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no one will ever trust and love me like g.njy did and now he is gone forever
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It's over for our hero, hikkikimori Megumin avatarfag Gunjy. I have to say, I don't feel bad for him even a little. Remember, anon, don't diddle children.
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Egirls & Lego games

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If you had to play a single lego game, with a single egirl, which lego game and which egirl?

Personally, I'd pick tahlia and lego star wars, just for the fact that when we unlocked freeplay mode, i could force her to play as a Gamorrean Guard, pick related, because they look similar. and whenever she'd die, losing credits and putting us even further away from achieving true jedi, id sock her face, a total round house block, somehow breaking her nose - id be extremely shocked, id expect her nose to be like an underdevolped rib bone that you sometimes get in your tony roma ribs; soft, very flexable; all due to her doughy pig like nose. how could something like that be broken? id find a way. shed bleed and coagulations would form, but id force her to keep on collecting credits; i need that true jedi. in more seriousness though, the jokes on you, id play lego indiana jones with audrey, giving her kisses on the nose and sometimes on the lips when i was lucky and she was in the mood, shed dress both of us up like adventures with hats and cool jungle expepment, gear, and shirts so we could really be immersed. since its a hot day out we'd drink alot of water, she'd have to visit the toliet alot due to this fact. shed enjoy the game, but be slightly upset, because the nazis would be the enemys, unlike nutahlia, aka gentitahlia, aka the beast from the east, audrey does not larp her religious or political beleifs.
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To the one based janny who has been deleting e-whore threads...keep up the good work.
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Say something (preferably nice) about my future wife
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For me it's definitely chiaki
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>you will never get to fuck a cute slavic girl in this outfit
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I was talking to Brendio and I realized why he's so happy (yes he is genuinely happy). He has transcended the system and "designed" himself the perfect mate. You see, his girl Tahlia is completely and utterly his. She doesn't actually have any free will. Everything she does is as Brendio intended. That's why he's going on all those YouTube shows and laughing at all the other people there. He has something way better waiting for him at home.

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How will you be celebrating St. Elliot's day, anons?
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