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>fembots ree
>incels lmao
it should not matter who we are. we all are alone and suffering in our own ways. whether it be addictions, shitty parents, mental illness, coping with abuse, a whole number of things.
I think we should be kinder to each other and not so quick to bully, troll, harass or put down people here.
Thanks for reading I hope you heed my words. We are all fucked unless we help each other.

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Do fembots have nice asses?
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New BrendioEEE video

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Brendio talks about 'The Woman Problem'. Do his views stack up?
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So I watched tahlias video and supposedly this toastedaryan guy is her stalker that has been bullying her. We need to stop this evil orbiting coomer and all people that hurt sweet precious innocent girls like tahlia. This despicable peice of shit needs to be brought to justice for hurting and deceiving her. That pseudo chad no balls king too.
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Being a NEET

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>tfw you're such a useless NEET your mother was a virgin
>tfw your life isn't worth 20 shekels
>tfw you manipulate the jews around you to kill you so you don't have to kill yourself, but rise up again anyway
Does being Jesus suck, or is it just me?
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Suicide Encouragement

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Lets try to get these useless wastes of space to finally end it already. Nobody wants you arent, just do it already.
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Don't Go NEET you fucking idiots trust me

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Don't go NEET.

I went NEET 5 years ago and now want job to buy some shit

Literally unemployable.

Employers assume:

You were in jail for something you don't want to mention (i.e. pedophile or murder)

You are crazy and emotionally unstable

You are lazy shiftless loser.

You are going to go crazy and do a workplace shooting.

Fair warning. Get a job as soon as you finish high school and college ANY JOB even part time at Target or some shit is enough.
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> tfw 22yr old neet
> tfw mummy told me I need a job
> think bartending would be fun
> lie and say I have experience
> get an interview at big popular nightclub in the city
> somehow actually get the job

any tips lads? its full of chads and stacies. I can hide my 'tism pretty well when im drunk or high. but I have anxiety problems that have led me to quit jobs before.

But this seems like an actually awesome job. Ive never kept a job beyond two weeks but I really want to succeed at this any tips for a fellow bot?
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so robots...
are you a (rando body-part) fag? If yes, why
some examples I thought of v_v
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im just going to destroy
thats it
i will do nothing for society or humanity
thats it
thats it
i had it
thats it
my path will be a path of destruction
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