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r9k be like
> Tahlia clearly just wants our attention
> accuse every anon of being Tahlia
> seeks out all of Tahlia's new accounts that she has been silently posting on for just over a month or so
> Makes constant threads bringing up the girl's dead relatives and spreading slander
> triggers her enough to respond
> deletes all her accounts
> rinse and repeat

Remind me why we're dogpiling on a mentally ill teenage girl again?
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Do you love beautiful angel Kasper?
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Letter thread

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Write a letter nigger
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drop your discord itt and ill send you a 2 min piano improvisation by me and then you can tell me its shit
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Queen Tahlia the Great

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First of Her Name, By the Grace of God Empress of the Robots, Ruler of the Incels, Head of the Orbiters, Defender of the Simps and Dread Sovereign of /r9k/

>The years under our celebrated queen
>will be magnificent beyond all dreams.
>Please God let Tahlia's reign be long and wise
>and let no evil pass before her eyes.
>Let us rejoice before our queen and then
>we'll live happy, blessed, and long. Amen.

>I wrote this song for our new Queen

Full Song Here:
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>tfw the best personality type, INTJ
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Sunny does Meth
Tahlia eats bugs
Here comes the fat mexican
Let's fill him with lead slugs
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should i quit my job \k9r\

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what is tahlias youtube channel? been hearing of an r9k vid she made but cant find it for the life of me, thank u guys!!
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Tahlia in her garage
The fat mexican in his tard cage
Sunny in her crack house
These guise are all the rage