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Beautiful junkie ciara
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>tfw no WCG bf (real)
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We did it, we harassed Tahlia enough that she turned into a radfem and stopped pickme posting for good.
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Tahlia sextape allegations

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Someone gave me this picture of brendioeee's (tahlias boyfriend) doxx. Not gonna show it fully incase mods delete or its against the rules. Anyway, one part of the doxx page brings a very wild and big if true accusation where apparently there's some sort of sex tape or video around of Tahlia. (Pic related).

Does anyone have the video in question?
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Is it true that Tahlia doxxed Brendio and leaked her own discord DMs too?
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Do you have a dream? If not, what do you live for.
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Bridget in her true disgusting goblin form.
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She's dead

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I can't disclose how I know without saying too much, I know you won't believe me. But she's definitely gone
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Hey fagbots what do you think a day in the life of a girl this pretty and innocent is like?
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Is Tahlia ever going to be okay?
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