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Tomorrow I am going to see a roommate in the hospital. She doesn't leave her bed and makes her bf bring her unhealthy food whenever, she is hungry. Just sits in her bed all day reading or watching tv. Who complains consistently about her life and yet, just sits in bed and does nothing to change it.
Finally, Her unhealthy live style has compiled into heart condition. she may have heart surgery, she may not make it.
>TFW you watch your friend deteriorate because they are not making healthy ANY choices.
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Elliot Rodger was a Genius

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He had an IQ of 158
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Why did orbiting culture fall off so hard? It feels like nobody talks about /ourgirls/ anymore...
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Ideal partner thread

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Haven't seen one of these in a while. Describe your ideal partner

>Their gender
>Their age
>Their height
>Their body type
>Their race/nationality
>Their personality/interests
>Describe yourself a little
>Contact (optional)
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>Her dad hates her
>Her brother hates her
>Had sex at 14
>Had violent sex at 16
>Dropped out of school/college
>Has a partner count of over 30
>Is currently escorting in RI

What went wrong?
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tahlia (T) is STILL alive and now posting mega CRINGE

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she is literally seething right now - the absolute state of genitahlia /bros/... why is she so salty?
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To All Newcomers

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Welcome to r9k. Before you browse, I recommend applying the following filters
/have sex/i;boards:r9k
Also the following name filter:
Thank me later

Mommy PT 3

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The real thread. Dont believe the fakes Im gonna post replies rn
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tahlia general

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The internets favorite teabag cake maker, incel fetishist, suicide baiter and general punching bag tahlia has gone awol again. Is she alive? Is she dead?
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How I Survived Elliot Rodger and his Day of Retribution (Part 1)

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"I was a good, platonic friend of Elliot Rodger. We initially met on Twitter as of November 2013. His Twitter account eventually got suspended due to malicious activity on his part. So he was very active on YouTube and would post vlogs.

May 23, 2014: Six college students died, and 14 others were seriously injured as a result of Elliot's atrocities, before taking his own life to avoid capture.

May 23, 2020: It's been six years since Elliot's tragic passing.

May 24, 2020: Me posting a YouTube video, about how I met Elliot Rodger and got to know him as a platonic friend for 7 months before his Day of Retribution and his tragic passing. And the pros and cons on the aftermath of the Day of Retribution and Elliot's tragic passing. Also, providing advice to others losing loved ones who have wronged them.

And finally, my special message to my dear friend, Elliot Rodger.

Comments and ratings are disabled due potential opposing viewpoint reasons.

WARNING: Contains explicit language and graphic content! Not meant for users under 18. 18+ only.

And please, absolutely no private messages nor comments to my YouTube channel regarding this post.

P.S. My condolences go to the family and friends of the six victims who passed in the Santa Barbara shooting and everyone else who was impacted. I am so sorry." (
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