into heart condition. she may have heart surgery, she may not make it.
>TFW you watch your friend deteriorate because they are not making healthy ANY choices.
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Elliot Rodger was a Genius

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He had an IQ of 158
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Why did orbiting culture fall off so hard? It feels like nobody talks about /ourgirls/ anymore...
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Ideal partner thread

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Haven't seen one of these in a while. Describe your ideal partner

>Their gender
>Their age
>Their height
>Their body type
>Their race/nationality
>Their personality/interests
>Describe yourself a little
>Contact (optional)
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>Her dad hates her
>Her brother hates her
>Had sex at 14
>Had violent sex at 16
>Dropped out of school/college
>Has a partner count of over 30
>Is currently escorting in RI

What went wrong?
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tahlia (T) is STILL alive and now posting mega CRINGE

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she is literally seething right now - the absolute state of genitahlia /bros/... why is she so salty?
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