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you faggots sure are quiet about this hmm
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Daily Beautiful angel ciara thread
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Surviving Ciara: Part 1

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Share your stories about your experience orbiting Ciara
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femanons, would you mind posting pics of your mouth, kinda like pic related? i really wanna see the inside of some mouths.

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Is This Just Some Kind of Sick Fucking Joke Now?!

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It's like the Universe feels the need to purposefully toy with my almost carcass, like some sadistic killer whale every now and then, just when I come close to accepting the nature of the world and settle into my place I am confronted with SHIT like THIS.

Elliot was right. Women need to be gassed.
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Today is my 20th birthday,frens
Had a party "in my honor" where i only participated for like 2 hours out of 12
Post some gondolas to cheer me up

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Hey /r9k/ I want a smelly slobby neet gf to bully me with her body odor.

Any girls like that here?

If so add me on discord The Beemaster#4536
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Audrey Thread

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Audrey is such a beautiful girl, so strong and wise. so faithful and stedfast. so knowledgeable in military history, such a winner of hearts. i dream o dream! every-o-day of an aubwey gf; the one who mogs, the one who is so squishy and sqeeuzable. the one who is said, but who's heart would light up like the fire of a thousand suns in thou pressence. the one who'd laugh with me, love with me, live with me. wed play terreria together, wed learn history together; from the acient shogunates, to the battlefeilds of the second world war. audrey, i love you. i hope you love me too. please come to my barn, we will be forever happy.
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Any old namefags still jerk off around here? I've missed you cute fucks.

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does anyone know of servers Avery / Shooter is in I need to ask her something not being creepy
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